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got caught
25th Apr 2006, 09:30
Okay, I've read the management thread, and I've got the message.

I do, however, need to compose a CV and covering letter to cold canvas managers in the health service, for posts which may (or may not) exist.

I'm pretty good at speaking the lingo myself, "working across cultural and organisational boundaries," to "deliver a targeted, systematic approach," etc etc, but I'd be grateful for any further snippetts of wisdom.

Also, has any body got any decent "CV" templates I could nick, (for free),

ta GC;)

green granite
25th Apr 2006, 10:27
Incase you havent seen it there is one in Word :ok:

25th Apr 2006, 10:34
Having just recruited a new member of staff I have waded through good and bad CVs so a few thoughts form the other side of the interview table:

1. Try and fit the whole thing on one page. You may not manage it, but it's a very good discipline to try, and will stop you waffling on too much.

2. Put the most relevant things first. Yes, your first achievment may have been second prize in the primary school cupcake baking competition, but they would rather hear about your recent, relevant work experience.

3. Don't list all your school qualifications, by the same token.

4. Choose a style and stick to it - don't write "I did" in some sentences and "He did" in others.

5. It is definitely worth tailoring the CV to the job. No use talking up your negotiating skills if you're going to be doing mostly clerical work.

6. Get a friend (the kind of friend who will tell you when you've made a mistake!) to read it over, and use spell and grammar checking!

All the best,


25th Apr 2006, 11:08
Some good advice on this thread and the linked one.

I will add.

1) Start with Name and key relevant details: DOB, nationality and Qualifications. Do not put address, phone numbers, email etc. that is for covering letter.

2) Single paragraph summarising career to date with level and type of experience.

3) Detailed career history: Dates of employment, Company, job title, place with short description of each employment. Most detail on most recent post with single line suitable for anything more that 5 years old unless it contains experience that is still relevant to position applied for.

Never let CV go over 3 A4 pages, keep to 2 if possible (though this gets more difficult if you have had a lot of different positions. A single page is a bit too brief (in my opinion) but huge tomes go straight in the bin.

Keep it relevant. No one is actually interested in your hobbies or your children's ages at this stage.

Do not embellish your career too much! You may get asked to supply details if you get interviewed. Be prepared to back up everything that you claim.

The above has worked for me for over 30 years. As a rule I expect to get less than 5% response from 'cold' submissions (could be less than 1%!) but once at the interview stage my record is around a 20% success rate.

Best of luck!

25th Apr 2006, 14:35
Employers are generally looking for good team players. Place I ALWAYS look at is outside interests. There is a world of difference between a chap(ess) who is interested in "Science fiction, reading and online gaming" and somebody who "organises local youth club, leads skiing expeditions, plays in an orchestra" etc. Don't bu11sh1t beacuse you will get found out.

Kalium Chloride
25th Apr 2006, 14:48
Stuff the CV...

Ring up, arrange a mutually convenient chat with your potential employer, turn up and tell them that you can drop off a CV while you're there.

Always worked much more effectively for me.

It saves you playing the CV lottery (which is useless to your employer in terms of selecting the right person) and saves your employer the tedium of wading through 50 CVs which all contain the same means-nothing jargon about being a 'self starter' and 'thinking outside of the box'. :yuk:

got caught
25th Apr 2006, 16:10
Thanks for the input.

Some pretty good advice so far, do you think I should mention PPRUNE in the "interests" section.:)

25th Apr 2006, 18:20
do you think I should mention PPRUNE in the "interests" section.:)
"Active participant in online dicussion of professional methods, techniques, and conduct"

(note the "Oxford comma")


got caught
26th Apr 2006, 08:31
I like it ! Thanks, managed to find a template on word- under the "Resume" bit - my CV now looks pretty cool- even if I do say so myself.:)

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