View Full Version : BA return to CDG 25/06

25th Jun 2006, 12:03
Does anybody know why BA305 to Heathrow returned to CDG this morning after take-off? Just interested that's all :)

25th Jun 2006, 12:16
Possibly an oily smell in flight deck

25th Jun 2006, 18:22
i believe so. one air con pack MEL'd, t'other failed shortly after departure I think. OPen to better info, it then returned to london empty.

25th Jun 2006, 19:09
Good info.
Sounds like poss over oiling, interesting to see what the AAIB do if this is the case, I guess with only 20 years of operating this aircraft type, still much to learn.
I hope the crew did'nt get the same tricks as previous event into LGW last year I think.!!!

25th Jun 2006, 19:20
As a passenger on this I can say it was well handled by the operating crew and abysmally handled by the handling agency (all BA ground staff sold off to Serviceair in April!!). One of the ex BA ground staff (Marina?) was brilliant but the pax were still queued up 30-40 deep 4 hours after the return. I gave up at that time and caught the train before it filled up.:(

25th Jun 2006, 22:07
Some 757s hav been over oiled for years, 19/20 on EICAS means full or more like overfull, 17/18 on EICAS is about right.
Some airlines like that Eng Oil is full on the first flight of the day, which often means oil is topped up during a n/stop, but oil is often topped up outside time limits which means to much oil in engine...esp nbr one or lelt....
Any operator that has filled the air ducts with oil will need to remove said oil, two methods can be applied, clean it or breath it, cleaning costs money....
Am sure the problem will be fixed...AAIB will be right on the case.!!!!!!!

25th Jun 2006, 23:54
Joetom... I guess with only 20 years of operating this aircraft typeI'm not sure A319s have been around for 20 years, let alone BA's :confused:

26th Jun 2006, 12:02
Sorry, sounded so much like a 757, I guessed it was.
But still, any oil that finds its way into the aircraft air ducts needs to be removed, clean it or breath it still applies.

30th Jun 2006, 23:58
A Virgin cabin crew (wife of a BA staff) tells me that APU had an oil leak, APU has been changed.
Hope they removed all the oil from the ducting.???:ooh:

1st Jul 2006, 07:42
Hope they removed all the oil from the ducting.???:ooh:
Don't hold your breath... ;)

FIMbar the Furious
2nd Jul 2006, 13:17
Having read the full thread a couple of days ago it sounds like the crew handled the situation regarding the airborne return without fault.

It would also appear that the Engineers carried out exemplary trouble shooting to ensure the aircraft did not return to comercial service before it was ready.

Well done to the crew and BA Engineers CDG, a proffessional job