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3rd Jul 2006, 21:28
Hi ! iam alittle confused with Qantas and United flights from YSSY going to KLAX. What confuses me is the STAR Qantas goes like this in the end FICKY C1177 SXC KLAX and UNITED like this LENNA.B577.FICKY..KLAX. I checked what STARS they might use and what i came up with was LEENA4 as it goes SXC and FICKY BUT this arrival is only for 25L. I then checked airliners.net photos and saw that Qantas uses 24R alot on landing. My question is how is that possible?? with LEENA4 only for 25L??. i tried to check some other STAR but none of them went SXC and or FICKY. is 24R landings more common then 25L for Qantas???. I would really like to know how they do to make them land on 24R do ATC vector them from LEENA4 to 24R anyways even if its not on the charts or how??. Would really like to find out.
Also noticed on a UNITED flight YSSY-KSFO the last waypoint is often CINNY. There is no STAR starting at CINNY so how do they do there?? does ATC vector them to a STAR or does ATC vecotr them all the way to the ILS without any STAR?? If they use a STAR which one is most common on the route from CINNY???. I hope someone knows atleast answear to 1 of the questions.
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3rd Jul 2006, 22:25
The differennce is most likely to do with the flight planning programs that the their respective dispatchers use. With the computer selecting an arrival fix and STAR that is almost never used in the real world. Most of the time ATC accepts the flight plan "as filed" and then the crew gets a new clearance that takes them to a more appropriate fix and STAR as they near the destination. It is also very common at LAX to have approach send you to the south complex when you want the north and vice versa, usually you can then request the tower controller to switch you to a more favorable runway. Happens all the time

4th Jul 2006, 08:06
The Leena 4 arrival in LAX is not runway specific. After SLI it is radar vectors and can be for any runway. The route from Ficky in the flight plan is NOT the STAR. It is the flightplanned route. The STAR is give on first VHF contact with SOCAL radar.

Qantas nearly always lands on 25L. You may find that there are more pics of them landing on 24R in Airliners.net simply because there are better places to take pics on this runway!

4th Jul 2006, 13:16
LEENA4 star is actually runway specific. The star says it's for 25L in the text. Not that it matters - ask socal and they will pass on requests.

Often, depending on route winds, SYD - LAX routes far enough north to enter the HNL - LAX track system and so be cleared via VTU to the north complex. I forget the STAR, I think it is SADDE6. That might explain the pix of QF on 24R.

For KSFO, the expected clearance from SYD would be CINNY - PIRAT - BRINY - OSI - radar vectors.

4th Jul 2006, 23:09
Well technically it's for 25L , but after SLI it's vectors so you can get any rwy depending on traffic. That said 25L is used 95% of the time.

5th Jul 2006, 16:02
Hi ! a big THANK YOU ! to all of you i deeply apriciate the responses:) . I know have a deeper understanding on how it works.

Also thank you for the email for wishing me well on my birthday which was yesterday:ok:

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