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11th May 2006, 06:08
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Gentlemen, a bit of satire from "Fragrant Harbour"! Sounds familiar?

Age 60 and DEFO's
We have asked all our senior pilots who wanted to work beyond the age of 55 on this new extension contract and all but a handful said yes. The extension contract is B scale with no housing, schooling, travel fund, or medical benefits.

Bypass pay is not being paid as we keep a float of pilots on Cat B status (presently not suitable for command) no bypass while on Cat B status and the rest are uncategorized and you donít receive bypass pay if you uncategorized. When you are Cat Aíd (suitable for command) you usually have a course rather soon; stopping or reducing bypass pay significantly.

We are only giving the AOA a red herring when we say we want to talk about age 60. We are trying to keep the AOA busy while we are planning our next assault i.e. RP 04 is voted down. If this happens, we will have RP 07 ready to be put in your mailbox, and maybe along with another contract

This has been done in the past and has worked to some extend in Ď99 and I know with 100% certainty it would work to the full extent this time. If we donít threaten you with a new contract, there will be another contract for employees post April 2007 i.e. for DEFOís.

Age 60 is here, in case you didnít notice.

Direct Entry First Officers

All current F/Oís will be offered bases and all other slots on bases will be filled by DE F/Oís from whoever has the right to work in that country. They will not be allowed to transfer to HKG until their command and will have to take a base when a slot becomes available when their command is finished. All F/O based slots will be filled and eventually all Command Based slots will be filled.

We havenít quite figured out how we can hire DE Captís, but I am sure we have our think tanks on it. These new DE F/Oís can be given fast track commands by Cat Bíing Hong Kong based F/Oís and have these new DEF/Oís take a command to base sooner. This would be our 5-10 year plan and we can get these command-based slots filled.

RP04, we are already planning what will happen if this is voted down and I donít think it will be in your favor.

As for a pay rise................ You will be extremely lucky to hold onto what you have.

You should be very angry at these new DEFOís as they are lowering your COS, it is not our blame.
We love your senior pilots; they will work for virtually nothing. We wish we had more.

The Management


11th May 2006, 07:29
Methinks it would be more appropriate over there.

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