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17th May 2006, 05:50
I wonder what the VREF on a 737 800 which is 68.000 KG heavy flap 0 would be. Where in AOM may I find such information like this? I have tried the landing dispatch but there it is only info like landing weight limit and climb limit weight.

17th May 2006, 06:17
Our AOM states with a flaps-up landing we use VREF_40 +55.

Looking at your weight of 68KG the VREF_40 is 144kts.

144+55 = :eek: 199kts

Note that the flaps-up VREF is likely above the max tire speed.

The above information should be in your companies Non-Normals section of the AOM.

Cheers !

17th May 2006, 06:20
Thank you very much

17th May 2006, 10:01
About 15 years ago we did an all flaps up landing at LGW in a 732. I remember the aproach speed was just under 200 knots, back to about 195 for landing. Very fast, after warning ATC twice we would be on a very high speed approach, we were astonished as we switched over to tower to see a 747 taxiing onto the runway. Sudden consternation from Tower controller- we touched down as the 747 lifted off- rather more wake than would be preferable. With full reverse and hardly any braking, stopped at the usual intersection. Always bear in mind ATC must be totally aware.