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16th Apr 2006, 08:20
[serious posting]I've got an assessment centre coming up for a job with Herts County Council and I need to prepare a few things in advance. Amonst these is the following:

Write a management report for our County Councillors, (in the light of the current national debate on local government reorganisation), outlining the arguments for and against two tier authorities in Hertfordshire. This should be no longer than 1000 words and can be written in bullet point format.

I've found quite a lot on t'internet about the single- and two-tier systems in England, but very little about the pros and cons of each. You'd think that, working for a district council, I'd have lots of help ... but they're all on Easter hols and I've only got a few days to write it. Can anyone give me any insight into this subject? Or any residents of Herts that have strong feelings about losing district councils?

Thank you! [/serious posting]

16th Apr 2006, 12:32
Erm, anyone?!

16th Apr 2006, 12:54
Dunno, but can you pass a message for me?

Tell them their a thieving bunch of layabouts who spend Council Taxpayers hard earned (and already taxed once) money on irrelevant projects, whilst the essential services go to the dogs.

When you have the time, I also have a message about their "jobs for life" setup and their cushy dead safe pensions.......

Hope this helps you get the job. :E

Brian Dixon
16th Apr 2006, 16:10
Hi Airbabe,
I don't know whether you have seen/used this:

Good luck with the application.

16th Apr 2006, 16:38
Yes, I've seen it ... But thank you for the reply. :)

17th Apr 2006, 00:51
I live in the axis of chocolate so this could be completely wrong but my understanding is that where the English one-tier system has been implemented it is the County Council that has been abolished and stuff like education is administered by smaller unitary authorities - District Councils or mergers thereof.

As far as pros and cons, I think that you have to think through the question for yourself. Unitary councils: one authority - easier for the public to understand; takes education, planning, social services closer to the electorate. Two tier system: larger education, planning, socservices departments could be more efficient therefore less expensive (than unitary authorities) in terms of taxes. And so on.

The discussion forum that Brian Deixon links to gives quite a few views on the pro/con debate that you could use. Seems like no-one likes the County/District split.

Don't panic!

17th Apr 2006, 19:12
The chap who used to be manager where I work (a few years before I arrived) is now clerk of the local parish council. He's read through what I've written so far and thinks I've got most of the arguments pretty spot on. Thanks for the help Brian & answer=42. I'll let you know how I get on!