View Full Version : Range & Endurance PISTON ENGINE.

28th Jun 2006, 00:46
Im trying to put together a series of graphs to explain Range & Endurance for Piston Engine Aircraft. I have done a search on this site , but it pertains mainly to Jet & Turbo props, any assistance would be appreciated.

extreme P
28th Jun 2006, 01:53
I can scan the chart that explains both for you. PM me with an email if you want it.

George Foreman
28th Jun 2006, 02:54
Look in your aircraft's POH, you will find several charts and it will be easy to photocopy them and construct some examples to illustrate the point at different speeds and power settings, etc. Backed up with the appropriate theory (which is well covered in Trevor Thom and ATPL Principles of Flight/Performance manuals), your audience will find this approach most credible/persuasive.

For a typical complex MEP type you should find charts for Economy/Long Range Cruise and Normal/Fast Cruise. Even for the most basic fixed pitch prop single engine types you should find quite a bit of data.

Hope this helps.

Atlas Shrugged
28th Jun 2006, 04:45