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24th May 2001, 01:16
Am I being ripped off or what?
On a recent trip to the UK I had occasion to book a vehicle with Eurocars (Kennings) at the Moat House Hotel near Manchester Airport. Upon arrival at the airport I proceeded to the hotel via taxi cab took a shower had breakfast then picked up the vehicle. The hotel and vehicle booking were done via the internet and payed for by DINERS CLUB CARD. Imagine my surprise when upon receipt of the bill (this morning) I found a charge of 10. for Manchester Airpoprt. I called Eurocars who told me that this is the regular charge for picking up a car at the airport and that MAN considers the off-site Moat House Hotel a part of the airport. They said I would have to take it up with the airport.

I picked up the car at the hotel, I booked it through the internet, I took a cab to the hotel, I returned to the airport in a cab and I payed all applicable taxes through my airline ticket.

Can anyone tell why Manchester would charge me 10? If I landed at MAN then proceeded to and rented a car at Liverpool, or any other UK airport for that matter, would I still have to pay MAPLC a 10 fee?