View Full Version : Steel and Carbon brakes

13th Jun 2006, 18:05
How different are they in the methods of application?

extreme P
13th Jun 2006, 20:28
Carbon brakes work better warm than cold. They wear with the number of applications rather than with the force of the application.

14th Jun 2006, 04:29
The majority of the wear on the carbon brakes occur when they are cold, by using autobrakes you can mitigate the wear because of the continuous application.

17th Jun 2006, 09:13
Carbon brakes usually more effective than steel. Work better when up to a reasonable temperature. Wear is proportional to the number of brake applications rather than the intensity. Some aircraft have brake fans to help cool carbon brakes. Airbus, God bless 'em, placed the carbon brakes on the 320 inside a closed housing to ensure they'd get hot and that the operators would opt for (expensive) cooling fans. Won't cool for hours even at -50C in CRZ.