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15th May 2006, 10:12
I have been hunting high and low for charts online about fuel burn for the Boeing 737-200-9. I can't find anything.

Sure Boeing.com has range performance charts and yes Chris Brady's 737.org has stuff about the -7 powered and -17 powered 732, but nothing in between.

The -17 powered 732 had an econ cruise of 4,440kg/hr and the -7 powered aircraft had an econ cruise burn of 3,200kg/hr, but please can someone put me out of my misery over the -9 (or 9A) version.

Incidentally what is the difference -9 v -9A ?

Is there a rule of thumb also about fuel burned climbing to altitude ?

Please go easy with me. I'm just a PPL (I snuck in the back door)

Thunderball 2
15th May 2006, 17:33
Hi Kiwiguy,
No one is ever "just" a PPL - not in my book anyway. It still puts you ahead (or above) 99.8% of the world's population.

On the subject of burns, there is nothing "econ" about your quoted burn of 4,440kgs per hour for a -17 powered B737. That's almost into B767 territory, and well above B757. I'd guess the right figure for a -17 is around 2,550 kgs/hour for 3 hour sectors (quite long, admittedly), and I'd expect -9 to be close to that.

As for -9 vs -9A, the later "A"s (-15A and -17A) had minor gas path improvements and therefore slightly better SFC, as I recall.

Jelly Doughnut
15th May 2006, 18:36
Hi, looked through my old notes, I have some take-off and landing data for the -9 but nothing for the cruise unfortunately. For -15 I have take-off/cruise/landing data.

We used to use the following average fuel burns for -15...

JNB-NLA flight time 01:57 fuel 5900kg
JNB-TNR 02:44 8200kg
JNB-BZV 03:43 10,600kg
BZV-COO 02:31 7,200kg
COO-OUA 01:10 3,600kg

and as rule-of-thumb...

First half hour - 2020
First hour - 3300
First hour and half - 4400
First two hours - 5800
First two and half hrs - 7100

Hope this helps....

16th May 2006, 03:08
Thank you guys...

4,440kg per hour came from a performance table in an October 1975 edition of Flight International magazine. Gee sure glad the mag was wrong.

Chris Brady's 737 website suggests a big difference between the -7 powered 732 and the -17. I am still curious what margin there is between the -9 and -17 aircraft.

A friend at the Aviation Forum where I hang out sent me a table of engine performances for the JT8D variants which suggests the -9 is more fuel thirsty on take off than the -7 but roughly similar in cruise consumption.

Thanks Jelly Doughnut. Now all I need to do is find out all those airport abbreviations hahaha

Most appreciated...

16th May 2006, 04:22
This page gives detailed data for the 732 fuel burn, but nothing on the specific engine type. It should help resolve the flight into cruise, climb and descent segments so you can make sense of the other quoted figures: http://www.geocities.com/profemery/aviation/737_200_fuel.pdf

16th May 2006, 04:29
Thank you OveRun. I'm very priveliged to have you guys help me out.:ok: