View Full Version : Aussie Night Watchman, first ever Double Century

19th Apr 2006, 08:16
Breaking news, Jason Gilespie, night watchman just made 200 not out in the test match in Bangladesh. First in history.

Definition of a night watchman is someone who has a batting aaverage of below 25 runs.

Not a bad effort.

surely not
19th Apr 2006, 09:45
didn't see the Jetblast Cricket thread then??

19th Apr 2006, 10:32
Against Bangladesh?


19th Apr 2006, 10:45
Just as well......he's over the hill as a bowler.

19th Apr 2006, 11:09
Definition of a night watchman is someone who has a batting aaverage of below 25 runs.


Some definitions I've found:

Night-watchman is a lower order batsman sent in to play when a wicket falls just before close of play.

The Night Watchman- Many a time, a team bowls out the opposition before the close of play for the day. The team, then loses a wicket or two an hour or two before play ends. Instead of wasting a good batsman scheduled to bat next in poor light, the team sends out a Night Watchman to bat 'overnight' till the next morning.

The Night-Watchman usually bats at No 7 or 8. He is not expected to score many runs, but just occupy the crease, and not get out. The runs that he scores are bonus to the team.

The tactic is most often used near the end of a day's play, when the batting team has lost an early wicket, to try and preserve the higher-order wickets for the next day. This is the origin of the term 'night watchman' as the hope is that the batsman survives till the end of the day and remains in overnight.

If the definition was an average of less than 25 runs wouldn't half the England team be night watchmen :D


19th Apr 2006, 11:33

Good definition - but usually the normal opening batsmen have been in the field all day - and so would not be at their peak to face the new ball & pace bowlers at the end of the day. Hence the Nightwatchman role. Go In - Stay In - Have a beer afterwards.

Dizzy Gillespie has just had his "mullet" hairstyle trimmed - and has played some exception cricket since then.

I think there's a moral in there somewhere:confused: .


19th Apr 2006, 11:36
Ha ha - that's it I'm off for a number 1 all over...

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