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6th Sep 2001, 17:13
I understand that a certain "Air Servis" company at BFS are expecting a decision next Wednesday regarding a contract to handle FR with four flights a day, destination as yet unknown although, I think STN has to be a safe bet.
So despite the "loss" of BMI, BFS goes from strength to strength, and must now be in the running for the fastest growing, bottom end of the market Airport in the UK.
On the subject of BMI I'm told that they carry approx 600,000 pax each year from BFS. With the carpark at BHD already overflowing I wonder where all these people will put their cars??
Interesting also to compare the prices for parking at BFS with those at BHD. Suffice to say that regular parkers at BFS will need to bring between two and three times as much cash to retrieve their car at BHD.

6th Sep 2001, 18:47
Yet again another who cant help but try and justify BFS after bmi's Departure.

Rgds K.I.L. :D

6th Sep 2001, 22:30

You're barking up the wrong tree there matey!
Why not be a little less arrogant and contribute something more than just snide remarks.
My posting was intended to provide some NEWS and the other points were simply observations for discussion.
If you knew me you would know that I certainly have no axe to grind with either BFS or BHD.

Chill out! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

7th Sep 2001, 01:03
Why not be a little less arrogant

Me no arrogant just watching the game,havin a bud

Rdgs K.I.L.