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5th Jun 2006, 12:48
"YVR passengers report suspicious activity on flight from London
Jun, 04 2006 - 7:40 PM

VANCOUVER (AM/980) - There were some tense moments for passengers aboard an Air Canada flight from London to Vancouver.
Before the flight took off, it was held for three hours at Heathrow Airport while British Police boarded the aircraft and removed five male passengers and their bags.

The plane was allowed to leave and arrived at Vancouver International Airport this afternoon.

Passengers aboard the flight tell CKNW News that no one was allowed to leave their seats while the suspects were dragged off the plane in London.

Air Canada says it may have been a group of young people acting up on the flight, but one passenger says it appeared the suspects were all adult males and that they spoke Arabic." CKNW.

This just after 17 foreign residents were arrested in YYZ with a remote detonator, a hand gun and three tons of ammonium nitrate in their possesion. Islamic leaders are so far saying their only crime is that they prayed at a mosque etc...etc.....

One ton of ammonium nitrate was used to destroy that federal building in Oklahoma City.

5th Jun 2006, 20:07
Not seen any coverage of this in the UK.

6th Jun 2006, 05:02
It was all over the news in Canada today.
But elsewher, it got no coverage because it does not suit the newspapers and News program direstors political view.

But hey, I am just a colonial.

6th Jun 2006, 13:29
three tons of ammonium nitrate in their possesion
The anti-terrorism task force was careful about the wording of its news release, saying that the group "took steps to acquire" the three tonnes of ammonium nitrate, a popular fertilizer used to make bombs. As well, they laid out selected evidence for the photographers and TV crews, showing only "sample" bags of ammonium nitrate.