View Full Version : PPRuNe hits Boing-Boing!

Mac the Knife
22nd Apr 2006, 20:02
Yup, it's official! PPRuNE in the blogosphere - fame at last for Danny!

See http://boingboing.net/about 1/3 down the (long) page.

" UK prank show will use airplanes/choppers in insane stunts?"

"A poster identifying himself as working for "Balls of Steel," a prank-show on the UK's Channel 4, has posted an unbelievably weird set of questions to a pilots' message board.

The questions ask what steps he will need to take to get airplanes and helicopters for use in a series of incredibly dangerous pranks, apparently for the show's next season. The pilots respond with a general air of incredulity and anger: "

Boing-Boing is one of the TOP collective blogs, billed as "A Directory of Wonderful Things", it is a whimsical, whacky and often very sharp collection of oddities and observations from our world.

Well worth a read (I'm a regular) and oddly addictive.