View Full Version : Rudder trim 737-800, engine failure.

4th Jun 2006, 14:48
Can anyone give me advice on rudder trim on the 737-800 when the engine has failed after V1. I was told that the rudder trim moves 1 unit for every 2 seconds and that you should apply 5 units in the climb? Any tips would be appreciated.

4th Jun 2006, 16:27
We make it like that:
At 400ft we trim 3 units towards the operating engine, and maintain this condition for the remainder of the flight.
I had never had any problems with this technique , neither during climbout (you have to maintain light pressure on the rudder) nor during approach (you stop giving pressure on the rudder at about 60 - 70% N1).
It works quite well, at least in the simulator...

5th Jun 2006, 06:38
i use maily 4-5 units and i also hae a little pressure in the rudder. sometimes the ap is not able to fly steeper turns without your rudder pressure in a se scenario. short before landing, i like it to get the trim out because the feelings for the landing are much better,



5th Jun 2006, 11:16
Thank you all for the information.