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Bad Robot
9th Jun 2006, 00:58
After doing an exhaustive search, I can only find Pitch and Power Settings for the 737-200 and 737-800, of which there seems to be significant differences.

Does anyone have these settings for the 737-300 with CMF-56?
As I have a Sim Ride coming up shortly and would like to go in as well prepared as possible. There was an old JET2 thread about 3 years or so ago with some good info but my search so far has revealed not a lot.
Many thanks.


9th Jun 2006, 01:18
210kts clean: 60% 6 degrees
180kts F5: 60% 6 degrees
Vref+5 F30 55% 2 1/2 degrees to maintain 3 degree glide

If you are up for a sim ride. Be very aware of HUGE pitch changes with large power change.

9th Jun 2006, 01:29
737-300.....all you need to know are:
250kts. 4 degrees N1 65%
210kts. 6 degrees N1 60%
180kts/Flap 5 exactly same as above
Flap 30 2 1/2 degrees N1 57%
Flap 40 1 degree N1 62%

Single engine add 15% N1 to above, and:
210 kts 6 degrees N1 75%
180kts/Flap 5 exactly same as above
Flap 15 approach 5 degrees N1 68%

People died getting these figures. Don't waste them. They work.

For engine out, make one stab at rudder and trim out, then fly feet off pedals and ride the rudder trim constantly, keeping stick horizontal. Imagine a ruler across the top of the control- when it points down to one knee, it means that is the knee that has to do the work, so trim to that side. Do not keep adjusting rudder pedals. Been doing this all evening, do it like the above and it will sing to you!

EFATO- 4 divisions rudder trim.

On Go around, wind several seconds pitch down trim as you open up taps.

9th Jun 2006, 01:56
If the sim is at CTC dont worry too much about your initial performance. In fact my advice would be to fly as badly as you can on the first SID!!!

They are REALLY looking for IMROVEMENT, ability to take INSTRUCTION ( so don't be afraid to ask between SIDs for pointers), and self recognition of your performance.

Good Luck!

Bad Robot
9th Jun 2006, 11:56
Many thanks for the info guys. The sim is at GECAT.


9th Jun 2006, 14:20
In that case .....speedcontrol of the sim (Gecat B737-300 sim at Crawley) is not very good. So watch the speedtape !!!

good luck

Bad Robot
3rd Jul 2006, 20:49
Many thanks for the help guys. There was no speed tape on this one but there was a digital readout on the ASI, as well as the needle. The power settings given were a bit shy of the ones offered here. I think you guys have the correct settings.:ok:

I passed and start a course shortly.:)


6th Jul 2006, 12:35
Congratulations from another 733 driver!!

7th Jul 2006, 13:02
Anyone thought of flying the -300 on the FuelFlow gauges. Much easier!

For level flight FF = (IAS/100) / 2
So, IAS is 280, FF = (280/100) / 2 = 1.4

If you the want to climb/descent at a 1000fpm, add/subtract 0.5

So to climb 1000fpm at 280 kts = 1.4 + 0.5 = 1.9

Works particulary well at lower levels.