View Full Version : B737 doors - is water seepage into the cabin normal?

19th Jun 2006, 14:27
Was sat the other day in seat 1A on a 737-300, and noticed that a significant quantity of water started to drip from the door seal during the descent. There was also quite a bit in between the door seals on opening.

Is this normal, and what causes it? Can't really think of an explanaton with my (very!) limited engineering skills - unless ice forms in the seal and melts as you descend? Would more likely have expected that water could appear during the climb as the temperature cools and the air in the door seals can hold less moisture.

Thanks for any input!

Left Wing
19th Jun 2006, 15:16
737 crews learn to use newspapers very well...happens every time

19th Jun 2006, 15:19
Thanks - I assumed it wasn't a problem but what's the cause?

19th Jun 2006, 22:08
Water vapor from the pax when they exhale - it condenses on the inside of the skin & freezes there. On descent the accumulated frost melts.

We used to get a bath on later stages of descent in DC-10's too. :E

20th Jun 2006, 09:16
Wouldn't have guessed that - thanks for the info.