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tony draper
21st Apr 2006, 11:12
Here's one
Where were you when the Asteroid struck? :uhoh:

21st Apr 2006, 11:15
Something we should know, Mr. Draper? :uhoh:

tony draper
21st Apr 2006, 11:20
Buy yer own telescope Madam BD.:rolleyes:

21st Apr 2006, 11:20
Yer can get a cream for them Mr D.:uhoh:

Solid Rust Twotter
21st Apr 2006, 11:24
Yerssss, but it tastes crap.....:hmm:

tony draper
21st Apr 2006, 11:25
Yer thinking of hemeroids Mr G,they had to call em hemeroids because Assteroids was already taken.
The old ones is still best.

21st Apr 2006, 11:28
The old one's is still best.

Tin hat Drapes. Them apostrophe police will be here any sec. :uhoh:

tony draper
21st Apr 2006, 11:33
Thats an idea, Giant Apostrophy strike in the United State's .:uhoh:

21st Apr 2006, 11:37
Do you think they're twins, or are we experiencing the coming together of parallel universes?

tony draper
21st Apr 2006, 11:40
Heres another,
One shall be offline for a while folks, one has to shift caves,that feckin ice sheet is only half a mile away now.

Sailor Vee
21st Apr 2006, 11:42
You trying a rival to TRABB, Drapes?

tony draper
21st Apr 2006, 11:48
Hmmm wonder who will be running that,prolly Mr Jordan he will be a suitibly Grumpy Old Man by then.

21st Apr 2006, 12:00
Here's one we'll see afore too long, I assure you.....

'If a hairyplane is on a conveyor belt and the belt is running as fast as the hairyplane's wheels are turning, will the hairyplane take off?'

Devlin Carnet
21st Apr 2006, 12:00
So, what date did you leave England?, And where did you go to?

21st Apr 2006, 12:03
After the asteroid wipes out all higher life forms, there could still be an Agony Ant Forum

Sailor Vee
21st Apr 2006, 12:06
Which of the new planetoids offers the best chance for the future?

21st Apr 2006, 12:08
After the asteroid wipes out all higher life forms, there will still be a Jet Blast Forum

(post count 197 . . . . ??)

21st Apr 2006, 12:12
"tobzalp post for 4 weeks straight without getting banned"

21st Apr 2006, 12:15
Does anyone else think the wheelie bin staffing here on Mars is rubbish?

Little green men on alternate Stardates, tentacled bugs every Solar Cycle.

It's all very confusing.

Devlin Carnet
21st Apr 2006, 12:30
So, what are your views now after the first year, do you think Eurasia and Eastasia have good trade deficits.

Tricky Woo
21st Apr 2006, 12:36
Hi All,

Do you think it's fair to force our six year old children to learn Mandarin Chinese alongside their usual cultural lessons? Shouldn't our new masters allow language training to wait until our children are at least into their teenage years?

Erm, hang on, there's a knock on the door. Bit late for visitors. I'll quickly post this now and come back and complete this post after I've got rid of them.


21st Apr 2006, 12:38
"I remember Speed Cameras"

"The judge that made the correct decision"

"Jeffery Archer becomes Mayor of London - What do you think?"

21st Apr 2006, 13:03
"Should Tony Blair be granted parole?"

tony draper
21st Apr 2006, 13:15
Pope's Son becomes a Buddist,
He tells press "
"Just because my Mother is the Pope don't mean I haven't got a mind of my own"

Pope shrugs and says
"Oy vay what can I do already"


21st Apr 2006, 13:36
The official JB "Clones Madrid beat Clones United in final of European Genetic Engineering Cup" thread.

21st Apr 2006, 13:45
"Mornington Cresent.......I've actually been there. How about you?"

Tricky Woo
21st Apr 2006, 13:57
The "I can't find my knob in my trousers without satnav thread".


Capn Notarious
21st Apr 2006, 14:14
The Sikorksy Sea King Helicopter gets life extension. Direct descendant of Sailor Vee says We still have another three warehouses filled with spares.

Kalium Chloride
21st Apr 2006, 14:30
Anyone else think it's a rip-off that the cost of sending a letter by US mail has gone up by another Euro? :E

21st Apr 2006, 14:55
Concorde to fly again... [From our Mars correspondent]

Plans are underway to get the only remaining Concorde aircraft (the rest were cut up for use as designer home accessories in the mid-21st century) flying again. Sir "Dickie" Branson VII intends to operate leisure flights over the Columbia Hills range where it's rumoured an ancient Mars Rover exploratory vehicle still roams to this day. The project has been delayed due to the requirement of a "human" flight crew. Software engineers are currently working on a digital / analog interface which will allow the aircraft to be flown using the MS Sony PlayStation CIV.

21st Apr 2006, 14:58
Nice one, Airship :ok:

21st Apr 2006, 14:58
Annual Council Tax rises to £250bn for a one bed flat.


21st Apr 2006, 15:00
Public Sector workers retire before they're born. Private sector retirement age 350.


21st Apr 2006, 15:05
Tony Blair says that Gordon Brown will take over soon.


Buster Hyman
21st Apr 2006, 15:13
Hey, its Friday!

"There's a Lion, a Martian and a Chicken, and they're arguing about who is the scariest..."

green granite
21st Apr 2006, 15:16
Gordon Brown muders Tony Blair and moves into no. ten :O

Natural course of events says a spokes-person :E

21st Apr 2006, 15:23
"There's a Lion, a Martian and a Chicken, and they're arguing about who is the scariest..." He who sneezes first...is a chicken!

21st Apr 2006, 15:27
"I'm only a youngster, can any of the senior Prooners tell me what life was like under 50 years of Labour Government, before the Great Peoples' Revolution?"


"Price of Liquid Hydrogen peaks again, BA announces fuel surcharges on tickets"

Buster Hyman
21st Apr 2006, 15:34
President & First Lady greet Admiral Draper in full dress uniform.


21st Apr 2006, 15:43
"Bird Flu scare....should we be worried?"

"Global Warming bollocks"

21st Apr 2006, 15:44
General flies back to front.

21st Apr 2006, 15:46
Biggles pays bar bill, Helga goes into shock

21st Apr 2006, 15:59
SE Asia finally gets tsunami early warning system

21st Apr 2006, 16:12
Hosepipe ban lifted A spokesman for Thames water said "we are now getting the correct type of rainfall"
"Emperor Chang congratulates Micky on his double centenary":rolleyes:

21st Apr 2006, 16:25
"Prime Minister Ken Livingstone introduces United Kingdom congestion charge - discuss"

21st Apr 2006, 16:39
Does anyone else think the wheelie bin staffing here on Mars is rubbish?

Little green men on alternate Stardates, tentacled bugs every Solar Cycle.

It's all very confusing.

Meh. Mars sucks! It's pluto that is the best place to live now! Hot and delicous!

tony draper
21st Apr 2006, 17:25
All Ports and Airports are being monitored all police and armed forces leave cancelled and a nationwide manhunt initiated when town center CCTV cameras captured images of a man lighting then smoking a cigarette.
The Chief Constable told the Press ,
"This is terrible overal or crime figures looked good this week,there were only 127 murders in the town cente this week 104 beatings and robberies and 402 rapes,and now this"!


21st Apr 2006, 17:43
don't you just hate it when people say discuss?


21st Apr 2006, 17:46
or javelin . . .

21st Apr 2006, 18:56
"The Aircraft Carrier and The Lighthouse....................."


21st Apr 2006, 22:44
President Kim Il Sung (N.Korea) and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran)declared here:p Sunday that Iran was ready to share its uranium enrichment with Pyongyang.

22nd Apr 2006, 00:12
Helen Clark denied parole. Again. :E

22nd Apr 2006, 07:13
UK Finally Starts Olympic Games.

Only one sport has bothered to wait around during the 32 year delay.