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19th Apr 2006, 16:56
3 recycle bins.
One is Brown, one is Green, one is Blue.
Brown is garden refuse, Blue for paper & plastics and Green for everyday crap such as food remains and other items that shouldn't go in the Brown and Blue one's.
Should i therefore, chuck dog shit in the blue one, weeds and old plants in the green one and paper/plastics in the brown one. Finally, hiding my dirty deed by covering up the mistake with the actual waste intended. And, in the process, screwing up the local recyclable operation? They'd never know it was me:suspect:

19th Apr 2006, 16:59
Dilemmas I can solve.

Dilemas......sorry.......no experience.

As for running a refuge, if it's illegal immigrants, I'm reporting you.

You only talk a load of rubbish anyway.


19th Apr 2006, 17:06

*quickly edits to make acbus 1 look foolish*


19th Apr 2006, 17:08
Where I live the recycling procedures are becoming ridiculous. We got to a point where you should spend half of your day separating and cleaning your rubbish! We have a green bin for cans and glass, but the they must be clean! Means that if you make tomato sauce, you then have to rinse the cans :* And don't let me get started on the food recycling. We have a tiny bin, with tiny recycling garbage bags where you should dispose any leftover food. Meaning that if you have a loaf of bread left, or two peppers (happens when you are into aviation), you need at least 2 bags. And of course they are not taken away every day, so your garden looks like Malabo, Equatorial Guinea :E
I admit it: moi, a honest law abiding citizen, occasionally hide a stale bread loaf, or a bouquet of roses (ever tryied fitting a bouquet of long stem roses in a 30cm high plastic bag???) into a bag and bin it. Ahhhhh, I feel better!

tony draper
19th Apr 2006, 17:11
The answer is obvious,take a axe and chop up the brown and green bin throw the resulting lumps of bin into the miscalaniou green bin, plastics for the use of.
You have only one option re dog shite now, not three, ergo it is no longer a dilemma.

19th Apr 2006, 17:13
Pop it in the neighbours bin. :cool:

19th Apr 2006, 17:15
I'd feel better popping the neighbour in the bin. She is just a waste(r)!


Buster Cherry
19th Apr 2006, 17:17
Stick two of them on Ebay & put the dog shit in the Neighbours bin.

Rick Storm
19th Apr 2006, 17:26
Does it REALLY go to glass/plastic/paper sites for separate processing? I heard from a reliable source that under EU legislation household rubbish has ONLY to be sorted at collection points (your home) After that, all goes into landfill.

19th Apr 2006, 17:28

*quickly edits to make acbus 1 look foolish*


*Quickly posts the original*

Brown is garden refuge.......

:E ;)

19th Apr 2006, 18:09
3 recycle bins. One is Brown, one is Green, one is Blue. Three bins, you say ? I think what you have there is a trilemma.

19th Apr 2006, 18:23
I'd have a bonfire!! :hmm:

19th Apr 2006, 21:56
you're full of shit colmer

19th Apr 2006, 22:32
WE have green bins and black bins. The green bin is for non-recyclable refuse, and the black bin is for recyclable items. Logical innit? Put out the wrong bin (alternate weeks) and they won't empty it. Get the contents of the bin wrong and they refuse (sorry) to empty it. Old dears get confused. In fact EVERYBODY gets confused. Now they are proposing to add a third bin! :mad:

19th Apr 2006, 22:43
We got FOUR:

One for food stuff, one for plastics, one for paper and last for the rest of whatever crap thats left.

One thing though, our Waste-truck does only have two stowage compartments, one for foodstuff , and one for crap.

So much for recycling :rolleyes:

19th Apr 2006, 22:49
Well, here it's slighty different.
One week, every week it's the black bin, which is for everything, every other week it's the blue bin, for paper, and plastic, but not cardboard (?), every third week it's the brown bin for garden waste, the dog poo gets thrown into the forest.

I think that's the right order. I just look out the front window to check what colour the guys down the road are putting out.

Even asked the binmen and they weren't sure. Going to buy myself a cardigan and turn into Victor Meldrew.


tony draper
19th Apr 2006, 23:06
Nowt wrong wi a Cardigan Mr Foss,one wear one with pride,one has been singing the praises of that eminently sensible garment for years, bit nippy outside? no struggling to pull a gurt great wooly pullover over yer noggin requiring yer hair brushed again (if one still has hair that is)and disturbing the excellent windsor knott in one's tie,yer just slip it over yer shoulders and do up the buttons,sorted,jobs a gudun.
Also when one is promoted through the various stages of GOMdom,one can leave the top button undone,then the second ect,ect,so other GOMS will recognise ones rank in the Gomcraft.

20th Apr 2006, 00:28
Some years ago our Local Council replaced black bin-liners with green wheelie bins for all domestic refuse, emptied weekly. Subsequently brown wheelie bins were also provided for garden refuse, also emptied weekly.

When it was decided that the bins were to be emptied on alternate weeks, the Council issued householders with a 'helpful' colour-coded calendar style guide to collection dates. The dates for the green bins were coloured red, and the dates for the brown bins were coloured green !! :confused: :{

20th Apr 2006, 00:29
So this is what we do "down here". Local councils are pressing for reduced use of plastics especially plastic shopping bags. At the same moment in time they are fitting small black plastic bag roll holders for the use of dog owners to pick up dog shit. However local hooligans drag the plastic roll out all over the shop during the night.

But of course anyway this is the same dog shit that will disappear naturally in about two to three days by bug action. Multiply it out - dog shits what - twice a day (?) two bag per dog per day per village/city etc. Dopey.

Back Garden solution is the well developed flick of the wrist with the kids beach shovel over the fence in darkness. Helps survival if neighbour has a dog.

Shit better get back to work - sadly distracted by garbage - thank you Colmac!

20th Apr 2006, 05:38
Life's so complicated these days... except in Texas. Around here, it all goes in the one big, black sack. And if any garbage doesn't fit, we give it a career in local politics...

Green and brown wheelie-bins don't sound so bad. Back 'ome in Liverpool, they decided to colour the wheelie bins like this. It discourages theft but they just look nauseating. Ah - maybe that's what they're for... ;)

20th Apr 2006, 05:50
Ah! Liverpool you say, Crepello!


No idea how that stops the wheels being pinched, though.

Buster Cherry
20th Apr 2006, 05:55
Can`t be Liverpool, The wheels are still attatched.

Loose rivets
20th Apr 2006, 06:01
Down in't 'The Valley' in Texas, 'brush' grows so fast that we are allowed to put stuff out every five weeks. Huge machines come to clear away, sometimes taking logs from 30 foot trees, and piles of cactus the size of cars. They then sweep the road.

Mind you, we pay a lot more 'property tax' than you do at home....he said, not really knowing what Rates run to these days. NO.....don't let's get onto that subject.:eek:

We have a collection centre not far from the house, but i tell my DIL that the second she cranks the car, all the saving is lost. At home a huge diesel truck would crawl round the neighborhood, its engin on hi revs to squash the stuff. Madness.

The collection of glass is about break even (groan) but there is a slight ecological advantage.

20th Apr 2006, 09:42
The other day the binmen came, and noticed that one of my neighbours hadn't put his bin outside. Luckily he was coming out of his door, so the binman shouted "Oi mate, where's yer bin?". The neighbour (who was a big West Indian fella) said, "I bin on holiday!".

"No mate - I said where's yer bin?"

"I bin on holiday!"

"No, no no - where's yer wheelie bin?".

"Okay, I really bin in jail".


20th Apr 2006, 10:28

Why is it so complicated, I mean do they really think you have nothing else to do except worry about what sh!t they are going to collect this week? For all the tax as well? Let them hang!

Did a 2 year stint in Egypt and its said that all the crap gets collected together and then spead out in the desert, slaves/prisoners then sift through said sh!te and separate it to be recycled - that's more like it!!

20th Apr 2006, 11:09
you're full of shit colmer

:{ Thanks newbie:p

20th Apr 2006, 11:42
"Okay, I really bin in jail".


NICE one Strafes:E
":{ Thanks newbie:p".

THAT's telling him :E :{ :E

20th Apr 2006, 11:57
Whatever won't burn, goes in the wheelie bin.

Whatever gets rejected by the wheelie bin truck (which ain't much), goes under the lawn clippings and is dumped with the green waste at the transfer station (old car batteries, etc).

Thus, everything ends up in the same gully it always used to, before the Green Idiots and their plastic wheelie bins were imposed upon us. All that has changed is that it is now separated before being recombined, at greater cost to the ratepayer.

20th Apr 2006, 12:11
We here in Audi Sarabia, have a much better approach.

Food scraps, old car batteries, dead plants, 48 empty cans from "putting a brew down", worn out SUV back axles, all go in the skip in the road outside.

The food scraps are "recycled" by the feral cats that live in the skips - green??

The rest gets dumped into a wadi that inconveniently breaks up a very potentially profitable housing estate (they won't "build on the slope" - all has to be "same-same" level in case someone can see into your garden where your wife and daughters may not be "fully covered")

Is that not "green"?

21st Apr 2006, 17:56
I like your response Colmer :ok:, nothing meant by it. I just struggle to understand where you all find the time to debate things like unlabelled cans on ebay and recycling bins, thought I'd try to wind up, didn't work though:{ .

21st Apr 2006, 18:34
Ha! You only get wound up on JetBlast if you take part on Hamster Wheel:ouch:

Infact, people get that wound up they leave:ooh:


21st Apr 2006, 23:59
I'll go and find it!