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25th May 2006, 23:32
For years as a non aviation professional I' ve run a hobby airline - nurdish I know.

But this summer I've been offered a charter lifting 144 pax in an A319 from Coventry to Athens. Does the aircraft has the performance to do this ex Coventry at, say ISA +5 degrees, assuming RNWY 23 (TORA 1825M).

26th May 2006, 22:14
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26th May 2006, 22:52
Coventry have had an A319 in before (although only a CJ variant, FGSVU). There have also been a couple of A320's but usually these have been "short" hops (ie. Dublin - Coventry)

An IL76 & A300F have visited before along with B752's & B738's although the latter do seem to have occasional problems operating in/out of Coventry


27th May 2006, 09:12
This question on RTOM is more likely to get an answer on Tech.

Anyone have perf figures for a 319 at CVT? Looking at around 4:30 flight time.

I would have thought, however, 22/04, that the carrier would be able to tell you?:confused:

Expat abroad
30th May 2006, 10:45

Just had a look at the figures for our 319's. Unfortunately we don't have tables for Coventry, so it's all based on reference tables for RWY 1800m upto 600' AMSL.

MTOW 68000 (Struct limit)
RTOW 59900 (0 wind, 20C, QNH 1013, Dry RWY, All reversers inop)
DOW 41200
PAX 14400 (144 x 100kg)
ZFW 55600

RTOW - ZFW = 4300kg available for fuel

Our avg burn is 1000kg per enginge per hour.
If your flight time is approx 4:30, then required fuel approx 9000kg
This would give a TOW of 64600 which is 4700 over the limit by these calculations.
Please realise these are just approx figures based on my company A319s, but not take-off tables specific to Coventry. Those would no doubt give a more exact figure, but the calculation above is one I would give if we had a short notice charter flight with the details in your question.

Short answer would be no, not possible without fuel stop en-route.

Hope this is at least some help,

Regards Expat