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22nd Apr 2006, 23:03
Hi everybody

I have lot's of trouble to keep all my messages inside the folder, because is too small, only 40 msg.
So very often it happen that I need to delete few of them.
Any chance to increase the capacity of the folder?
Did you had the same problem, and how did you solved it?
Any advice will be really welcome :ok:

Cheers ;)

tony draper
22nd Apr 2006, 23:11
You can stash em in mine if you like, no buggah ever writes to me. :(

22nd Apr 2006, 23:17
Copy/paste them into Word or preferably Excel as the formatting is easier. They can be downloaded as .csv files which can be opened in Excel as well!



22nd Apr 2006, 23:44
Thanks for the promptly answer and thanks to tony draper
for the availability to share your folder :) , but I think that I'm gonna follow the Whirlygig's advice for this time. :ok:

22nd Apr 2006, 23:50
You can stash em in mine if you like, no buggah ever writes to me. :(

Yer gettin' plenty attention as is, Herr Drape. Do not whine... :)

23rd Apr 2006, 00:31
Yer used to be able to disable PMs at one time didn't you?

23rd Apr 2006, 06:26
Have you tried using the delete option? Why do you want to keep 40 messages??


23rd Apr 2006, 07:51
Of course the delete option is the easiest way to make room, but I want to keep them all. :)

Thanks ;)

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Apr 2006, 13:38
Why do you want to keep 40 messages??cos they're all from chicks :ok:

speaking for myself of course