View Full Version : 737-800 power+pitch settings

8th Jun 2006, 14:57

I did my mcc on a 737-200.I was shown alot of "magic numbers" to fly the aircraft..
Does anyone know of any power and pitch settings for the 800 so as to help get the beast under control ?..

Thanks alot ...

9th Jun 2006, 07:05
well,what i heared is that the ng is a little tricky against flying the old ones.

my numbers

initial TO pitch is about 15-17
level cruise 1-2 with 85%
flaps 5 180kt 6 with 63% level
gdown flaps 15 level,6 with 73%
final flaps 30,0,5-1 with 56%
final flaps 40,-0,5 with 63%

happy landings