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2nd May 2001, 22:45
Sorry to bring up yet another topic on this on going saga, but....

In this months edition of Aircraft Illustrated, it quite clearly states that BA have just bought the name Caledonian Airways, and plans to once again set up charter airline (to serve its recent merger with Thomas Cook and British Airways Holidays no doubt)

Has anyone got any info.....Is anyone interested??? hehe!

Safe Flying all !!!

Direct Turnberry
2nd May 2001, 23:08
Why would BA want to set up a charter airline. They are already trying to sell go because it is not a core activity.

2nd May 2001, 23:29
Hmm I thought Go is not a charter but a scheduled carrier!

1 of many
3rd May 2001, 00:41
They could paint the tails with 'off the wall' graphics - or even put a Union Flag painted by a drunk!

Cor, wouldn't that be original?

3rd May 2001, 01:37
I have it from a well informed source within BA.. (the Tealady her husbands sister... (but don't tell anybody.. ;) ) ) that the reason they look at the name is because they are afraid that the Guvner might stage a coupe with 44 L1011's with theis name...and thus BA wants not only the name but they are in secret negotiations with Delta on buying their L1011 fleet as well!!!(please don't tell anybody other than anybody on this bulletin board..)

I'd rather be flying... :)

Desk Driver
3rd May 2001, 11:57
These days to have a sucessful Charter Airline you need a Sucessful Tour Operator, otherwise forget it. Why buy the name for the BA & Tommy Cooks deal when Cooks own it already?

They might be thinking of rebranding the High Leisure, Low Busines routes such as the Caribbean or Orlando to CKT and developing BA into a much more Business Class airline.

BTW I can't stand the new Club World seats taking off & landing backwards is not fun.

You fly em we'll fill em!

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3rd May 2001, 12:14
Desk Driver
But taking off and landing backwards would be much safer if, God forbid, anything were to go wrong.
Pay yer money, take yer choice!

3rd May 2001, 12:26
Didn't BA's charter subsidary used to be called 'British Airtours'?

I think they re-branded it 'Caledonian' when they bought BCal?

Desk Driver
3rd May 2001, 15:45
I know what your saying Tande. In fact did'nt all RAF VC10's have rear facing seats.

But I just don't like it and i guess I'm not alone otherwise the CAA & FAA would've made rear facing mandatory.

You fly em we'll fill em!

3rd May 2001, 22:42
well all i can say is if BA bought the name just so that The Guvnor couldn't get it, he must be doing something right! Well done that man.

keep em on the ropes, its where they belong!

The Guvnor
4th May 2001, 11:48
Actually, Thomas Cook doesn't own the name Caledonian Airways - Eammmon Mullaney does. BA still owns British Caledonian Airways Limited and various other BCal names; as I said some time ago, I can see no reason at all for them to (a) resurrect it as a BA subsidiary; or (b) go off and buy that particular name when they already own British Caledonian ... which has much more cred/quality anyway!!

Sounds a bit of a shaggy dog story to me... or should that be yellow dog? :) :)

4th May 2001, 16:47
Well........if you put 2 + 2 together you might come up with this......
Currently JMC operate the B777`s on BA leisure routes which they inherited from Flying Colours/AML. This arrangement is not going to continue for much longer - and so an alternative will be produced by BA....perhaps they are going to bring their own aircraft back under a leisure name to continue what would appear to be a decent operation????
Just an idea though!!

4th May 2001, 23:49
Regarding the RAF VC10's that "used to have" rear-facing seats....they still do!

5th May 2001, 00:49
"if BA bought the name just so that The Guvnor couldn't get it, he must be doing something right!" ... Yes, and I hear that BA are running scared over CalWings http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif Pretty sure that Richard Branson is quivering as well! :)

Throttle Pusher
9th May 2001, 14:35
What is the latest news on CalWings? Lot of RAF flight engineers were following developments with interest.

Penn Doff
9th May 2001, 21:48
Who?, you have got to be joking! BA & VS scared of an operator who has no aircraft, no AOC & if the rumours are true no money or employee's. Although the L1011 was an excellent aircraft in it's day that day has been and gone.

As for the RAF FE's looking for a job, sadly you had better keep looking or stay in to age 55, good luck!

FE Hoppy
10th May 2001, 17:34
T.P drop me an Email re FEs.