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30th Jun 2006, 11:09
I appreciate the relationship between A330-A340 .:cool:
However I am interested to know if there is anything common between the
A320-A330? ie MCDU ,SYSTEMS , etc.
Is there a short course for a320-a340, and if so, how long would cross pollenation take ?

2nd Jul 2006, 12:20
You have A340 - A320 CCQ courses and Im pretty sure you would have the opposite as well

If you have a WAGBI CD of either 320 or 330 it should also give you and option of 330 and 340 with the differences higlighted

Handling is pretty much standard however there are suttle differences ibn systems


Max Angle
2nd Jul 2006, 18:03
I believe it's a 10 days course for A320-A330 and 12 days for A320-A340. About half ground school and half sim.

7th Jul 2006, 21:49
In general, the design philosophy behind the 330 and 340 is an extension of that used on the 320. You'll find the panel layout is in general familiar. If you're on a new one with the LCD displays you'll find the SD page layouts on the 320 are now much closer to the 330, although they were pretty close anyway. If you're comfortable in one, you'll feel right at home in the other.