View Full Version : Tech Specification-Differences on B757 and 767

28th Jun 2006, 21:24
Hello Everyone,

I just checked out the new JP Airline Fleets.
A fact came to my attention that I never recognized that hard:
There are several different version of the B757s and 767s out there.

E.g. the 757 is avbl with MTOW's of 104-115 Tons, with several Engines of the PW200 or RR535-Series.
When I rememer other threads I came across that there must be some different ways of the Tanjering-System.
May someone tell me the differences between the PW- and RR-powered 757s, their possible Fuel-Tank-Systems and what effect this has on the Range?

The same is for the 767, especially the -300s.
Avbl with MTOWS of 156-188 Tons, with PW4060/62 or several versions of the GE-CF6-80.
Can anyone tell me what major differences are between these models and -I assume- there are also different Ways of Tanks avbl.?

Thanx to everybody who can give me a hint about that issue;)

29th Jun 2006, 19:02
all i know is that the hydraulics are different....