View Full Version : How to access 0906 numbers from Ireland? Arrrgh!

22nd Apr 2006, 18:50
I have to access an 0906 (UK premium rate) number every day. No, it's not for porn or ringtones or anything unsavoury, but I still need to access it from southern Ireland. The number doesn't have a standard rate backup or anything like it.

So far I've tried:

1. Getting a UK mobile diverted to the number, then leaving the mobile in the UK. Doesn't work.
2. Using SkyPe. Doesn't work.
3. Going up to Belfast every day to access it. Doesn't work

Can anyone think of any way I can access the number from the south of Ireland without either a) travelling (now that's what I call long distance telephony!) or b) having a heart attack?


22nd Apr 2006, 18:56
Get a Vonage VOIP phone, you get to select a UK telephone number in the area you wish. All phones to it are redirected to you worldwide and you get free outgoing calls to the whole of the UK and Eire. Costs £9.99 a month. I have one in my apartment in Madrid with a DECT phone/answer machine. :ok:

22nd Apr 2006, 19:14
ORAC, you're a lifesaver. Thanks :ok: Now all I have to do is get broadband, tis on order but will take a few weeks :uhoh:

Any ideas how I can do it without my own BB access (I have access to a cybercafe if that's any help)?

22nd Apr 2006, 21:23
Suppose you've tried putting 44 in front of the number?

22nd Apr 2006, 23:58
Vonage SoftPhone

Remember, SoftPhone is an add-on service. You need to have a Vonage plan to get Vonage SoftPhone.

Whether you're travelling across the globe or just into the next room, carrying on a conversation doesn't have to mean carrying extra equipment. Download Vonage SoftPhone and you can turn any PC or laptop into a full-functioning telephone.

For only 5.99/month you receive 500 Geographic Local and National Minutes in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Additional charges will apply for calls with metered rates.

Vonage SoftPhone is a screen-based interface that works just like your telephone keypad. You can make a call, receive a call, and pick up your voicemails too. And because it's Vonage, you get the extras that you've come to expect, like Caller Display, Call Diversion, and more.

Advanced Features Too

Your Vonage SoftPhone works seamlessly with your other advanced Vonage Features. For example, you can add your Vonage SoftPhone number to a Vonage Ring List and take a call even while you're on the road.

Sailor Vee
23rd Apr 2006, 12:30
If you're using a landline, Confabulous, try 00 44 906 + your number, I have to use UK Nos for CCs and this works.

23rd Apr 2006, 13:05
Believe me, I tried 0044!

Edit: But I didn't try it from a landline :hmm: Will try it and get back to you :ok:

1st Jul 2006, 23:29
It's god knows how long later and I still haven't found a way, short of paying a friend in the UK to do it for me (that's becoming more likely every day). Vonage doesn't do premium rate numbers unfortunately. Neither do any of the others :mad: 0044 or +44 with a mobile or landline doesn't work.

Any other suggestions? I know it's a very strange question but it's really, really important. Flying over to the UK isn't an option because I have to get the info every day at a certain time :ugh:

The kegs are on me if a solution can be found - and god knows I mean it :ooh:


2nd Jul 2006, 01:35
He must be damm good racing tipster if it's worth all that trouble. :suspect: When you get the info pass it on to us:)

2nd Jul 2006, 02:04
Ok, Corsair got it right, it's for racing information. :E Yep the information is extremely good. Actually it's laying via Betdaq rather then betting, which makes it much easier, if only there wasn't a poxy telecommunications problem in the way! I used to get the information via a friend (not out of the goodness of his heart, he charged me 4% of profits + phone call charges, but well worth it) but he moved back here recently :{ Anyway I'm NOT asking someone to do it for me (I'd prefer to avoid that if possible), just suggestions as to how I can get around the problem!

But if I'm really stuck...