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2nd May 2001, 01:43
Maybe this has been a topic already here but i haven't seen it...i thought this was an amazing video to watch
Plus the pilot was reportedly only 22...even better.


Sorry if this is old news for you guys

2nd May 2001, 16:20
News to me! :) Very interesting to watch and a job well done.

The guys were walking out of there saying "Let's go have a beer!"

2nd May 2001, 18:12
Nice job.

just a shame the pax was not a cute young girl......lol

2nd May 2001, 18:36
Already posted in private flying forum. There is some conjecture as to why the prop was feathered on the live side and not the dead side. Can any of you pros shed some light on this?

2nd May 2001, 20:04
Ah yes I was wonrdering the same thing! Although we're probably never gonna know what went on in the pilot's head, here's a possible explanation: Keeping the left engine running (only the right main gear was down) produces extra lift through induced flow over the left wing, just where he needs the extra lift as long as possible. Maybe he shut down the right engine to make it simple for himself (though virtually ruling out a possible go-around).

Who knows...

West Coast
2nd May 2001, 20:12
Know nothing of the accident,and due to my computer being a hunk of crap, I can't open the file to look. The first thing that pops into my mind is that on some aircraft landing gear and flap extension are a hydraulic affair.Perhaps it was to extend the flaps. Was it a partial extension, or all completely up, which engine was operating?

Code Blue
3rd May 2001, 02:45
Isn't the larger normal exit over the right wing?

Perhaps he was concerned about damage to the left side emergency exit and wanted to keep the right side safe for a quick exit.

Nice job anyway.

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3rd May 2001, 12:10
I suppose it was an attempt to save the engine of which prop will hit the ground.

The engine on the gear down side will not hit the ground and can be kept running.

It looks like it was mixed up though (L/R ?)

It is actually a nice gesture to the operator of the plane rather than a wise-pilots decision , it saves an engine overhaul after the prop strike.

He made a nice landing on a crippled Navajo.


3rd May 2001, 13:33
Did'nt STING also have a belly landing in his private plane a couple of days ago?!??!


3rd May 2001, 14:01
No hydraulics on that plane though!

Flap 5
3rd May 2001, 14:26
A nice wheels up landing. But the point is he shut down the wrong engine. With the left engine still going he was lucky a prop blade didn't shear off and go through the cockpit when it touched the runway!

His thinking may have been that the left engine and prop were going to get damaged anyway so he may as well preserve the right engine. If so it was not the safest method.

He could have also thought that if he kept the left engine running then when the left wing touched and tended to slew the aircraft round to the left the engine would then tend to keep it straight. However by then the prop would have touched and would not be effective. A bit devious but when you are holding to burn off fuel you tend to think of the more devious methods!

3rd May 2001, 21:17
Prop strike, is a prop strike.
If the blade gets bent then you are into engine removal !
The only difference is that with it rotating you will most probable get a much larger bill!
The decision to remove is the LAE's decision but in this day and age(of litigation!) any one who does not pull the engine has bigger ****s than me. Ineveitably its covered by insurance.