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alistair mars
30th Jun 2006, 00:34
I have heard that some A300s suffer from cracks in the frame 47 area.What is this area,how do the cracks get there,what is the size limit and what can be done about them?

30th Jun 2006, 02:06
Hello AM,

I can tell you this was discovered in the mid 1980s and was revised around 2002-2003. The models affected are all of the A300-600/B4 series.

I would imagine there to be a zero tolerance for cracking in this area, but do not know this as a fact. There are of course repair procedures and corrective measures that can be taken regarding the attachment points and hardware. Check Airbus for a service bulletin on this to get the specs you are after.

This item requires regular inspections.

Oh, and welcome to the forums.


alistair mars
30th Jun 2006, 09:29
Trying to get details about cracks out of Airbus would I imagine be as hard as trying to get into Bill Gates's bank accounts.Does anybody have any more detail on this?

alistair mars
30th Jun 2006, 13:11
Many thanks for that.I didn't think such stuff would be on the net:ok:

1st Jul 2006, 11:53
And before you put this to your magazine think about the hundreds of similar service bulletins and ad notes that are issued every month in the same style. There is nothing dangerous about it. This is a normal continous learning and acting mode within the aviation industry.