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21st Jun 2006, 11:25

i am asking myself in case of manual reversion in flight on B737, you go trough the checklist ... mayday (3X) request 2000 feet vertical separation , reserve you the rwy for ldg and request 10 NM at least as final.

-first question: " do you think it is a good idea to enter in hold?

--> i think YES of course you need time to go trough this big checklist and be fully prepared and configured before starting the approach but it is not easy to flight an A/C in manual reversion and in a holding you have quite a lot of turn to do.

--> Do you cinfigure the A/C fully for landing in the holding or configure it normal as during a normal ILS?

-Second question:"you do your ils as usual but with F15 , in case of go aroud do you chose F1 ou F15? and do you go again in a hold or direct radar vector for an other ilS?

-->Concerning the retarction of the flaps we can raise them electrically via the ALT FLAPS SWITCH but the LED cannot be retracted ( FF +10%) and the gear cannot be retracted ( FF+50%).

So if you can help me about that it would be very nice.


stator vane
21st Jun 2006, 11:59
"fly a large landing pattern, with a long straight in final approach. keep thrust changes small and slow to allow for pitch trim changes. landing config and approach speed should be established on the runway centerline so that only a slight reduction in thrust is required to achieve landing profile. do not make a flat approach. anticipate a pitch down as thrust is reduced just prior to touchdown. after touchdown, thrust reverser operation is slow. apply steady brake pressure since only accumulator pressure is available. do not apply excessive forward pressure to the control column. do not attempt to taxi. if a go around is necessary, apply thrust smoothly and in coordination with stabilizer trim. rapid thrust application results in maximum nose up pitch forces. "

other than that, it is trainer or pilot discretion. i remember asking for long straight segments whilst going through the checklist.

the QRH will walk you through the specific items to be accomplished with the aircraft.

it was years ago since i last did a manual in the sim, and in that case, the sim instructor will most likely pre-brief you as to how he/she thinks it should be done exactly. and one should say "yes sir, yes ma'am" to the one with the ink pen that will sign your check ride forms.

the only time a change to flaps one is required is in regards to a single engine go around for climb performance. if both engines are turning, it will climb like a son-of-a-bitch! if they have added an engine failure to your manual reversion, then it is clear that they are testing you to the breaking point and you are on your own. your are definitely buying the drinks later! boeing books don't go there. if you go around, again ask for long extended down wind. you shouldn't need too long to go through the checklist because not much has changed. why risk raising the flaps and another problem developing in the flap system. with both engines going, no need to change config in the few ways that you actually can.

21st Jun 2006, 16:09
hello every one,

a straight-in long final of about 25nm will do for going through the nonnormal checklist for flap(15) electric extension & manual gear extension. did it in the sim recently & although full electric stab trim is available(it is recommended to fly with a little nose up trim so as to have a constant small push force on the controlwheel to counteract the deadband), the end result is somewhat alike to a fitness/bodybuilding exercise.