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Gerry Hiles
22nd Apr 2006, 02:45
I am not sure if it's appropriate to canvas for opinion about 9/11 here, but I've been taking a lot of interest (sceptically) for a few months now and maybe professional opinions could be forthcoming on the particular issues of whether or not the alleged hijackers - said to have trained, rather poorly, on Cessnas - could have taken control of Boeings and, if they had, whether or not they could have navigated to accurately hit the Twin Towers or, what seems incredible, to hit the Pentagon at ground level after some very tight manoevres.

I've noted that some comments were made about 9/11 quite some time ago, but that (as far as I can see) no discussion took place in the sceptical vein which has been steadily coming to the fore over the last year or so ... as represented in the site "Physics911", for instance.

There is to be found a variety of critiques from several disciplines, including from aviation, but I don't know of any concerted effort by pilots, for instance, to examine the actual feasibility of the alleged hijackers actually doing what they are supposed to have done.

In any case I came across PPRuNe Forums and I'm taking the liberty of raising the issues here.

PPRuNe Pop
22nd Apr 2006, 06:50
This subject, emotive as it is, has seen a vast amount of pages on PPRuNe and another is not necessary.

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