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4th Jun 2006, 18:45

Could anybody tell me what is exactly a "hot start" on a jetstream 31?

Thank You, very much


4th Jun 2006, 18:52
In most turbines a hot start is an over limit EGT start up (usually you first will get an abnormal fuel flow).. and I guess in a J31 wuold be the same..

4th Jun 2006, 18:58
Thank you for the answer.

But are there any differences between a jet and a turboprop?

And what are exactly the causes of the hot start (what are we doing wrong)?

4th Jun 2006, 19:04
well I ve never flown turbop.. but I will asure that it is 99,9% the same.
A hot start may be caused :
- by a malfunction FCU, that delivers more fuel than normal
- a high residual EGT from the previous fly
- and others...

4th Jun 2006, 19:37
I would have to say that the main reason for a turboprop(with starter/generator) to get a hotstart would be one of the following:

* Bat start with poor batteries(low charge).

* Mailfunctioning GPU.

* Wrong Amp limit on the GPU.

and as stated above...

...and below :)


Capt Pit Bull
4th Jun 2006, 19:40
wind up the chuff may not help


4th Jun 2006, 19:48
Most are beating around the bush here.

HOT starts are normally caused by not enough, or unstabilized airflow thru the engine, when fuel is introduced.

IE, too much fuel, not enough air, results in a hot start.

Yes, it can also be achieved by having a tailwind up the tailpipe...unstable air THRU the engine.

The FCU rarely is at fault.

Follow the AFM (or your company specific procedures) for best results.

5th Jun 2006, 07:33
Thank you to all for your answers :ok:

6th Jun 2006, 05:04
The main reason fixed shaft turbo props suffer more from hot starts than jets or free turbine engines is because the poor old electric starter motor or starter-generator not only has to swing the engine but also a ruddy great gear train off which is hanging a monster prop. If you have a good battery, park into wind and introduce fuel at the book figure, you are not doing anything wrong. The best insurance is a good ground power source and avoid battery starts wherever possible.