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28th May 2006, 17:05
Just trying to find a document on Aircrew Oxygen Requirements - busy looking for the official document rather than just facts and figures.

I have tried the AIP in the ENR section but cannot find - or am I just not looking hard enough!

Thanks in Advance.


Genghis the Engineer
28th May 2006, 17:18
ICAO Annex 6, parts II and III and appendix 5.

I think that the UK interpretation of that is section 45 of the ANO.


28th May 2006, 17:30
Thanks Genghis :ok:

28th May 2006, 17:48
Having difficulty trying to find it online.

Will I be able to find it online?


Rivet gun
28th May 2006, 19:25
JAR–OPS 1.385 Use of supplemental
A commander shall ensure that flight crew
members engaged in performing duties essential to
the safe operation of an aeroplane in flight use
supplemental oxygen continuously whenever cabin
altitude exceeds 10 000 ft for a period in excess of
30 minutes and whenever the cabin altitude exceeds
13 000 ft.

ANO article 54 (7) (c) during any period when the aircraft is flying above flight level 100 oxygen is used
by all the flight crew of the aircraft.

The above applies to public transport flights. I don't know of any mandatory requirements for private flights.

Alex Whittingham
29th May 2006, 09:20
JARs (http://www.jaa.nl/publications/section1.html) - You want JAR-OPS 1

ICAO ANNEX 6 Part 1 (http://dcaa.slv.dk:8000/icaodocs/Annex%2006%20-%20Operation%20of%20Aircraft/Part%201-%20International%20Commercial%20Air%20Transport%20-%20Aeroplanes,%20AMDT%2029.pdf) In particular, 4.3.8, 4.4.5 and 6.7. If you go to the directory here (http://dcaa.slv.dk:8000/icaodocs/) you will be able to mooch around and find Ghengis' references as well.

29th May 2006, 11:21
Thanks for the replies everyone!

Found it :ok:

How many beers do I owe you now Alex? ;)