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20th Apr 2006, 08:12
Worth the money or not?
BBC probes DJ salary disclosure
Terry Wogan is the UK's most listened-to radio DJ
The BBC is probing how the alleged salaries of some of its biggest stars made their way into the public domain.
They have been leaks surrounding both Radio 1 and 2 DJs, with Terry Wogan reportedly Radio 2's highest earner with an 800,000 salary.
Jeremy Paxman is the latest presenter to have his reported salary revealed, with the Sun suggesting he is paid 240,000 for University Challenge.
The BBC said it looking into how the figures reached the press.
A BBC spokeswoman refused to comment on individual salaries, and added it did not yet know where the information had come from.
"But we are concerned that it has made its way into the public domain and we are looking into that," she said.
Commercial radio stations have called for more financial accountability for the BBC.
Terry Wogan (Radio 2) -
Chris Moyles (Radio 1)-
Chris Evans (Radio 2) -
Jonathan Ross (Radio 2) -
Steve Wright (Radio 2) -
Jo Whiley (Radio 1) -
Ken Bruce (Radio 2) -
The Commercial Radio Companies Association (CRCA) wants the corporation to be more open about it what it pays in salaries.
"You have to ask to what extent is the money going on what the BBC is supposed to be delivering on, its public service remit?" said the CRCA's David McConnell.
"If these figures are right, the BBC is able to offer packages which make it difficult for commercial radio to compete."
The Daily Mirror reported Chris Evans will earn 540,000 as he takes over from Johnnie Walker as host of Radio 2's Drivetime show.
Jonathan Ross is said to be paid 530,000 for his three-hour Saturday show on Radio 2.
The Sun has already printed what it believes are the salaries of Radio 1 presenters, including Chris Moyles who gets a reported 630,000 for his breakfast show. Sara Cox is reportedly paid 200,000 for her weekend shows

20th Apr 2006, 08:35
Nice to know where our licence fee goes!! :hmm:

20th Apr 2006, 08:54
Disgraceful, but not surprising.

The TV License Fee is yet another example of enforced taxation for no other reason than to prop up a bunch of thieving gits presiding over a lazy, incompetent organisation whose main aim is serving itself, instead of the public.

I rarely watch any BBC channel....it's rubbish, apart from the occasional gem (which would be just as much of a gem, if not moreso, in the hands of commercial TV).

Another bunch we can send to Madame Guillotine, come La Revolution!

Knit one, pearl one, knit one.........I'll keep practising, ready for the day! :E

20th Apr 2006, 09:49
...of my fee just to not have to watch those feckin adverts. They're getting worse as well. Whatever happened to the good old three part - programs that used to last 1 hour. Now they've got this poxy 'part four' which is three minutes long - hardly worth the effort but they get to earn more advertising revenue.

What also annoys me (while I'm here) is that the volume goes up during these breaks. You set the program volume at a reasonable level then get your eardrums blasted out when the bloody ads come on. I heard once that somebody had designed a device which looked for changes in the volume at the break and then auto 'muted' the volume while the commercials were on. Apparently the US majors took the guy to court and had his device taken off the shelves. Don't know how true it is but I'd pay for one of those devices.

Thread drift mode: off.

20th Apr 2006, 09:58
Get yourself a PVR - i.e. Freeview box with a built-in hard drive. You can then pause live TV: start watching Prison Break or whatever ten minutes after the hour, and just skip past the advert breaks as they come up - you'll just about catch up by the dreaded "three minute segment" at the end - and no sitting through adverts with the sound muted !

As for Chris Evans - at least they've put him on the 5:00 pm slot so even he might have managed to struggle out of bed by then ! As for being overpaid - easily solved: I'll do it for half the money !

20th Apr 2006, 10:01
I only listen to bbc radio, but I didn't realise auntie was paying the djs that much!

Take Chris Moyles for example he works 7am-10am, 5 days a week with the normal holiday allowance of 20 days, so that's approx. 240days work a year, which is 2625 per day or 875 per hour! :eek: :eek:

I think that's right, please do correct me if I'm wrong. I'm in the wrong business, I know that!

I really don't know how the beeb is going to justify that.

20th Apr 2006, 10:01
Wonder what the Local Radio Disc-Monkeys get paid? Peanuts?

In defence of Chris Moyles (and others of his ilk), they spend significantly more than their on-air time planning and preparing their show (unless, of course, an 'assistant/producer' does that for them).

20th Apr 2006, 10:07
G-CPTN Mr Moyles has a producer and assistant producer, they do the donkey work.

20th Apr 2006, 10:16
I've often wondered (WRT Local Radio) whether the presenter has to finance the rest of the team out of their own pocket? Some perform alone, whilst others have several 'helpers'.

20th Apr 2006, 10:35
Worth every penny of my fee just to not have to watch those feckin advertsThe BBC's full of adverts - the fact that they're for it's own 'upcoming programmes' or silly people trying to play synchronised wheelchair basketball ballet doesn't make them any less annoying.

20th Apr 2006, 10:45
Depends on station/budget etc some do some don't. Was involved many moons ago setting up a local radio station - nightmare, say no more.

Jo Whiley 250,000??? And I am paying for the lifeless miserable cow?

Where is that thread about who you would like to chuck in a vat of boiling oil?

Bring back Mark and Lard I say!


20th Apr 2006, 10:48
I was subjected to that Wogan show every morning for about 6 months (used to sometimes get a lift to work) and he only did about three weeks' "work" then had a fortnight off.

One also wonders how much he gets paid for that Eurovision thing that he does - it's even worse than his radio show.


20th Apr 2006, 10:56
I couldn't care less about how good, bad, lazy, drunken, offensive etc they are. Nobody, repeat NOBODY, no DJ, repeat, NO DJ, is worth anything like that amount of money for that particular job. The luvvies have taken over the assylum.:yuk:

20th Apr 2006, 11:22
It pisses me off too, but the commercial channels pay that kind of money when they think they will get a return on it. Chris Tarrant earned bundles at Capital Radio.

20th Apr 2006, 11:47
Adverts are a pushover.

Video the programme.

eg Desperate Housewives - High speed fast forward review (ie fast picture) three minutes on the counter when the adverts start, finish off at slower fast forward until the "Yessss, Yessss, Oh yesss", bath product bit plugging the programme sponsor and continue watching the programme.

Takes all of ten seconds.

You can stop for a pee/stretch/pick yer nose/whatever, whenever you want.

You can go back and watch bits again. Slo-mo if you want. (still talking Desperate Housewives, y'see....Jees! That Eva Longoria really gets the old sap rising..... :E See, that's the other thing, you can save it till the dragon is out at bingo!)

Merely requires a bit of organisation and a few video tapes/DVD's

And it's ever soooooo satisfying to zap the ads! :}

You might say "Ah! But if everyone did that, the advertisers wouldn't pay the TV Company in order to finance the programmes!"

But, of course, the millions of chavs/neds/whatever they're called out there probably lap up the ads.....they're set to their level. They probably think the ads are as good as the programmes. "Duhh! Baff foam, luv. Less ger some o daaaaat!"

So, go ahead! Put adverts on the BBC. But stop stealing my cash! :mad:

20th Apr 2006, 12:57
In view of these figures that were leaked yesterday, I went into work and asked for a large rise.:uhoh:
Station owner uttered words that I thing meant NO! Go forth and multiply!:hmm:

20th Apr 2006, 15:56
Still reckon they are better VFM than half-witted Chavs who kick a pig's bladder (or whatever it is) around for 90 mins a week for a coupla mill a year.....:(

Jordan D
20th Apr 2006, 16:49
Ken Bruce deserves lots more money! Much better than El Tel.


20th Apr 2006, 17:11
Jonathan Ross comes out best. He does one show a week on Saturday morning on radio 2 for which he nets over 10500k a show. Covers the bus fare I suppose.

In fairness though, these people do bring what is pretty good entertainment to a huge number of people. As far as I know, Wogan gets about 8 million listeners each day. That amounts to 10p per year per listener to his show. Quite good value I would have thought.:)

20th Apr 2006, 17:15
Bring back DLT, Jimmy Saville, Bruno Brooks, Mike Reid et al and the salary they were on 20 years ago:8

Talking of radio stations, at my workplace the wireless:8 is tuned constantly to Virgin radio, and boy is that one feckin rough radio station. The breakfast show crew are the pits, yet because some halfwit i work with likes the station, we all put up with it. NOT THIS MORNING HOWEVER!! T'was off in an instant:=

Capn Notarious
20th Apr 2006, 22:54
None of em are anywhere near the inventive genius of Kenny Everett.

20th Apr 2006, 23:08
I know Fred McAuley gets over 100 grand for doing 1 hour in the morning 5 days a week on BBC Radio Scotland.

I'm in the wrong job!

20th Apr 2006, 23:11
Radio 2 from Alex Leicester as far as Jeremy Vine(0300-1400,. All worth the Money (especially Bruce and Vine) but 244k for Steve Wright...WHAT!!!!

20th Apr 2006, 23:56
The BBC's full of adverts - the fact that they're for it's own 'upcoming programmes' or silly people trying to play synchronised wheelchair basketball ballet doesn't make them any less annoying.


Those "silly people" are actually the GB Paralympic basketball team, an exceptionally talented group of sportsmen who, for one reason or another just happen to be confined to wheelchairs.

If you tried for the rest of your mundane and pathetic life, you wouldn't measure up to be half the people that they are or achieve what they have.

21st Apr 2006, 09:50
You're right niknak, you do have to be "exceptionally talented" to lean back and forward on a chair. I've just tried it, and I fell off.

The reason they are "annoying" is because they are shown, not because of their talent, but because being Black AND disabled ticks the huggy boxes for the illiberal ponces who now run the BBC.

you wouldn't measure up to be half the people that they are I rather suspect I'd measure double.

Whiskey Zulu
21st Apr 2006, 10:14
LMAO Strafer, shoot from the hip why don't you!

As some1 else said, the salaries are ridiculous, but compared to Premiership footballers, they are a pittance!

Agreed, BBC adverts are annoying.

21st Apr 2006, 10:31
But Premiership footballers do at least generate the money they receive, WZ. The 'average' Premiership club spends about half it's income on wages - and without the players, there would be no income at all.

The idea of a forced TV tax going entirely to just one broadcaster is an anachronism and should be cancelled forthwith.