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18th May 2006, 15:11
was friend and b/f one and the same,

No, friend was a female, boyfriend was a complete nutjob. Ones suspects that he has since been admitted to a mental "facility". Complete and utter loon. Even his Mother thought so!:eek:

WX is pants here today so one is staying in instead of going out. One is also carless and I don't like to walk in wet weather. Today we are mostly teething. Oh dear.

tony draper
18th May 2006, 15:12
Hmmm, one has just got outside some Belgium Strawberries,most salubrious,leastwise one thinks they's Belguim the writing on the side of the punnet is rit in furrin.

18th May 2006, 15:17

One is also carless

How careless!:ooh:

tony draper
18th May 2006, 15:23
One was in Antwerp once but can recal little of it now,one understands that the Belgians speak either French or a language called Waloon,where was Waloonia?
Another very unusual thing, one does not think we have ever had a war with Belgium? very strange indeed, of course this new century is young yet.

Solid Rust Twotter
18th May 2006, 15:23
May one suggest biltong for the teething, Mme Lexx? The salt soothes the gums and the dried meat has a great taste and gives the young lion something to chew on to help the fangs through. Don't use the girly sliced stuff, just get a big hunk from yer local Saffer butchery. In fact if yez explains it would be for the young lion the butcher will find you a suitable piece.:ok:

One thunks the Walloons are the Froggy Belgians, yer Admiralship. Those of a more Cloggie persuasion are Flemish.

tony draper
18th May 2006, 15:26
Good idea Mr Twotter first thing a new born boy spog was given at one time was some salt to lick off his dads sword blade.

18th May 2006, 15:28
May one suggest biltong for the teething, Mme Lexx? The salt soothes the gums and the dried meat has a great taste and gives the young lion something to chew on to help the fangs through.
Failing that the girth-straps from a saddle.

green granite
18th May 2006, 15:34
Dont know whats wrong with a dog chew myself :rolleyes:

18th May 2006, 15:42
Dont know whats wrong with a dog chew myself :rolleyes:
Or a pigs ear . . .http://www.loren-jim.com/Dog-Pics/ColPigsEar.jpg

18th May 2006, 15:48
Mr B one is carless as in Mr Lexx's car is off the road at the mo and he has mine, so carless.

One may indeed hoy to a butchery for teething stuff or failing that I think a bonio should do.:} Rusty one is not allowed to give babies salt anymore, not until they are one anyway, their little kidneys are not capable of digesting it. Ones health visitor scared one with horror stories of salt poisoning.:eek: :eek: However a nice piece of tough meat should be just the thing, because he HATES his teething rings.

Solid Rust Twotter
18th May 2006, 15:59
Not a lot of salt in 'tong, Mme Lexx. Sprogs around here seem to do OK on it. One uses around a table spoon of salt per kilo of meat in one's pickle, of which about 90% is discarded after soaking so around 1/4 spoon of salt absorbed per kg of meat is one's rough guess. A chunk of 'tong should last the lion around a week of gnawing and dribbling.

http://www.3men.com/Images/biltong2.jpg http://mypage.bluewin.ch/a-z/Biltong/biltong2.jpg

18th May 2006, 16:02
G'day everyone,

Failing that the girth-straps from a saddle.
One can just imagine the Health Visitor's reaction :eek: := having enquired about teething problems - Lady L: "Oh, it's quite simple, I just give him a belt in the mouth!!"

18th May 2006, 16:05
Ah now that isn't much salt at all. However one does like the idea of a bridle strap. I'll just get one from the farm.:ok:

18th May 2006, 16:21
Decided to have tomorrow off.Am totally pissed off with A*HOLE,apparently it has now gone to corporate re his resignation.:*
Strangely enough have been contacted by the European director of ops from my last company.have got to send in a cv.If the offer is good enough I might be tempted.Will relieve a lot of stress having to work with the git.
Hoping for good weather tomorrow.Have got a shed and an outbuilding at the new place,just wish I could afford to buy.

Making chicken curry for tea,two portions so I can freeze one.It will be HOT.:ok: :ok:

Like beef jerky,never tried biltong,presume it is similar.

Me dog(who I saw last night,he gave me a big slobby kiss.:ok: :ok:) has a great liking for tripe sticks which he gollops down.They're a bit ripe mind!:yuk:

18th May 2006, 16:27
Erm, Laser Mate, that pic on the mil forum ain't supposed to be a tiffy. Its a cRaptor mate gettin his brains shot by a SuperBug
Stop peekin you lot

18th May 2006, 16:33
Hey lexxi ... hope yer tuned in, Ibbie is playing some Jimmi Hendrix for you and Leo, darls. :ok: :ok:

Well the techno man has examined the hard drive in great detail and my emails are definitely gone. One is really, really p!ssed off about that because one had all sorts of stuff that one wanted or needed in there. As the FSL would say, may the Horned One p!ss on Windows XP from a great height. One is extremely displeased.

Still no sign of tinny? Have we had our first alien abduction from Trab Towers? :uhoh:

18th May 2006, 16:51
What about a pair of smashing pumpkins?

18th May 2006, 16:56
George Bush?

18th May 2006, 16:59
Don't insult vegetables Timm...
Rusty, I too am impressed at your having been to Tristan da Cunha, I plan to do the same one day....trouble is I don't like boats and they don't have an airfield, which is a bit of a bummer. I'm now back from a merry wander to Morningside and back....I got a lovely chocolate brown cashmere jumper for £6.75, I'm thrilled.

18th May 2006, 17:02
Ive been to tristan da cunha,

Fond memories of anchoring off,pas boat ashore,larapping the locals at a drunken version of football then..buying out the post office there for all the cheap gin they had which was drunk on a cliff face beach!

My hazardous duty lifejacket is still there somewhere!!

18th May 2006, 17:05
Thanks Ibbie.:ok:

Hey Joe played for me and me laddo.

Loose rivets
18th May 2006, 17:19
One has started the day well. Phoned Mrs R, to find that she was only half way round walking son's dogs, so make tea and toast and fired up the ppruning machine. Was laughing me socks off before the first slice was consumed. Added to the fun, is the mystery of the shower curtain. Ha ha! I thought, look at the edges of the hole, but then, reading backwards like all past Flight magazine buyers, I found that the logical mind of the boss had beaten me to it. Lightning balls? Now that's a thought.:8

One was friends with one of the girls on the Courtline BAC1-11, that had one of the best documented cases of these balls. It appeared on the flight-deck between the pilot's shoulders, drifted down the cabin, and........went somewhere I can't remember...down the pot perhaps.:ooh:

There was a bloke on English telly, that got a mass of batteries from a submarine, and tried to make said balls by shorting out the entire rack. He did it with a pendulum so as not to leave the short for too long. Balls of something...plasma perhaps? Scuttled around in a wet tray underneath, but no one seemed to think they were the real thing.

When Drapes mentioned the word effete, I thought ‘int that one of those words that sound like it should mean something, but means something quite different.?' Nakkered/spent came to mind. Surprisingly, Wikki did not respond, so Google to the rescue.

effete \eh-FEET; ih-\, adjective:
1. No longer capable of producing young; infertile; barren; sterile.
2. Exhausted of energy; incapable of efficient action; worn out.
3. Marked by self-indulgence or decadence; degenerate.
4. Overrefined; effeminate.

So it seems that it means both. What a weird dichotomy. Imagine going up to some huge bloke in a pub, who happens to look tired. You of course want to strike up a conversation. "You look effete today mate." Aaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhh!:ouch:

Biggles Flies Undone
18th May 2006, 17:26
One was in Antwerp once
Me too – spent a couple of weeks there brushing up my oral skills ;) before my French A level.

PSOI – there’s a statue of a young lad (Brabant?) by the River Scheldt in Antwerp, preparing to throw a very large severed hand into the river. I think the story goes that he chopped off the giant’s mitt and chucked away, thereby saving the City – Antwerp meaning ‘throwing away of the hand’ in Flemish.

18th May 2006, 17:31
PSOI – there’s a statue of a young lad (Brabant?) by the River Scheldt in Antwerp, preparing to throw a very large severed hand into the river. I think the story goes that he chopped off the giant’s mitt and chucked away, thereby saving the City
So HE'S the original 'an twerp' "Sir, though art an twerp!" . . .

Rich Lee
18th May 2006, 17:46
When Drapes mentioned the word effete Several times Lord Admiral Draper has used words in a context with which I was not familiar , or thought seemed out of place. Checking the definitions, as you did with this word, I have learned from Draper many obscure but correct uses of those words. I can only conclude that he spent many hours locked in his cabin during terrible storms at sea with only a dictionary and a large print copy of Brewers.

Effete? The samurai of Japan were taught this:

"It is good to carry some powdered rouge in one's sleeve. It may happen that when one is sobering up or waking from sleep, his complexion may be poor. At such a time it is good to take out and apply some powdered rouge."

Seems good advice.

18th May 2006, 18:03
Thanks, Ibbie ... that's a really haunting version of Waltzing Matilda ...

I'm an innocent victim
of a blinded alley
And I'm tired of all these soldiers here
No-one speaks English
And everything's broken
And my strength is soaking away
To go waltzing Matilda, waltzing Matilda
You'll go a waltzing Matilda with me.

Written by Tom Waits, an American and sung by Rod Stewart. :ok:

Mr. Lee, one cannot somehow imagine samurai needing to put on make-up ... although one concedes that the practice is becoming more prevalent amongst the menfolk these days.

Rich Lee
18th May 2006, 18:34
Mr. Lee, one cannot somehow imagine samurai needing to put on make-up ... although one concedes that the practice is becoming more prevalent amongst the menfolk these days. But for the French, it just doesn't seem right, does it?

Jordan D
18th May 2006, 18:41
Evening all. fly by - sorting other things out for t'interview tomorrow. It is in a less than solubrious (sp?) part of Glasgow, so slightly nervous.


Solid Rust Twotter
18th May 2006, 19:43
One passed by TdC on the way home after spending a year on a weather station farther South. One had a pretty good time in the settlement of Edinburgh and found the people to be really friendly and good fun for an evening on the urine. One was seconded to a local team which won the competition for the most rats caught after a day carousing in the potato patches with hounds. The prize of a bottle of gin didn't make it back unmolested to where we were all sitting.:} One was introduced to Harp Lager there and still wake up screaming on occasion.:uhoh:

PSOI - There are only six last names on the island, Swain, Glass, Green, Lavarello, Repetto and one other which escapes one at the moment. :ok:

Romeo Delta
18th May 2006, 19:50
Went shoppin' yesterday wit' my birfday munny. Thought about putting it all in the bank for my August travels, but what the heck. I decided to spend it. On computer goodies. :8 New vid card, new HD, double the RAM, etc. US$300 later, it's like I have a whole new computer system. And the colors, VIBRANT! (LL's post nearly cracked me screen!) As an added bonus, I found that my old vid card was on its last legs as the on-board cooling fan was burning out. Now my computer runs quietly again. No more "lawnmower" computing. ;)


US crew on watch...

18th May 2006, 20:01
'ello all,

Hope everyones weeks have gone well...mine has been completley uneventful - nice and relaxing for a change:O

Work calls tomorrow, sods law the weather will be fabulous:{

Have a good evening/morning/afternoon/night.


PS Colmac is mean:p

18th May 2006, 20:24
T'was a pleasure Ladies !

WE is having a prob with FM transmissions this evening and have retired to the bar. :uhoh:

18th May 2006, 20:26
WE is having a prob with FM transmissions this evening and have retired to the bar. :uhoh:
Should that not be the other way around?

18th May 2006, 20:29
One is £60 the richer having sold the babas electric swing, however one will be £60 the lighter tomorrow having spent said money on new toys.:rolleyes:

One must also put ones birfdi money in the bank until I decide what to spent it on.:ok:

Little Lady
18th May 2006, 20:46
(LL's post nearly cracked me screen!)

Sorry 'bout that RD, is this better..... I suppose my smiley nearly shorted it out also.


A recent study indicates when men crave food, they tend to crave fat and salt. When women crave food, they tend to desire chocolate.

18th May 2006, 21:11
Que? g-CPTN

I'm now in te bar at home...sgning orf for the day!:ugh:

tony draper
18th May 2006, 21:13
Oh dear,nephews lady friends has been along with her new electric hair clippers and had shorn off what remained of one's golden locks,she assures me that this is the fashion for chaps nowadays, but the mirror tell another tale,one looks like the Commandant of a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp.

"Yooah Engrich Offisah vill werkah all same enristsed men" :uhoh:

18th May 2006, 21:15
I take it much fun was had in the bar IB? I've just finished some yummy carrot and rocket sarnies on ones home baked bread...and there are lots of carrot and walnut muffins waiting in the kitchen for my mum's arrival tomorrow night....now all I have to do is clean up after my little baking marathon....now that will be a challenge.

18th May 2006, 21:17
WE have retired to the bar and is having a prob with FM transmissions this evening. :uhoh:


Romeo Delta
18th May 2006, 21:20
Sorry, LL, m'lady. All I got was a little red x for the Spa Smiley (and I was so looking forward to it, too...). :sad: Can we try again?

Oh, and can you rub my neck? It's a little stiff... :D :ok: Thanks!

18th May 2006, 21:26
Oh, and can you rub my neck? It's a little stiff... :D :ok: Thanks!
You hoping for a big stiff Romeo?

Romeo Delta
18th May 2006, 21:30
Ahem... Not in mixed company, CPTN... There's ladies present. :E

OH! You meant my NECK!

(Norty people... Whaddya thinkin'?!?)

Little Lady
18th May 2006, 21:34
Bl00dy little x strikes again...

Massage RD.... no worries.... CPTN, behave :O

green granite
18th May 2006, 21:57
Bl00dy little x strikes again...

Its working ok for me :ok:

18th May 2006, 22:02
You hoping for a big stiff Romeo?

Gawd - one logs off for an hour or two and some bugga nicks an innuendo opportunity off me... :*

tony draper
18th May 2006, 22:10
Far as I can see,tiz just a 747 wi a few more chairs, now if they had developed a new flying boat that size, one would have been impressed, flying boats is the way of the future,they can land on any body of water and don't need entire towns riven down to build new runways,if theys worried about damp getting in the engines they could put them on top of the wings instead of hanging underneath.

Rich Lee
18th May 2006, 22:21
flying boats is the way of the future,they can land on any body of water and don't need entire towns riven down to build new runways Agreed! Most of the sprogs on in this forum have probably never enjoyed the luxury of the Pan Am Clipper. Glenn Curtis knew who to build a proper flying boat that in the early 1900's were the largest, fastest commercial airplanes in the air. Beautiful things. You lot built a great one, the Supermarine Seagull. Then there is the legendary Consolidated Catalina PBY. Flew one that was converted to a camper for fishing not too long ago. I fell in love with it. The Russians built a monster jet flying boat. There is a video floating around the net somewhere. Awesome!

18th May 2006, 22:27
Saw her on the slipway . . .

18th May 2006, 22:29
!sgnilhtrae luferac yrev eB

Solid Rust Twotter
18th May 2006, 22:32
Definitely looks a little melted around the edges...:ooh:

Little Lady
18th May 2006, 22:32
Hey Tin's back... kinda... 'cept someone put his head on backwords :eek:

18th May 2006, 22:36
RomeoDelta and G-CPTN -- you guys have struck a chord close to one's heart. One is a life member of the UK Catalina Society and knows not why one harbors such a keen interest in flying boats, save that somehow and somewhere they have made an impact!! Grandfather was a regular aircraft engineer in the RFC, dad was in the Army but learned to fly, bro was a Herky boy and then commercial jockey, mom learned to fly pre-war and self learned to fly in 80s ..... but NONE of it was in flying boats.... however one is totally entranced with em :ok:

Should one ever win Lotto jackpot, one project one would become involved with would be a resurrection of a flying-boat proper :ok: :E

Tin - that deffo looks melted!! Wolfie and Gainesy suggested ball-lightning... is that something "common" in your area? Way skeery dude!!!

tony draper
18th May 2006, 22:37
Hmmm, looks melted,electromagnetic phenomena if yer axe me, or perhaps sunlight being focused and concentrated on the curtain thru the the glass yer keeps yer teeth in Capn Tin.
One witnessed ball lightning during a phenominal electric storm in the Carribean,green glowing ball flew up to then round the ship,the Mate was standing beside me on the poop,
Ball lightning laddie he said,very rare, wasn't untill years later I read that science had not even accepted it existed then,twer a extrodinay storm,never seen one like it before, top of the mast was aglow with St Elmos fire,down right spooky, terrific lightning flashing constantly but in total silence no thunder,wind must have been carrying the sound away from us.
We was in the Triangle :uhoh:

18th May 2006, 22:45
Some trabforce on the morning of D Day will be appreciated, as it will determine whether sights like this are part of one's life or merely one's past.

Rich Lee
18th May 2006, 22:59
G-CPTN Wow! Thanks for that. I had somehow missed that all these years. I would very much have enjoyed seeing it and you are fortunate for having done so. I find it difficult to believe that they actually allowed something like that to be demolished.

Years ago, when I worked for Hughes, I had a personal tour of the flying boat 'Spruce Goose' by the senior engineer on the one and only test flight. I was able to climb up into the engineers seat in the tail (great assignment that must have been) and into the wings where an engineer was assigned to sit behind each engine. The flight deck was surprisingly modern as it seemed was the Princess. I have flown on non-revenue flights in the B-747 where there were only a few crew and no passengers but they never seemed to fill as big as the Spruce Goose did that day.

I have added the Saunders-Roe Princess link to my desk top. Thanks

18th May 2006, 23:00
Wait a minute...one thunks one heard on the telly Paul Newam has died :{

18th May 2006, 23:16
Oh...nothing online musta been an ad for his salad dressing:\

tony draper
18th May 2006, 23:21
Nothing on the news here about it Captain,we forget everybody else is getting old same as us,must be getting on for forty years since Butch Cassidy was made.
I recons Cool Hand Luke was his best movie.

Rich Lee
18th May 2006, 23:32
Paul Newman dead? Who will make salad dressing for the world?

It was 1956, and Lord Admiral Draper decided to take a vacation so he borrowed Thor Heyherdals raft, the Kon Tiki, and headed out of Poole Harbor bound for the Caribbean.

As he sailed off the southern coast of Florida (ar) he came into a mysterious area where lot's of boats disappeared into thin air. Ships, planes, wallets, guitars, sunglasses-gone forever and 'great balls of fire' ripped through reed shower curtains and created flaming, ragged holes big enough to insert his yard arm. He called this strange stretch of water....Mephistos Trapazoid!:suspect:

18th May 2006, 23:47
Welcome back tin. One hopes they didn't probe you too roughly :uhoh:

Definitely some form of random free electrical activity. Or someone being careless with the tip of a lightsabre. You really shouldn't use those things in the shower, you know. Next time use a safety razor.

18th May 2006, 23:49
Some unkind soul has suggested The God of Interior Decoraters vented his spleen in tins bathroom :uhoh:

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 00:10
Some unkind soul has suggested The God of Interior Decoraters vented his spleen in tins bathroom

Doubtful for two reasons.

1. Of the four elemental humours of the human body: blood, yellow bile, black bile (watery stools) and phlegm (nasal secretions); none can be seen on the curtain.
2. Philipe the Belgian, the self-acclaimed 'God of Interior Decoraters' was giving a seminar in Buenos Aires entitled 'Return of Sea Foam in the British Toilet' at the time of the alleged incident.

tony draper
19th May 2006, 00:11
Hope that kind of thing don't become common round these parts it might set fire to the coal in the bath.

19th May 2006, 00:12
Mr Tinpis in future may cower
At the thought of taking a shower,
Cos he still ain't certain
That what melted his curtain
Isn't an alien power.

Interesting colour, Mr Pis. Fond of pink, are you? :E

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 00:17
Interesting colour, Mr Pis. Fond of pink, are you? The colour pink focuses concentrative power as does a magnifying glass with sunlight. FRUER FREI!

19th May 2006, 00:19
Interesting colour, Mr Pis. Fond of pink, are you? :E
That's punk, that is . . .

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 00:27
Conventional wisdom, it seems
Says that aliens should be green
So why do you think
They leave holes in pink
I wonder, who is their queen?

19th May 2006, 00:29
A story just in off the electronic mail wires, perhaps of interest to our Southern African readers;

Two recent court cases, have earned the attention of newspaper readers in South Africa.

One person was fined R1 000 for not having a TV license.

Another was released on bail for R500 after being arrested for murder.

The moral of this South African story: If you do not have a TV license and the inspector comes round, kill him.

You'll save R500.

It's the Right Thing To Do...

19th May 2006, 00:32
A while ago, several of the women in UK prisoners were guilty of . . .
. . . not having a TV licence!

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 00:37
UK prisoners have women in them?

19th May 2006, 00:42
UK prisoners have women in them?
Doh! It's me medification, Gov. Honest! :ugh:

19th May 2006, 00:58
Cor, it's well parky in 'ere.

19th May 2006, 01:06
Cor, it's well parky in 'ere.
Don't look in the shower . . . .

19th May 2006, 01:09
One has reneged on one's promise to oneself to keep one's workshop tidy. Now that one has this morning received a large shipment of packaging material, one will have to get off one's posterior and get cleaning.

19th May 2006, 02:07
Mushroom gravy

I just make regular gravy, fry some sliced mushers and add them to the gravy.

Watching a two hour documentary on the Battle of Britain that is using alot of unused footage from the film of the same name.

19th May 2006, 02:24
One wonders if future wars will have whole battles stage-managed so's future filums can be more realistically made about them....assuming, of course, that that doesn't already happen :hmm:

19th May 2006, 03:11
tinny ... that curtain definitely looks melted rather than shredded. Right now it would appear that the ball lightning theory is winning ... even if only in the absence of any other ideas. I don't even know who you could ask about it; your local university perhaps? Forensic department? If it was ball lightning, would there be detectable traces of anything left behind? Who knows ... well, the aliens who took you prolly know. :E

I reckon Paul Newman would be over 80 now, wouldn't he? Haven't heard that he died though ... mind you, I haven't listened to the news yet so I wouldn't have heard anything, would I? :rolleyes:

19th May 2006, 03:20
Paul Newman - Date of Birth: 26 January 1925

Ball Lightning


19th May 2006, 04:13
"I survived a ball lightning attack in my bathroom", tin's story as told to Channel 9 for $2million. :E

19th May 2006, 04:18
How did he know it was ball lightning and not an arsen attack?

19th May 2006, 04:43
"They were buzzing all around me," a frightened Mr Tin told correspondents. "One of them made a hole clean through me bloody shower curtain. Only washed it last week, too."

"You must have feared for your life, and any sensitive protrusions," a reporter commented.

"Mate, the prickles on my posterior were standing straight out," replied Mr Tin. "I didn't know if it was from fright or static electricity, so I hopped under the streaming water to put 'em off the scent."

19th May 2006, 05:09
"One of the feckers even chased the cat up the hallway," continued a clearly upset Mr. Pis. "The poor creature was in a dreadful state when we finally managed to unhook her from the ceiling."

"It's been a couple of weeks since it happened and I still don't know when I'll be able to face having a shower again" he continued aromatically. My wife and I have been thinking of using the swimming pool to wash in ... but who knows if we'll be any safer there?"


Romeo Delta
19th May 2006, 05:13
Welcome back Tin! Did the aliens drop you off NEAR your house, or did you have to walk a long way?

(Remember us when you sell your story for millions... Please... :} )

LL, figured out what was wrong with the Spa Smiley. I guess my work has Smiley Central blocked. Once I got home, I saw it. Cool! :cool: :D :ok:

Thanks Brockie! One does indeed love them flying boats! But don't forget Mr. Lee! He's in this too! ;)

Orf to bed! Ain't been sleepin' all too well lately. Methinks it's prolly the workouts. New body takes some gettin' used to.

:ugh: <--- New Forehead Exercises...

'Night all!

US crew offline... :zzz:

Little Lady
19th May 2006, 05:21
RD, one of my massages will put you to sleep... just ask GreenGranite :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
19th May 2006, 07:27
Mumble, grump....

Didn't sleep too well. One has been mulling over a moral dilemma. Unfortunately, one is cursed with a conscience but sound advice has been procured so hopefully one will be able to live with oneself....:ugh: :ugh: :ugh:

Jordan D
19th May 2006, 07:52
Morning all. Interview in 3hrs .... and I'm not really sure what to expect.


19th May 2006, 08:01
Questions, young Jordan. Questions!!

The answers to which will trip from your tongue like rainwater from an overflowing hopper.

Go gettum!:ok:

tinny In the vernacular of the yoof, 'Way weird!' No singeing, perfectly round, even though the curtain is in the vertical plane.:eek:

19th May 2006, 08:02
Kat is acting strange.....:confused:


19th May 2006, 08:06
The Kat in the Hat!

Solid Rust Twotter
19th May 2006, 08:08
Mogg prolly sleeping off the alien invasion force she's just eaten, Mr Tin...:E :ok:

19th May 2006, 08:09
Jordan, interview questions almost invariably follow trends. Some years ago one of the popular questions was, "Where do you see yourself in five years time." Today, things might be a little different and someone will have thought up even quirkier questions to ask. If you have a little time, why not do a bit of a web search on interviews and maybe pick up a few clues. Good luck with it though, Trab Force aimed in your direction and don't forget that the interview is also for you to find out about them.

Couple of clues that come to mind; some interviewers don't like it if you don't have any questions for them. One that I have found useful in the past is, "If there is a probation period with this job, how will my performance be assessed." Oh, and a useful tip for you ... avoid falling into the trap of talking too much. Answer the questions, add a little relevant information if you think it necessary, then stop talking. One technique often used by interviewers to see how much they can get you to babble is to just sit there looking at you after you have finished your answer. Most people find such a silence uncomfortable and will feel obliged to fill it ... so they just keep talking. You've probably seen TV interviwers do this to great effect and the poor sod doing the talking ends up looking like a raving idiot. Finish your answer by looking expectantly at the interviewer and don't speak again until the next question has been asked ... put the ball in their court, so to speak.

You probably know all that stuff anyway but fnigers shall be corssed for you. All the best for a good result. :ok:

19th May 2006, 08:10
Erm..possibly Mr SRT

It a de-nuttified him actually :uhoh:

Official royal kat title

Khokan Fu Noh Nooki

Solid Rust Twotter
19th May 2006, 08:14
Errmmm... Apologies to mogg for thinking he's(?) a she.:O

If yers can find the spaceship that made the hole in yer shower curtain yers can use it as an ashtray, seeing as the crew are prolly paddling knee deep in mogg digestive juices by now...:suspect:

19th May 2006, 08:55
A belated good morning. Absolute crap wx here, windy and rainy.

Gret pic tin - I certainly agree that ball lightning must be up there as the cause (not that I know much about these things).

My dad flew all over Asia in Cats following the end of WW2. He's a big fan of them too.

Good luck to young Jordan, solid advice from bluey there.

Gotta go.

tony draper
19th May 2006, 08:56
Morning peoples,one got a right fright when one looked in the mirror this morning,one has changed ones mind and decided one looks like one of they prisoners on that prison planet in that Alien movie,one shall however not be behaving like a total tit head like wot they all did.
Sun is shining but the chap on the telly says it will not last.:uhoh:

19th May 2006, 08:58
Herr Drapes - If you want to get ahead, get a hat!

19th May 2006, 09:04
Good luck in the interview, Jordan, don't do what I did once and say anything negative about anywhere as they will invariably adore the place...
I have many, many errands to run before I head off to meet my mum, so must dash. Have a good day all :ok:

19th May 2006, 09:20
Morning all, wet and windy here..so no outside works will be undertaken.
Good luck with the interview Jordan..seems like you are receiving sound advice from all concerned:ok:
One is on ones way to the spa...for a little R&R perhaps a little refreshment from the vittels dept would be served...purely medicinal you understand!!
In the absence of Borgie perhaps SRT will fire up the Braai, I am led to understand that great delicacies are cooked in this manner...a nice burger with some of that mushroom sauce sounds spiffing!!
Nice mogg Tin ...is that a lightning deflector hat??
One is considering a full fat breakfast thingy...one likes full fat:}
I am informed that Big load of shite is back on telly...what a waste:( ...I will write to the French Ambassador, it must be something to do with them.
Hope all are well...the weekend is nigh..time for trabbys everywhere to have a little of what they fancy:E

Solid Rust Twotter
19th May 2006, 09:28
This may be an idea....:E

Lighting Charcoal Grills
Our subject today is lighting charcoal grills. One of our favorite charcoal grill lighters is a guy named George Goble, a computer person in the Purdue University engineering department.

Each year, Goble and a bunch of other engineers hold a picnic in West Lafayette, Indiana, at which they cook hamburgers on a big grill. Being engineers, they began looking for practical ways to speed up the charcoal-lighting process. "We started by blowing the charcoal with a hair dryer," Goble told me in a telephone interview. "Then we figured out that it would light faster if we used a vacuum cleaner."

If you know anything about

engineers and
guys in general,
you know what happened: The purpose of the charcoal-lighting shifted from cooking hamburgers to seeing how fast they could light the charcoal.

From the vacuum cleaner, they escalated to using a propane torch, then an acetylene torch. Then Goble started using compressed pure oxygen, which caused the charcoal to burn much faster, because as you recall from chemistry class, fire is essentially the rapid combination of oxygen with a reducing agent (the charcoal). Humans discovered that a long time ago, somewhere in the valley between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (or something along those lines).

By this point, Goble was getting pretty good lighting times. But in the world of competitive charcoal-lighting, "pretty good" does not cut the mustard. Thus, Goble hit upon the idea of using -- get ready -- liquid oxygen. This is the form of oxygen used in rocket engines; it's 295 degrees below zero and 600 times as dense as regular oxygen. In terms of releasing energy, pouring liquid oxygen on charcoal is the equivalent of throwing 5 live squirrels into a room containing 50 Labrador retrievers. On Goble's World Wide Web page, you can see actual photographs and a video of Goble using a bucket attached to a 10-foot-long wooden handle to dump 3 gallons of liquid oxygen (not sold in stores) onto a grill containing 60 pounds of charcoal and a lit cigarette for ignition.

What follows is the most impressive charcoal-lighting I have ever seen, featuring a large fireball that according to Goble, reached 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The charcoal was ready for cooking in -- this has to be a world record -- 3 seconds.

There's also a photo of what happened when Goble used the same technique on a flimsy $2.88 discount-store grill. All that's left is a circle of charcoal with a few shreds of metal in it. "Basically, the grill vaporized," said Goble. "We were thinking of returning it to the store for a refund."

Looking at Goble's video and photos, I became, as an American, all choked up with gratitude at the fact that I do not live anywhere near the engineers' picnic site. But also, I was proud of my country for producing guys who can be ready to barbecue in less time than it takes for guys in less-advanced nations, such as France, to spit.

Will the 3-second barrier ever be broken? Will engineers come up with a new, more powerful charcoal lighting technology? It's something for all of us to ponder this summer as we sit outside, chewing our hamburgers, every now and then glancing in the direction of West Lafayette, Indiana, looking for a mushroom cloud.

One will now impart one's secret recipe for Zim beef if any still exists....

Cut steaks of around 1.5 to 3 inches thick from the rump, depending on preference. Pour a little olive oil into a palm and gently massage into steak. Sprinkle with salt then a liberal dash of Tabasco sauce. Place in a tray and squeeze the juice of a lemon over it. Allow to rest in the 'fridge for an hour, turning after 30 minutes.

Cook for two minutes a side on a VERY HOT grill and serve immediately. Best eaten thinly sliced using the fingers. :ok:

green granite
19th May 2006, 09:31
Morning all wet and windy here and at 13 deg not very warm

good luck Jordan basically relax and enjoy the experience, and even if not sucessfull, its part of the learning curve. :ok:

The best answer to where do you see yourself in 5 years time is " well since you will have been promoted by then I see myself sitting in your chair" :ok:

19th May 2006, 09:33
I will start running immediately if you go anywhere near the Oxygen shop SRT.:=
One has atheletes foot...one's other foot is middle aged and out of condition:8

green granite
19th May 2006, 09:52
using a bucket attached to a 10-foot-long wooden handle to dump 3 gallons of liquid oxygen (not sold in stores) onto a grill containing 60 pounds of charcoal and a lit cigarette for ignition.

They say smoking's dangerous :E

19th May 2006, 10:18
Morning folks.

Cloudy with a bit of sun today and very warm and humid. Actually needed the aircon on to be able to sleep last night.

Bacon butty service resumed this morning.:ok: Just completed my new daily task, as sports news editor on the web site. Quite easy when you get the hang of it.

Nice to have lexxy and Bluey along on t'internet last night. glad you liked what I played for you.:)

The FSL will no doubt be in a foul mood later....they have just forecast many large bucket loads of wet rain for Newcastle today!

19th May 2006, 10:28
Hmm. LOX and charcoal. Bit girly. :suspect:

Now, LOX and HTP and yer cookin.:uhoh:

Blustery and showery again, still, one does not have ball lightning to contend with. What were the wx conditions when yer curtain got zapped Tinny?

Biggles Flies Undone
19th May 2006, 10:33
Good morning all from windy London. Still, it's calmer than the coast – the wind was howling last night and the sea was a mass of whitecaps this morning – not a day for yotting :eek:

Far too busy for a Friday – but looking forward to the FLP :ok:

19th May 2006, 10:40
... as well as the FAS. :E

Nice to have lexxy and Bluey along on t'internet last night. glad you liked what I played for you.
'Tis very enjoyable listening to you, Ibbie. One has worked out the answers to the Where in the World quiz a couple of times ... one might just call you one of these days ... :E

tony draper
19th May 2006, 10:41
Buggah! send for the Bomb disposal chaps again,look what they found now.


Although from ones one visit to the fair city of Birkenhead they will prolly use it as the new town hall,thats the old one in the background.

19th May 2006, 10:42
Morning all, grey day here in Auld Reekie.

All the best to Jordan - he's away for his interview by now but one can still send positive trabforce! :ok:

Amazing to think there have now been two thousand separate occasions that I have given those present the benefit of my experience ... :uhoh:

Fishing yesterday was pants - no fish photos as no fish. Pouring rain the night before had left the water high (not good for salmon) and very strong winds made casting almost impossible. Mr P had a fish on the line briefly but lost it, and that was the only interest anyone had all day. Still, very jolly to meet up with friends and have a glass or two while shooting the breeze!

Just been on the phone to the council who say they will allow Stockette to have her playhouse/climbing frame as long as it's moved down closer to the middle of the garden. :D

19th May 2006, 10:49
"Navigator to the bridge, at the rush".

"Stop lettin Biddy steer the boat, OK?":E

19th May 2006, 10:51
Stockie, if Bluie opens her tin of fish puns again we will know who to blame.:suspect:
Fin, nice piccie and good luck on D-Day.
Tin, hope you are recovering from the alien abduction. Man, those rectal probes really can mess up a shower curtain.
Mme. SG, or another suitable Putonghua speaker, can you direct me to a source of Chinese swear words? The guys in the SF film "Serenity" tend to swear very effectively in Mandarin, and I would like to master a few good ones.
The best answer to the "where do you see yourself in five years" question is, "Giving you your P45, ya bastid."

Biggles Flies Undone
19th May 2006, 11:02
Talking about unexploded bombs... who needs a mate like this? :eek:


19th May 2006, 11:15
Re: Paper bag BOOM.

I was giving useless help to a fellow trying to make an ancient 50kW FM broadcast transmitter work again. All sorts of problems.

Then the demons possessed me.

When he pressed the ON button the Nth time I loudly slapped my hands together which nicely simulated an arc in beast - I was skilled at that. My coworker was not amused.

19th May 2006, 11:15
Fish puns? Moi? Sardine nuff around here without you guys making bass assertions. :rolleyes:

Gainesy, my sweet ... **SMACK** :E I'll have you know I've handled big boats before now, including a seventy foot seine netter. Yes, I know it was only for a few minutes while the skipper checked some gear, but still ... :(

tony draper
19th May 2006, 11:19
Knew a lady who was a five foot four inch man netter once.:rolleyes:

19th May 2006, 11:21
:uhoh: :{ :ouch:

Why would yer try and net a river?

19th May 2006, 11:24
I once helmed a lovely old Thames Sailing Barge, coming uprive from Tower Bridge. Lovely, it was! :ok:

19th May 2006, 11:25
'Cos she was ...... in Seine!!!:rolleyes:

green granite
19th May 2006, 11:35
I once helmed a lovely old Thames Sailing Barge, coming uprive from Tower Bridge. Lovely, it was! :ok:

Helped put one of them aground in the blackwater once, this was just after the first mate had said, after being asked what course he was steering(it was dark and foggy), "I'm keeping the moon a hands breadth from the mast. :sad:

19th May 2006, 11:42
Weeelllll, bluey, better to drive a seine netter than be driven by an insane nutter . . .
:= :hmm:

Oooohhhh, boaty thingies. :D :p Love 'em.
Helped at the helm of a small-ish cruiser from Limryk to up the Shannon, navigating several locks. Helm'd a 105-ft Barquentine some of a long w/e in and about Cook Strait. Ferried a 53-ft masthead sloop wiff four others up the east coast for four days.
They's real boats, wiff flappy bits

19th May 2006, 11:45
coming uprive from Tower Bridge. Lovely, it was!

So you helmed it for a few yards then before you hit London Bridge?? :}

19th May 2006, 11:46

Actually successfully navigated it - the surprise on the skipper's face was palpable, I admit!

:p :O

19th May 2006, 11:49
A Thames Barge under London Bridge???

Sheesh, they open Tower Bridge for 'em, how on earth did you manage that? Do they come in different sizes? The masts on the ones I've seen mean that The Pool of London is the furthest they can go uprive (sic!).

19th May 2006, 11:56
Had a go at steering this once. USS John F. Kennedy

19th May 2006, 12:03
Whereabouts is the marlin board on that, Gainesy? :confused:

19th May 2006, 12:21
Stockie, I'm glad the miserable council let Stockette keep her playhouse....quite why you should need move it is beyond me, how can comeone object to a playhouse?
I am now back in the warm and dry (that weather really isn't so good today) having bought a rather interesting-looking book, which will be put aside until my brother's birthday. It's called 'Little Norway', it documents the war from the perspective of the Norweigen airforce who were relocated to Canada...it looks extremely well loved, the bloke at Oxfam was apologising profusely for its state but I think all the splats and tatters add personality. Anyway, off to the station soon....

19th May 2006, 12:26
Top Trumps to gainesy,then!;)

green granite
19th May 2006, 12:26
"Had a go at steering this once. USS John F. Kennedy"

Were you the one who refused to get out of the way of a lighthouse? :E

19th May 2006, 12:27
One has despatched Mme Wolf to test the relative safety of the shower. :uhoh:

BFU, that pic couldn't be funnier if it was a Gary Larsen cartoon :ok:

Freezing its nads off here. :)

tony draper
19th May 2006, 13:01
One is probably the only one here that has a ticket which states,this chap is qualified to drive anything from a 250,000 ton tanker to a boat on the municipal park lake.
Bloody weekend helmsmen they's nowt but a menace.

19th May 2006, 13:10
One is probably the only one here that has a ticket which states,this chap is qualified to drive anything from a 250,000 ton tanker to a boat on the municipal park lake.
Bloody weekend helmsmen they's nowt but a menace.

Negat sea-cat!!

All warfare ratings in the RN attain a helmsman's ticket also!

Used to be the done thing to see how far off course they could steer before the OOW noticed.Max kudos was gained by anything above 100 degrees!

19th May 2006, 13:33
Buggah! send for the Bomb disposal chaps again,look what they found now.
Although from ones one visit to the fair city of Birkenhead they will prolly use it as the new town hall,thats the old one in the background.
What's them coloured chimneys on the poop deck? Was it a coal burner?

19th May 2006, 13:53
At the risk of setting her off again...

Wassa marlin board Biddy?:E

19th May 2006, 14:01
Methinks gainsey's won the Measuring Contest. :hmm:

By-the-by, SRT, only now read the 'engineers picnic' story and I was 'bout fit to bust a rib. :D

If you go out in the woods today
you'd never believe yer eyes.
When you go out in the woods today
you'd best take asbestos supplies.
For it's not the size of yer charcoal brickette
but just how fast your LOX can inject
to blow the engineers' eyebrows off at a picnic.

Jordan D
19th May 2006, 14:05
Thanks for the earlier messages of support. Much appreciated.

Unfortunately, wasn't a success and am quite frankly a little annoyed they wasted my time. In my letter I stated that I was only available for two weeks down in London, due to other commitments ... so was slightly surprised they were offering a position up near Glasgow for two months. Oh well.


Solid Rust Twotter
19th May 2006, 14:06
Class, Mr Rossco...:ok:

19th May 2006, 14:08
Jordan - I trust you steamed in, pointing out this inept performance of theirs?? You could have said that if this was typical of their management then you wouldn't want to work with them anyway.

Or did you not want to burn bridges?

Either way, unlucky, and chin up.

19th May 2006, 14:12
What is it with time wasting today? Mr Lexx has been called back a FOURTH time by a company he was interviewed by yesterday, tested last week and interviewed the week before! One is off the persuasion to tell them to feck off as his current company seem quite keen to keep him. The thing that is most annoying is they called him back today with less than an hours notice!

Ho hum, onwards and upwards.

Rusty one once saw a bbq lit using nitrous (sp?), the thing that is used to make cars go faster, that was a very impressive flame.

green granite
19th May 2006, 14:37
What is it with time wasting today? Mr Lexx has been called back a FOURTH time by a company he was interviewed by yesterday, tested last week and interviewed the week before! One is off the persuasion to tell them to feck off as his current company seem quite keen to keep him. The thing that is most annoying is they called him back today with less than an hours notice!

Thats prob a good sign MMe Lexxi :ok:

19th May 2006, 14:39
Apparently they can't make their minds up about him. The most annoying thing is I want the car, it's a bloody good job I hadn't already gone out.

19th May 2006, 14:39
A Marlin Board is a heavy duty framework (often wooden) attached to the back of the game-fishing boat, Gainesy. In the bad old days before tag and release, the marlin would be reeled in to this board which sits just on the waterline. The difficulty (and risk) of bringing a large, struggling fish onto the boat itself instigated the invention of this device. The marlin could be brought to the boat and secured to the marlin board relatively easily. These days, of course, Tag and Release is the preferred method of dealing with these large fish. We gain valuable research information from previous tags which we send to the fisheries department, apply our own tag in its place and the fish swims off to fight another day.

Sorry things didn't work out too well for you, Jordan ... you, too, live to fight another day. :ok:

tony draper
19th May 2006, 15:06
Mr C-G,our Gray Funnel line did indeed own some coal burning sumarines at one time,Fleet Boats they was known as,not agreat sucess,as they had to unship the funnel and tell the cook to get his smalls off the aft washing line before they could dive the boat,by that time the zeppelin prolly would have dropped a bomb on em .


19th May 2006, 15:13
Ah, yes BD, seen them but didn't know what they were called. Don't think the JFK has one but.

(See that? :uhoh: One spake Oz without thinking about it).:confused:

19th May 2006, 15:17
I believe HMS Ocean had one last time I saw her.
Something to do with embarking Special Forces RIBs (Italian Job style).

19th May 2006, 15:20
Am now thoroughly confused - you're right, angels, they did raise Tower Bridge for us, but I thought London Bridge clearance was higher? Maybe I'm misremembering the route. We did head out towards the Thames Barrier first, that I do remember.

Lovely lunch with prospective new colleagues, and have made appointment to get hair done next Wednesday so that am suitably gorgeous for BoGBash. Note to menfolk, I WILL HAVE HAD MY HAIR DONE SO IT WILL BE OK TO COMPLIMENT ME ON MY HAIR! ;)

I will of course return the favour, where applicable. :}

Now, what to do with ones free Friday night? Flicks? Concert? Theatre? Dinner out somewhere? Or just the pub? Decisions, decisions. :confused:

I know, I'll hop into the spa while I'm thinking. Sean, could you oblige with a glass of Taittinger, please? Thanks, poppet.


19th May 2006, 15:21
Very good,Gainesy, very good. If you keep this up you may expect your cork-festooned slouch hat to be awarded soon. :ok: We'll have you looking like a real Aussie in no time ... moleskins, Drizabone, R.M. Williams boots ... just the thing! :ok:

Biggles Flies Undone
19th May 2006, 15:34
Had a go at steering this once. USS John F. Kennedy
Never made it that far, Gainsey – but I did get an ‘all areas’ guided tour of her in 1973 while she was hove-to at Majorca. Basically, was sloshed in a disco in Palma and got talking to a junior officer. He told me to pitch up at 15.00 on the dock the following day. Yeah, thinks me – drink talking, no chance. Anyway, (complete with horrendous hangover) I pitched up at the stated time. Junior rating chimes out “are you the drunken Limey, sir?”. Bang to rights :hmm:

It was a fabulous tour, I got to sit in the business seat of a Toom and I’ve still got the ‘paperweight’ which was the aircraft part of the catapult restraint. Not all bad, these septics :ok:

Loose rivets
19th May 2006, 15:35
I believe HMS Ocean had one last time I saw her.
Something to do with embarking Special Forces RIBs (Italian Job style).

"So, what shall we call her"

"I thought HMS Ocean would be fitting Sir."

"Heeerrrumph!.....Ocean you say?"

"Yes Sir."

"So, when One askes where the Ocean is, the most frequent answer will be 'in the ocean....will it not?"

"Well, I suppose so Sir."

"You suppose so! Where else might we find it, given that the whole point is to take a patch of simulated land into the....ocean."

"Well, I'm not sure that it will present any........"

"Huh! 'Hello control, coming in to land. where would you like me to touch donwn?'"

"On the Ocean........Ah, I see Sir...........Buggah.....Sir."

Biggles Flies Undone
19th May 2006, 15:36
Oooooo almost forgot....



19th May 2006, 15:40
Ms Picker - You could have a visit from Herr Draper's own home hair stylist and your Barnet would be delightful! :ok:

Reckon you went downriver from the Pool of London. London Bridge is a lot lower than Tower Bridge, even when Tower Bridge is not raised. I live within a mile of the barrier and that is certainly downriver!

Anyway, knackered now after greedily consuming two strawberry tarts.

Good weekend all.

19th May 2006, 15:43
Had four days on JFK in the Med, bloody difficult to sleep when they're landing Tomcats on yer bedroom ceilin every 45sec or so. Maybe one should writ a tome about such experiences.

19th May 2006, 15:45
I shall refrain from the Spa until such time as I have been pinched, punched, poked and/or pricked by one's purveyor of alternative agonies. The back is in for a seeing to ... so if the broadband webby thingy at home is not abroad, I shall report further.

No wasting water, please. Someone might be watching ............:ooh:

19th May 2006, 15:52
S'alright, TB, we're supplying the water from up here in the north - I think we've still got a couple of years' worth in storage ... had a bit more today.

Good luck with the alternative whatsits.


Biggles Flies Undone
19th May 2006, 15:54
That must have been later then, Gainsey - when I was aboard She deffo had Tooms and recon aircraft (Broncos?).

Ms P - those Thames Barges are the bane of all drivers heading South from the City during the beano season. Up goes Tower Bridge (so you're heading downstream) and up goes the blood pressure of all drivers :mad: Fortunately, I catch the train :E

19th May 2006, 15:54
One has an appointment with the hairdressers later this afternoon. Her name is Alexandra and it´ll be the first time she´s going to lay hand on me. On account of S. (who is usually doing a fine job) not being available for the next three months.

19th May 2006, 15:57
S'alright, TB, we're supplying the water from up here in the north - I think we've still got a couple of years' worth in storage ... had a bit more today.
Kielder Water has been fitted with barge-boards so we can stockpile the extra H2O (as it's already full). You've heard of the butter mountain? Look out for the water mountain . . .

19th May 2006, 15:58
Her name is Alexandra and it´ll be the first time she´s going to lay hand on me.

Oh, priceless...

19th May 2006, 16:04
(Checks logbook) December 1980 Biggs.

Biggles Flies Undone
19th May 2006, 16:04
Crikey, the thought of Majorca in 1973 has brought back all sorts of memories…

I went there to get over the loss of my first ‘real’ girlfriend. Ended up getting my leg over Dierdre, who worked for the BBC. I still can’t decide which was worse – her name or the fact that she worked for the BBC :sad:

Am I all alone in the spa?

19th May 2006, 16:17
Good day all.Tis windy and raining here.
I've got me new router sorted.:ok: :ok: :ok: Thanks G-Cptn for that advice.Turned off Norton for 3 mins and everything went great.Just got to get the wireless bit installed now.
Got loads of things done today.Rubbish is cleared from the garden.:ok: Guy rang just as I was getting tea last night and said he'd do it at 0800 this morning if I could give him a hand.Trouble was I went t' quiz last night and with having today off decided to venture into the new range of cocktails on offer as well as supping pints in between.Things were rather fuzzy this morning at 0730 when I got up!
Bought new trousers and shreddies as have now lost just over 5ins of my waist and things were falling down.

I'll say it on here Bluey is a pure gem.Had a postal thing through the door when I got home saying there was a recorded delivery for pick up at the post office.Twas a little house warming pressie of some coasters with OZ on them.Brought a lump to my throat.It's so nice that people on here genuinely
care about each other.

Thanks Bluey:ok: :ok:


Not now Biggs:ok:

Helga a rather large drink please.:ok:

Romeo Delta
19th May 2006, 16:18
We'll have you looking like a real Aussie in no time ... moleskins, Drizabone, R.M. Williams boots ... just the thing!

Oi! :ok:

One is probably the only one here that has a ticket which states,this chap is qualified to drive anything from a 250,000 ton tanker to a boat on the municipal park lake.

Well, one has both a NZ drivers license and a US drivers license, which means that I'm licensed to drive on both sides of the road. Or at least that's what I tell the cops when I get pulled over... :}

:rolleyes: <--- Their reaction, usually...

Hmmmm... Spa day! What sort of mischief can I create... :confused: I know! Slip'n'Slide!

(Rolls out rubber slide... Waters down the slide with a hose... Takes a long runup and...)

Wwwwwwwwhooooosshhhhhh ---

:ooh: :D

Ahhhh... Helga! Bier! B-I-E-R! Bier!

US crew in spa...

(Oh, yeah... Biggles, that pic is a classic!)

19th May 2006, 16:19
Am I all alone in the spa?

Not any more. :E And Ms. Stockpicker is here too. Champu anyone? :ok:

Glad you like the little prezzie, laser ... just a little Aussie thing to welcome you to your new home. :ok:

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 16:41
Gainsey Standing at the helm of the JFK is an experience few will ever know - I, for one, am envious.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams ... glitter in the dark near Tanhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost ... in time .... like tears ... in rain. Time ... to die. Tyrel Blade Runner

tony draper
19th May 2006, 16:56
Deep sea the wheel was rarely touched,a helmsman was at the wheel entering or leaving harbour or in busy or restricted waters such as the channel but after the course was set, Iron Mike took over.
Except on that coaster one was on,wheel tricks were stood all the time at sea on that wee buggah ,one had to learn to keep a straight wake underwater most of the time.

19th May 2006, 16:59
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

Er, wasn't me Guv, honest.:uhoh:

19th May 2006, 17:11
A likely tale, Gainesy. We all know what you get up to when you think nobody is watching. :rolleyes:

Good to see you around with a bit more frequency, Mr. Lee. We miss you when you are not here, you know. :ok:

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 17:23
Lady Azure Gem wrote:
Good to see you around with a bit more frequency, Mr. Lee. We miss you when you are not here, you know. Ah shucks Mam. Bye the bye, I read about the three women in Florida who were eaten by alligators recently and I thought perhaps you should come over and teach the ladies of America a course on how to wrestle alligators and crocodiles into submission without getting eaten. The invitation is for 'alligators and crocodiles' mind you .... nothing about men please.:eek:

19th May 2006, 17:30
Buggah!!...I went for brekky and got feckin hijacked with work, did I miss much??. Will read back a bit and see if SRT did any damage.
Back soon:rolleyes:

19th May 2006, 17:30
You don't think the men of Florida would appreciate being wrestled into submission, Mr. Lee? Perhaps they lack a sense of adventure. :rolleyes: Of course, we don't have much of a problem with alligators here in Oz ... the crocodiles ate them all. :E

19th May 2006, 17:43
Hmmm low flying submarine thingys, one wonders if they is VFR??
No wreckage or scorch marks so no LOX barby lighters games, one will now partake of a nice cold broon ale please Helga...and one for anybody else who is thirsty:)
Gainsey I am deeply jealous, not everyone gets a treat like that!!....is it a big steering wheel with bits of wooden spokes poking out all round the outside like belay pins:E
Bluey I think you made Nigels day, nice one...very nice one, things like that make me think that the world is a nice place to be in when there folks like you in it:ok:

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 17:47
Lady Azure Gem wrote: You don't think the men of Florida would appreciate being wrestled into submission, Mr. Lee? I imagine a few would enjoy being wrestled into submission right up until the part where their 'bits' are carved up to be used in the construct of ladies purses or Jimmy Choo shoes.

Romeo Delta
19th May 2006, 17:47
Good luck wrestling ME into submission. Now, a 'gator is another matter. Sad thing about those nice ladies. But the gators have no where else to go. We're building houses on their land, and with the water shortage they're swimming into waters they haven't been in before.

We're just getting in the way. Gator meat sure does taste good, though. Just like pork.

19th May 2006, 17:54
I think Gatorade a Gator by product...feckin tastes like it:E

19th May 2006, 17:55
Thanks for the kind words, laser and Micky ... one believes in looking out for one's friends. :ok:

... until the part where their 'bits' are carved up to be used in the construct of ladies purses or Jimmy Choo shoes. But we are not entirely without sensitivity, Mr. Lee ... we would not do it while they were still conscious. :uhoh:

Good luck wrestling ME into submission.
One enjoys a challenge, Romeo ... :E

tony draper
19th May 2006, 18:03
Oh dear, according to the weather chap on sky we are due a weekend of heavy persistant rain with strong winds and daytime darkeness due to heavy cloud ,but when the sun does occasionaly break through, because its high in the sky it will be quite warm,well thank a lot mate, thats a comfort.

19th May 2006, 18:05
But we are not entirely without sensitivity, Mr. Lee ... we would not do it while they were still conscious.

Speak for yourself, Ms Diamond. :E

19th May 2006, 18:06
Flick Pick of the week.

The Magnificent Seven.

Great movie, great cast....most are dead now.

tony draper
19th May 2006, 18:13
Bah! all those mexican villagers needed was one man with a Gattling gun, RA TA TA AT AT TAT !!!! no more bandits, wudda saved them some money as well.

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 18:21
The Maginficent Seven was good but Kurosawa's 'Shichinin no Samurai' is more my cup of tea. Swords are the only way to handle a dispute with honor.:cool:

Lady Singaporegirl wrote: Speak for yourself, Ms Diamond. The comment has been noted and when I am able to think of a clever reply (no unkind comments on that last please) I shall respond.:*

19th May 2006, 18:31
We'll await your response with bated breath, Mr Lee...in Mk XXVIII. :rolleyes:

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 18:43
Our Lady SG likes her men to feel
For she relishes the sound when they squeal
As she carves up their bits
In the name of new glitz
For the sole purpose of more sex appeal

19th May 2006, 18:47
’evening all – one’s limbs have been somewhat stiff and crampy today so one has only just read in! Speaking of Thames barges, as some were, many moons ago, when I were a lass and on a Girl Guide camp in Norfolk, I spent three nights on board a wherry, The Albion and the highlight of the broading experience was when a motor cruiser (with bikini-ed ladies and chaps with pseudo seafaring caps on) ignored our hand signals to go to our starboard (‘cos we were tacking, albeit way slowly) and we ended up stoving in her bow, a judder ran through the wherry and she continue on her way, with motor cruiser attached!!!! :E :E As for helming, the best I ever achieved was 15mins at the helm of a Leander frigate (helm was below decks, sadly, so one then spent several hours on the bridge spotting Soviet trawlers and suchlike to make up for it) :E :E

In space “A solar wind stream is blowing past Earth but it is having little effect. Auroras are unlikely tonight.” So don’t bother looking then :ok:

The Sun Spot Number remains 0 and the Solar Wind Speed is 611.4 km/s :ok:

RomeoDelta – I first tried gator chunks in St Augustine (after visiting the gater place there we found a bar that served gator chunks with honey+mustard dressing :E :E ) – I was pleasantly surprised at the taste/texture :)

FinFly – hope all has gone / is going well – is your D-Day today?

All Brit Trabsters – one has to assume responsibility for the krap weather … one’s wooden garden-recliner was delivered yesterday. Abject apologies all :uhoh:

Solid Rust Twotter
19th May 2006, 19:49
One has a reputation as a bad person in this neck of the woods. Could have something to do with one cheering the sharks and crocs whenever a human has been stupid enough to annoy them to the point of getting fanged.

Leave 'em alone, I say.....:ok:

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 20:16
Life is hard on Planet Tharg
Where stupid humans are advised to be careful
Mr. SRT, exclaims with a certain glee
Keep your hands from the crocs or become a tasty morsel

19th May 2006, 20:18
Two hippies sitting on a levee with feet dangling in the water.
"Gator just bitten-off my leg, man . . . "
"Which one?"
"Dunno, they all look the same to me . . . "

19th May 2006, 20:19
Mr Lexx got the job! :ok: Which means that his current company will go into a flat spin on monday as they are mid buyout and Mr L's immediate boss is also leaving and as Mr L is the 2IC.:ok: :E

Righ then................................


champers please Sean.

19th May 2006, 20:21
That's great news lexx. Shouldn't you be cooking him a nice big slap up tea now?

Well done Mr. Lexx.:ok:

19th May 2006, 20:23
Not at all Timm tea was already in the oven, we had a lovely beef stew and we have a bottle of champagne on ice.

Mr Lexx
19th May 2006, 21:02
I thank you Sir!

next week is going to be entertaining at work...:}

19th May 2006, 21:29
BH! Mr Lexx,

Does this mean you get to drive a Pendollino?:p

Well done...we'll drink to that next time I sees yer!:ok:

Have just returned from town and work, after a pleasant meal with Mrs IB. Stopped off for a coffee on the way back and am now enjoying a cider.

Sorry to hear about the UK weather...cos it's absolutely baking here and should be all weekend! Twas 39 degrees in Fuengirola at 15.45, when I got off the bus. Fortunately a breeze has sprung up tonight making things a little more ahh!

Little Lady
19th May 2006, 22:00
Congratulations, commiserations, hugs.... to all who need it.

Work was a little ininteresting last night :eek: . It all started Wednesday night when there was a boxing matched televised .... after the game a fight broke out in the pub, with a local ... what was the name of those people... oh yeah.... Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club... and (unsure of the origins as I wasn't there... thank goodness!), the bar manager has a cut hand and the owner of the pub has a split cheek (haven't seen him so don't know how severe). :ouch: :ouch:

The MEC, have been banned, but they were there yesterday when I turned up for work. Talk about intimidation! The bar manager did not appear until the whole Mackay police unit took up residence outside and blocked the roads.... Was a little frightening, in the 2 years I've been working there, only 2 fights have broken out.....

Then some guy was beatin up his wife/girlfriend..... so the cops were called again. The MEC had been coming past also!

The pub was shut a 2015, much to everyone's disappointment :mad: :* but better to be safe than sorry.

Wonder what today will be like :\

19th May 2006, 22:03
Mr. Lexx: :ok: :ok:

Alexandra was nice btw, timm...!

Actually, one prefers to have one´s hair cut by men, though. Then again, one had Andrea doing a good job for over four years, but then she suddenly left for reasons unbeknownst to me.

One suddenly wonders whether her name was really Andrea...

19th May 2006, 22:06
Mr. Hopper - my apologies, it was a private joke. I'm sure she was lovely!

green granite
19th May 2006, 22:06
In the UK if you're banned in one pub then you're banned from all pubs in that town, is it the same out there?

tony draper
19th May 2006, 22:15
Hmmm, this is weird, one has misplaced three slices of very nice corned beef now, they definatly existed because one devoured one of their number last night in a bun with a liberal spreading of peas pudding ont.
Ones grub filing system needs work one thinks.

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 22:16
Milk has long been a popular beverage, not only for its flavor, but because of its unique nutrient package.

19th May 2006, 22:17
timmcat, lovely :E :E :E

Jordan D
19th May 2006, 22:21
Evening all. Nowt to report. Am bored, and not much to do ...


Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 22:24
Put on a Barcelona team jersey and go out to an Arsenal pub for a few pints:eek:

19th May 2006, 22:31
Mr. Lee, :ok: :D

19th May 2006, 22:41
Alexandra was nice btw, timm...!
Actually, one prefers to have one´s hair cut by men, though. Then again, one had Andrea doing a good job for over four years, but then she suddenly left for reasons unbeknownst to me.
Years ago I used to get my hair cut by a girlie (still do BTW) but they always insisted on cutting it wet, so I got a hair wash first (head back over a sink). That was one of the most sensual experiences I've had (having my hair washed for me by a girlie whilst lying-back in a sort of dentist's chair). I was also much younger then . . . :{

tony draper
19th May 2006, 22:47
Purchase yerself a plank Mr Jordan, then one could sit noodling to a slow twelve bar blues backing track,very salubrious and good for the soul.
:cool: :rolleyes:
Hmmm,you know one never realised untill nephews lady gimmee this haircut what funny shaped heads we humans have.

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 22:51
"Only my mama loves me ..... ummmmm, but she could be jivin' too.
I said only my mama loves me .... ummmm, but she could be jivin' too.
Know you see why I'm actin' funny baby,
And I do all the crazy things that I do." BB King

tony draper
19th May 2006, 23:11
Hmm,that Bruce Springsteen is on at the mo, why do bands ruin good music by hiring singers to front em, he might sound good on record, recorded through half a million quids worth of electronics but he is singing flat as a pancake here,bloody awfull, one has never had much time for chanters, any fool can sing, apart from the likes of opera singers of course that does require some training.

19th May 2006, 23:11
Mr Draper,

Are you familiar with the 'Harrison line'..used to sail from Liverpool??My uncle was on them til '81-2

As for helmsman in pusser's greys,at ''specials'' (leaving entering harbour) an assigned quartermaster steers the wheel,during cruising watches,the bosun's mate steers it (under OOW orders).Hand steering is only used in cruising watches when taskbook training is required (for either BM or junior OOW) or when headway is planned at under 6kts (10 in reality) cos the auto rudder dont really work under that and will trip.

Bear in mind the RN is 20+ years behind merch in certain areas!

19th May 2006, 23:16
Left hand down a bit . . .

19th May 2006, 23:19
a bit

Is that the same as a 'smidgion'??

tony draper
19th May 2006, 23:22
One sailed on a Harrison ship for near four years man and boy but she was Harrisons of Clyde a different company one thinks.
In the glory days of the British Merchant Navy there were hundreds of shipping companies,one thinks there were three or four different Harrisons.
Merchant ships generaly picked up a pilot,and in places with difficult passages they pilot oft brung their own helmsman,a lot of Captains on home trade(coasters) had pilot tickets for the particular river ports they traded to and from,so they did not need the services of a pilot,unless you had passengers aboard then a pilot for entering harbour docking was compulsary for some reason.
That wee coaster one sailed on used to take a few lads from head office across to Amsterdam for a few days debaunchery occasionaly, and that was the only time we had to wait for pilotage

19th May 2006, 23:26
I wouldn't advise it, Mr Matelot - smidgions have a nasty bite. :rolleyes:

19th May 2006, 23:34
RN only embarks pilots,but always..on entering and leaving harbour and restricted pasageways.remember watching one of these pilots once as I was loafing on the bridge,he was obviously an old hand,knew his stuff and didnt even look out off the bridge wing..transitting the canal (name escapes me now-between Germany and Denmark) and he was just calling landmarks..and the associated bearings to fix on,purely by looking at his watch and comparing to logspeed....Amazing stuff!!...He was bang on everytime I was told.

Harrison line was summat like Thom Harrison...Liverpool,uncs last ship was the Benefactor,sold 'em all,and the company off somewhere years ago...

19th May 2006, 23:35
Brilliant news Mr Lexx, does that mean you can buy me some shoes and chocolate? :E
Jordan, comiserations, I had the same thing done to me...I took the afternoon off college, went into town (in heels) to an interview for what I had clearly stipulated would be a weekend job, becoming full time over the summer holidays...the idiots (even though my CV had 'FULL TIME STUDENT' written on the top of it) had me down as working 9-5 weekdays, and had no shifts on weekends available....this was prior to my op on my foot and the pain caused by me stupidly opting for heels lasted for about 3 weeks....mad does not come close. Don't let it piss you off too much, it's their loss.
I'm feeling highy contented as my mum is here and I am full of yummy Indian takeaway....bless him, the guy at the takeaway, even though I haven't been in in a month, remembered my order and chatted away asking how my course was going and gave us our wine half-price. :ok:

Rich Lee
19th May 2006, 23:36
Lady Singaporegirl writes: I wouldn't advise it, Mr Matelot - smidgions have a nasty bite. Perhaps, but they do not take very big bites.:}

19th May 2006, 23:43
Mawnin all

Watched some Euro-song talent thingy on the telly was gob-smacked how bladdy awful it all is?? :ooh:

19th May 2006, 23:47
Edus/Jordan...where do you lot stand wrt the lecturers strike??

My Gf at Plymouth uni and apparently coulkd affect markings and graduation day????

tony draper
20th May 2006, 00:26
Here yer go Mr Matelot,yer Unc's last ship,built in Sunderland she were.


his T&J Harrison general cargo ship was one of a class built at Sunderland in the late 60s/ early 70s(?) for Lyras Brothers but was taken over on fitting out I believe and became BENEFACTOR. I don/t remember if she had a Lyras name previously.
This was taken in 1975 as she passed Greenock inbound for Glasgow on one of her regular visits.
MV Benefactor previous named Ion
A fine looking vessel,proper ship shaped she was, not one of these ugly feckin computeried tin boxes with a crew of six they got plyin the ogan now.

20th May 2006, 01:04
Cheers Tony,Yeah,I know its that one now,his fireplace phot is of the same sailing under that harbour bridge thingy in Australia.:ok:

20th May 2006, 01:05
Thats a beautiful ship Mr D
Could run away on her I could
Oh for the life of rum bum and baccy.... http://www.augk18.dsl.pipex.com/Smileys/pirate3.gif

tony draper
20th May 2006, 01:51
Tiz a young mans game Captain,anyway it doesn't exist anymore,yer have to pass exams and fill in forms, yer can't just go down to the pool and sign on these days when yer got someone up the duff,or t'peelers is after yer, we int got nowt left to sign on to, just something else this generation have missed out on.
More I thinks about it Captain Tin, more I realises I was born at exactly the right time.

20th May 2006, 02:02
Antipodean shift has control. Anything to report, FSL? Captain Tin? No fierey holes in bulkheads? No ship's cat stuck to the ceiling? Okay ... I'm off for another coffee then.

20th May 2006, 02:20
9-11 debate is raging on a site I visit irregularly. I remember a couple of threads here on Proone from a year or two back which explain the "missing Boeing" at the Pentagon, amongst other things. Anyone have a link handy?

20th May 2006, 03:53
(tuneless whistling)....quiet in 'ere, init?

If a Prooner pours himself a crafty drink in the Trabby bar and there's no-one there to see him do it, does it have to go on his tab? :E

20th May 2006, 04:17
No worries...drinks are on me tonight.

20th May 2006, 04:39
No, Wolfie, we normally just put it on Biggles' tab. :E But since Rollie is buying, I'll have a large orange juice, please. We celebrating anything today?

20th May 2006, 05:26
G'day à tous,

Celebrating's a good idea. Major victory was getting through the week minus dummy-spit or patience short-circuit or tolerance meltdown.
Ach, well, peeps mostly aren't aware of their programmed responses and more to be pitied than scorned. :hmm:

Then I had a longer-than-expected stroll homeward. Don't help that munny dint go into account as expected and advertised.
Slept well. Very well, in fact. Finally succumbed to the tender ministrations of a cutey-pie Brit lady hair-stylist this am, in local mall. Last time I paid for topiary to the Barnet? No idea.

20th May 2006, 06:15
Orange Juice? ORANGE JUICE?? My God, I didn't know we had that stuff in the bar. Terrible muck. Full of sugar and acid. Frightfully bad for you. Here, have a nice healthy BEER, with a tequila chaser.

20th May 2006, 06:20
Sorry, Wolfie ... I really, really like orange juice. Makes note to self, "Self, do not order that in the bar again ..." :(

Rossco, what is it that you are actually doing that is causing you so much stress? And the expression programmed responses has me intrigued, could you give an example? Responses to what? :confused: Puzzled of Perth.

20th May 2006, 06:26
<exasperated> Well, for God's sake put some Contreau in it, then. It tastes the same. You'll never know...however, do not attempt to drive or operate machinery. Flying should still be fine.

Having dispensed with hair, one has not had to support the aforementioned industry of late. Mme Wolf runs a #1 comb over one's skull every few weeks for nowt; trimmers themselves can be got from a certain large red chain store for about ten bucks. If they only last half a dozen cuts, which they do on average, it makes for cheap trimming.

20th May 2006, 06:36
Okay, one large glass, some ice, one small bottle of orange juice and one small bottle of Cointreau ... tip both into glass ... stir with finger ... sip ... mmmm ... niiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccce ... :hmm: :ooh: ;)

20th May 2006, 06:47
That's the spirit! Well done that woman. :ok: Now then, about your Tequila prescription; I've put some Laudanum in it, just for flavouring. You can pick it up from the dispensary any time.

Posters on the "other" site remain unconvinced that 9-11 can be explained.

tony draper
20th May 2006, 08:43
Morning peeps, dull and grey here but as yet the rain has not commenced,we had a brief power cut here at 6am,dammit,thought that kind of thing only happened in the colonies,the sound of ten thousand burgler alarms going off prevented one getting back to sleep.
Peeps shound replace the back up battery in their alarm systems.
Hmmm, interesting item just on the news,apparently some firemen are taking industrial action somewhere,and there is no emergency cover because all the Green Godesses have been sold because they are no longer any use for the job,strangely they were snapped up by factory owners,theme parks and the like to be used as.... Fire Engines.

20th May 2006, 09:47
Spiffing, spiffing p.m. One was decadent and indulged in a wee zizzy-poohs. 'Twas quite the ticket, what?

Weel now, blaufrau, tee-hee, that sorta talent is snapped up by Dr. Seuss-style publishing houses . . . I shall have to elucidate for yers, otherwise you'll never let it go. ;)
Was mortgage brokering back in the Auld Country so I naturally gravitated to similar here. This case, it's a mortgage center. I take inbound calls and sort out the viables vs. the non-viables. Then pass them on to a consultant who follows up.
Of course, those who could do with a financial facelift are resistant to change, most the time. I've spent years learning to cut through all their excuses. "Look here, you already have a mortgage, the banks lied and we can save you thousands. Whattup, dawg?"
It's not really stress. One is prone to exaggeration . . . GASP! Shock! Horror! . . . and I really enjoy the Sitting Still And Not Moving All Day. I love talking to people, it's not a job for me but a mission. To sort out those who need help, because they can only say 'yea' or 'nay'.

Rut-roohh, that's my secret out. :p

Heavy moment, after the Toon. Txt from Sprog Mk. 1 - "Miss you Daddy. When are you coming back?" :{
One is not planning an extended sojourn in The Great Southern Land.

Whee-oooh-whee-oooh-whee-oooh-whee-oooh-whee-oooh . . !!! invariably pierced the night's calm after a heavy downpour. S/one's alarm disliked the superfluous damp. Odd thing, power cuts dint set 'em off like rain.

Cointreau . . . oooohh. ;) Now there's a wonderful drop. Spent more than one house-sitting happily quaffing it back like water. OJ . . ?? Fuggedaboudit!
And Drambuie ;) N-a-e bother, man . . .

20th May 2006, 09:53
Rossco, tsk tsk, in service to the moneylenders? ;) :p

Apparently, the CIA are in league with the Devil. One wonders if it is a two-way arrangement :rolleyes:

20th May 2006, 10:16
Gotcha, Rossco ... I imagine you would be very good at that sort of work. :ok:

Permission to go ashore please, FSL ... one has a 21st birthday celebration to attend. :ok:

tony draper
20th May 2006, 10:25
Hmmm, go on then as its yer 21st, spose yerl be wanting a raise as well, being that yer an adult now.

20th May 2006, 10:29
Have had to go into work already this morning as our version of nigel's best friend at work, doesn't appear to have done his weekend show VTs correctly. Infact they won't play at all!:mad: He's also decided to take another week off at short notice...but he has a problem, all the other jocks have refused to cover for him...should be interesting next week.

Add to that, am doing a private party tonight, which was scheduled for a 21.00 start. Just had phone call wanting to start at 19.45, so the price has gone up 50%.:E

20th May 2006, 11:12
Good morning all.Tis absolutely peeing it down again,haven't ventured out yet but already have to go and get some touch up paint I ordered yesterday for the new car.Twas scratched with a trolley in Sainsbury's car park last Saturday by obviously some **** who doesn't give a damn about someone elses property.:*

Alll gizmo's up and running,am back to a wireless connection and am now coverting old VHS tapes to dvd's.Tho it takes a very long time,will be worth it in the long run as some of the tapes are getting a bit stretched.
Think I might get an external hard drive as if I forget to delete my internal one might get a tad full.

Congrats Mr Lexx on the new job.:ok: :ok:

Am going t' chiropody guy this morning tho can't remember what time,it's either 1145 or 1245 a the guy won't return my calls.

20th May 2006, 11:18
All quiet on the western front. Mme Wolf working, cubs away doing cub stuff, muggins and dogs veging out, Medium Cat curled up by the fire.
Cloudy and cold out.

Capn Notarious
20th May 2006, 11:42
Am going t' chiropody guy this morning tho can't remember what time,it's either 1145 or 1245 a the guy won't return my calls
The great thing about that is, if LN's car breaks down outside, he could go inside for a toe.

Blue skies again just had a downpour.
Needs a few billion gallons absorbed through The white cliffs of Dover, would they crumble otherwise?

Thank you for being there Blue Wolf. You reminded me that I must research the ppruning of active grape vines. They is growing madly like.

tony draper
20th May 2006, 11:51
Hmm, one has just inadvertantly surfed onto channel four,I cannot bring myself to believe those creatures are of the same species as myself,one suspects they are a new sub branch of homo sapiens,homo celebretous perhaps,very sub and from what one can see, very homo.
Still we have seen it all before Whipsnade zoo used to do summat similar,for the edification of the audience the keeper used to sit em at a table feed em buns and cups of milk twer called the Chimps Tea Party,one could be excused for thinking they were almost human
:uhoh: :rolleyes:

20th May 2006, 11:58
Edus/Jordan...where do you lot stand wrt the lecturers strike??

I stand on the lecturer's head as I haven't got any marks back on my work for the entire semester....:E
My mum, also known as Doreen or Wanda says hello. Doreen/Wanda also has much work outstanding...being a mature (?) student. I have to admit to staying woely (sp?) underinformed regarding the AUT strike as it clashed with my exams...which stopped me from being aware of the outside world. Anyway, time to dry my hair and head out...have a good weekend everyone. :ok:

20th May 2006, 12:21
If your vine grows from a main cordon, Capn, cut each cane emanating therefrom back to a two-bud spur, not counting the basal bud.

If you are laying individual canes from a main trunk or head, select the best four, lay and tie the best two of those (thickest/straightest/highest up the vine), and then chop off the others, which are your reserves in case you break either of the best two. As far as length is concerned, you'll want about 15 buds to the metre on an established vine (five years and older). Cut your vine through the middle of the terminal bud.

Grapes grow on new season's wood which is itself growing from one-year-old wood.

PM me for more details should you so desire. :ok:

20th May 2006, 12:32
Afternoon trabbys:) ...tis a trifle wet here...and so I is pissed orf!!
Highlight of the day will be the afternoons rugby methinks, I will watch with interest...and a couple of bevverages:}
Biarritz: N Brusque; J-B Gobelet, P Bidabe, D Traille, S Bobo; J Peyrelongue, D Yachvili; P Balan, B August, C Johnson, J Thion, D Couzinet, S Betsen, I Harinordoquy, T Lievremont (captain).

Replacements: B Noirot, B Lecouls, O Olibeau, T Dusautoir, M Carizza, J Dupuy, F Martin Arramburu

Munster: S Payne; A Horgan, J Kelly, T Halstead, I Dowling; R O'Gara, P Stringer; M Horan, J Flannery, J Hayes, D O'Callaghan, P O'Connell, D Leamy, D Wallace, A Foley (captain).

Replacements: D Fogarty, F Pucciariello, M O'Driscoll, A Quinlan, T O'Leary, J Manning, R Henderson.

Wonderful ship piccys again FSL Drapes...where do ya keep gettin em from??. I have been looking for some more of them low flying subs on the interthingy...I is obviously not a good sub searcher:suspect:
Channel 4 is hereby banned in my home until further notice, one came back from a pleasant evening with ones mates at the pub, to have it ruined by ones family members watching said shite BB thing, one had fostered the hope that ones family were of at least moderate intelligence:(
Ho Hum

20th May 2006, 12:39
Yet another reminder of one's advancing years, Freedy Garrity of Freddy and the Dreamers has just died.

Saw them play at Bath Pavilion back in 1964 or so, great fun!

Any one else here used to go to the Monday night sessions at Bath Pavilion in the mid 60's? Top groups of the day, admission 4/6 or 5/-.

20th May 2006, 13:08
One is very much annoyed at this weather, although one does console oneself with the thought that we won't have a hosepipe ban oop 'ere.:E

Wolfie the links you need are all on the Flt 93 thread, you'll have to trawl through the usual garbage and sense to get there but thems the ones you need.

tony draper
20th May 2006, 13:27
Got another large chunk of Aberdeen Angus thawing out for me tea, just been down to the corner shop for some mushrooms to accompany same, and one has selected two large brown eggs, weather is grim but as yet we have not had the heavy rain that was promised, more like a bloody november day it is.
Watching Fred on UK History.

20th May 2006, 13:47
Lovely day here on the Costa!:p
Have just been sat in the shade at a local cafe, quaffing a pint!

Now sauteing some chicken livers in garlic, chili, teriyaki, soy and a dash of Lee & Perrins....will be nice with crusty bread.:)

20th May 2006, 14:07
two large brown eggs,
Heard the brown eggs don't exist in (Northern) California. Is this because hens don't produce them or are they retained for commercial cooking purposes? Anyone know what causes hens to lay brown eggs? Do you have to feed them brown grit?
Hens with white feathers and white earlobes will lay white eggs, whereas hens with red feathers and matching-colored earlobes give us brown eggs.
The pigments in the outer layer of the eggshell will always approximate the color of the earlobe of the chicken that laid the egg.
So it's the colour of their lugs!
"For years, the chickens preferred by commercial growers happened to lay white eggs. A few smart cooks sought out brown eggs because most of the home-reared American flocks, which had access to flavor-enhancing weeds and bugs, happened to lay brown eggs. Commercial egg producers eventually got wise to this. They started raising chickens that laid brown eggs, and charged a premium for them at the store.
"But because the white AND brown grocery-store eggs are the result of the same bland commercial diet, their eggs taste exactly the same. Many people still apparently don't realize they've been duped at their own game."

tony draper
20th May 2006, 14:44
Tiz phizzalogical brown eggs alus taste berra,same way that small kidney shaped new potatoes alus do.

green granite
20th May 2006, 14:46
"But because the white AND brown grocery-store eggs are the result of the same bland commercial diet, their eggs taste exactly the same. Many people still apparently don't realize they've been duped at their own game."
what do you expect in a land which, by and large, is only interested in quantity not quality :E

20th May 2006, 14:46
Off ter the rugger:} :}
Have fun peeps:ok:

Flying Farmer
20th May 2006, 15:02
Fond memories of Freddie and his little jig :O RIP

Mrs FF had a party last night celebrating a milestone, one is slightly squiffy but feeling better than memsab looks :E

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