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16th Apr 2006, 16:34
Over the holiday period Mrs R4 & I decided to have an evening away! An event in itsself....(15 yr old blocks most attempts but we managed to palm him off on someone else).

Anyway having checked in, had a few (numerous) drinks, watched a film, Etc..... We decided on having a nap (the casino was closed due to good friday till 22:00)

Only an hour into the nap the alert tone started sounding! I jumped out of bed and having roused Mrs R4 rang reception. I got someone who claimed it was a drill, after asking if a drill was scheduled why were we not informed on check in I got nothing but Bulls#!t so I asked for the manager. I was put on to the Reception manager, I asked why the duty manager was not answering my call only to be told that he wasn't on site! I asked why we had not been informed there was a drill scheduled but before he could answer the alert turned to evacuation. I informed the manager I didn't believe the Bull and that I would evac as directed.

When we finally made it to the front of the hotel there was a member of staff directing people to return to thier rooms. I asked this person if the Fire Brigade (who were all over the place) had declared the hotel safe? he didn't know and when he checked said "No"

Now eventually they did declare it safe to return. But my question here is would you at any point have believed the hotel staff.

I have since registered a complaint and thier answer is that there was an earlier malfunction in the alarm system and so they knew it was safe.

Towering inferno scenario or what?

So what would you have done?????

16th Apr 2006, 16:39
Hmmm, wished I was at home so that I could get out the Fawlty Towers DVD Series 1 "The Germans", Fire Drill episode...?! ;)

16th Apr 2006, 16:44
Set fire to the place!! :hmm:

16th Apr 2006, 17:18
So what would you have done?????
Written a strong letter of complaint to head office demanding a refund due to my night away being completely ruined. :hmm: Not much else you can do is there?

16th Apr 2006, 17:20
We decided on having a nap

Yea right!!

16th Apr 2006, 17:22
Tried a phone call and they say they knew best!!!!

Not interested however they say the "manager will phone me on Tuesday". Not holding my breath.

Could a mod advise if I can name the hotel?

alpha male
16th Apr 2006, 23:01
If there's an alarm going off and no one in hotel management knows why, phone the fire brigade yourself. Many hotels policy if the fire alarm sounds is: send someone (security, a porter, whoever is available) to check it out before calling in outside help. If the security bod does not come back (quite possible if he has opened a door into a burning room and been hit by the flashover) how long will it be before anyone else checks? In the meantime no one will want to take responsibility for caling the fire service.
Similarly, if you discover a fire, call the fire brigade- THEN tell reception.

17th Apr 2006, 07:31
would you at any point have believed the hotel staff
When you've stayed in as many hotels as the average airline employee, you're well qualified to state that the standard of intelligence is absolutely abysmal. The main problem, though, is the lack of motivation and enthusiasm.

I don't know if we're OK to mention names either, R4+Z, so I won't mention that Holiday Inn are the worst of a bad bunch.

17th Apr 2006, 08:14
Stayed in a Hotel in inner Sydney some years ago, Fire aalarm went off 4 times in one night, Firies attended every time (alarm connected to fire station) I realised after the first that they were most likely false alarms, but not wanting to be fried if I was wrong, I walked down the firescape each time. Didnt get much sleep that night.:mad::mad:

My thouhgt is, that the alrm you dont respond to will be the real thing.

Krystal n chips
17th Apr 2006, 09:17
Do a bit of research, then write directly to the top management ( also send a copy to said local management as indicator that you aren't prepared to be ped about with BS replies hence this action ) and detail exactly the events as they occurred. Then, casually, slip in the terms, "Health and Safety policy" "duty of care" "seriously considering " and " maybe you would consider justifying your operational policies in the public domain" etc. Depends entirely on how much aggrevation you suffered and how much negativity you recieved at the time. It's not a case of complaining for complaining's sake either. Most chains do not want bad publicity--or the powers that be taking a closer interest in their operations so you will probably get a (albeit cosmetic) gesture of reconciliation.

And choose a different hotel next time ;)

17th Apr 2006, 09:20
choose a different hotel next time
That's my philosophy with all bad services and products. definitely the best solution.

Problem is, as an airline employee, you stay where you're put. Complaints to the airline are ignored.

Krystal n chips
17th Apr 2006, 09:38
Problem is, as an airline employee, you stay where you're put. Complaints to the airline are ignored.

I know, believe me from a different life, I know exactly what it's like to be incarcerated in some glorified transit block--which is all they are--for a few weeks at a time doing a course---and the "sod off" response from the beancounters who allocate the bookings. As a private individual however, you have much more clout when complaining.

I drive a semi-pro theatre group on an ad hoc basis around the UK. Went ti Aberdeen last year, checked in and found all the allocated rooms were already occupied !!--these had been booked and paid for in advance btw--so, a quick burst of indignation at the front desk--eventually--the matter was resolved---back home, group leader writes to head office and voila--next trip to Aberdeen ( we do it twice a year ) is, er, "discounted".

18th Apr 2006, 02:09

I don't know if we're OK to mention names either, R4+Z, so I won't mention that Holiday Inn are the worst of a bad bunch.

You have saved me the job of naming them!!!!

18th Apr 2006, 19:43
My first night in London I got back to the hotel so pished I slept through three fire alarms.

So, next time, you could simply get completely hammered before going to bed and never notice a thing.:ok: