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21st Jun 2006, 10:46
Can someone please point out the differences in -400 V's -200 interior differences. I know about the 2 crew and glass cockpit.

I think there is differences in Galley's and coat cupboards.
I was asked this in a recent airline interview and could not answer the question.


21st Jun 2006, 11:11
There are several websites which carry interior views, eg. airliners.net

In the end it comes down to the airlines' individual fit-out. You'd have been hard-pressed (as a punter) seeing the differences in First in BA's classics vs. 400s. Can't recall if they ever put the flat-beds in Club in the classics.

Jumbo Driver
21st Jun 2006, 11:11
The most obvious difference is that the -400 has a stretched Upper Deck which extends rearwards to just beyond Door 2 and is accessed by a rearward facing straight stairway, which starts at door 2L on the Main Deck.

The -200 and earlier have a much smaller Upper Deck area (which was originally configured as a Lounge) and this is accessed via a spiral stairway by Galley 1 at door 1L.


Willit Run
22nd Jun 2006, 16:37
And if I learned anything from a visit to the "Twin Isle" plant in Everet, (can't call it a wide body anymore, have to be PC) the -400 is about a foot wider in diameter than the -200.

ciao for now:rolleyes:

23rd Jun 2006, 04:48
Willit Run ...the fuselage diameters are identical, the airframes are of equal dimensions, except for the upper stretched decks and straight staircases on the -400s and -300s. [Except that the -400Fs have no stretched upper decks]. The-400s have a longer wing span, winglets and expanded leading edge wing root fairings. The interior arrangements are entirely customer oriented with infinite variations.

23rd Jun 2006, 04:59
I only ever worked on the 200 & 300 '47s but my guess is that the difference in the interiors is that the older aircraft have conventional (blue water) toilets while the 400 has vacuum type (like the '67). This gives the airline more flexibility on loo location and thus cabin layout in general. Hence Air France when changing the cabin between normal & "Vacances" (think British Inclusive Tours with a smaller seat pitch) or JAL moving from 747SR to Overseas would not have the structural changes previously required.

26th Jun 2006, 10:22
744's had a whole new interior compared to classics; new sidewall and ceiling installations (lighter and easier to remove/install), new pax service system, new pax entertainment system etc.