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21st Apr 2006, 01:26
For my sins I was involved in a service trade, first as a service engineer, then as an instructor, and finally as NVQ assessor.
I always told my guys that there were three main reasons for repeat calls.
1. Incompetent service/repair personnel.
2. Inferior materials used in the service/repair.
3. The item needing constant repair is being mistreated by the end user.
As is evident from the post time, I am writing this at turned 0200 hours, whist listening to the noisy illegitimates working on the railway track near me. The constant Beep Beep of the trains as they pass just adds to the overall effect, especially as there are boarding kennels about 400 yards away, the occupants of which are well impressed by the sound effects. I would imagine that the H&SE insist on a man with sod all else to do but watch out for a train, so the sounding of a hooter (illegal on a car at this time of night) is needless.
Anyway, as this is a problem which turns up at regular intervals, at least 4 times per year, I wonder to whom I should address the inquiry, asking which of the 3 reasons it is.
I KNOW why, of course, 'tis reason #3. The line in question was built over a hundred years ago across the fenland to transport the produce from local farms, and a few passengers as well. It now carries trains with twenty or more great ballast trucks, each one almost two thirds the length of a passenger coach, and possibly weighing as much as the original engine did in the late 1800's. Fenland being fenland, and my house being at two (2) feet above sea level, the track is slowly sinking down, producing a track which in side elevation must resemble the big dipper at Blackpool...
Sounds as if they are finished for now, so I can now retire to beddybyes.
Rant Off.

21st Apr 2006, 11:02
There can be one other reason for repeated service calls - bad original design. Not applicable in this case, though.