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Ekranoplans for All
4th May 2006, 00:06
My question and desire is to acquire detailed information on the lead-in lights used in the Canarsie-Parkway visual approach into runway 13L.

More specifically, I have been attempting rather unsuccessfully via the web and printed sources to learn more about the design, manufacture, procurement, installation, and engineering design of this specific lead in light system. Anyone have detailed pictures of their placement? Anyone know who manufactured them, installed them, and who maintains them currently? Any ideas on how and where to get this information? Are they on frangible masts or are they on hardened steel or aluminum structures? What is the surrounding topography and urban development like?

Anyone have any cockpit videos (day or night) with the lead-in lights in operation?? Any pilots capable of capturing such film? Pilots on this route: Can you please provide feedback with the usefullness and operational effectiveness of this design? Are the amount and frequency of lights suitable and adequate? What changes to the visual lighting aspect of the procedure would you change if necessary?

Anyone have more information about Circling apch lighting in Sweden? Apparently, due to the placement and location of airports within and around fjords, the mountainous terrain can make approaches from certain headings difficult or dangerous in weather/low vis conditions. To ensure a safe approach under challenging low visual conditions, Norwegian airports use a series of ground lights, laid out in arcs, that safely guide the pilot in a specific flight path to the end of the runway. Sweden also has strobe and non-strobe lighting in circles used to direct aircraft in and around fjords on non-standard missed approaches.

Miliatary airports around the world use strobe lead-in lights for straight-in and curved approaches to guide around terrain and residentially-noise sensitive areas. The old Kai-Tak approach used lead-in lights for the curved turn on final. Also, anyone with information on Madeira lead-in lights? Vids, pics, experiences?

Again, please contribute any information on the JFK Lead-in lights that you have, or just share your own thoughts or experiences with approach lighting in general. REMEMBER: It is NOT a crime to be fascinated with approach lighting design and execution!! :0) Also, please direct me to any technical resources regarding approach light design other than manufacturers (GE, Siemens), as I have exhausted their public corporate sites for info.

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4th May 2006, 01:32
I can't help directly, but your Canarsie lead-ins question could probably be answered here (http://www.jfktower.com)

Ekranoplans for All
4th May 2006, 02:00
Thanks for the link; I posted request there; hope someone on this site with helpful info will still reply.

Thanks again!