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Ignition Override
19th Apr 2006, 08:30
"Un-pimp your auto(matic airplane)!

Learn to fly a real plane: a 'Bandit', Shorts, classic B-737, DC-9 or F-28. No FMC, autothrottle, no Vnav, no Lnav. Real pilots can fly anywhere, without them (other than special airports which require unique training and many specialized procedures, i.e. EGE).

Tests on 'clearway design, 'met. forecasting'/theory, how many paint stripes on the ILS runway (?) are no substitute for aircraft skills.

Still in the dark? Check the internut with "Unpimp your auto"....and transfer this to commercial or military aviation.:oh:

"We can't dispense with the automatics"! :eek: :{