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Tonic Please
15th Apr 2006, 22:02
How does one go about reporting one who is supposedly your boss. He is 18, lives with is parents, slipped up about being on a fake passport, and has been actively working since he says he has been for the company for around 2.5 years.

I am told that I CAN GET DONE for supporting an illegal immigrant, so concidering I have recently found out and don't know what to do, and don't have one inkling of like for this :mad: , perhaps someone knows of an annonymous method, or is it not so important? Perhaps I speak to the headoffice of the company and let them deal with it?

Thanks in advance. PMs welcome.

Happy Easter.

15th Apr 2006, 22:17
A "quick" phone call to.........Council, Police, Customs and Excise, Taxman.. [sorry, same thing], Daily Mail/Sun/Express.....:rolleyes:

Tonic Please
15th Apr 2006, 22:18
I am a little nuclear as to your intonation with that response. But then again, I am usually quite stoopid around here :rolleyes:

15th Apr 2006, 22:45
I am a little nuclear as to your intonation

As in family or bomb?

Tonic Please
15th Apr 2006, 22:46
Point taken Police officer.

Now perhaps I can have some pointers? Trying to be a good citizen here :( :ouch: :hmm: :rolleyes:

15th Apr 2006, 23:05
Read the Dail Mail for a week - you should get plenty of leads about what to do.

15th Apr 2006, 23:14
Read the Dail Mail for a week - you should get plenty of leads about what to do.
Seriously? Shuld i do that?

I thought we shuld burn all of it as soon as you get your hands on it.

Maybe THAT's the cause the fire dept' has sent me an e-mail with their fireregulations. :ooh:

15th Apr 2006, 23:14
Your boss is eighteen, lives with his parents, and an illegal immigrant?!!

If he is your boss where have you been going wrong?!! :p

DX Wombat
15th Apr 2006, 23:39
TP, are you still living and working in France? If you are in the UK see if there is one of those free consultations with a solicitor available and put the question to him or her.

15th Apr 2006, 23:39
Maybe you shuld think about quitting that chineese-resturant-job. :p;):ok:

15th Apr 2006, 23:42
Why not visit or telephone your local police station.

Always remember this though Tonic: 'The innocent man, let him cast the first stone'.... Never done anything you shouldn't have done?

Doubt customs & immigration would do much in all honesty - seems like the gates are open for all and sundry to come over here these days. At age 18 I would say there's fair scope for your boss to be pulling your leg anyway, does he see himself as a bit of a lad or something?


Tonic Please
16th Apr 2006, 00:14
Hi all. Well, I do a little pizza delivery job for a company called Papa John's. Not a small company, and I do not work for a franchise. This is secondary income, taxed etc, as my main work is Jazz Piano tuition, and I'm studying French for the Matsers in Interpretation...

It's a company store, the place has had about 12 managers in the past couple of years I am told by trustworthy people of long term employment, and this kid is 18, an absolute assh*le, who almost got the wrong side of me tonight I've never known someone so disrespectful to "employees". His position is simply to run the store. His English is 10% ish. It's not a "management" job. But, he sees it as he can do what he wants to anyone and thats it. Of course, all talk etc, i'm fully aware of the immature nonsense... but he accidentally slipped up about a week ago by telling me his passport was fake, and that he shoudnt be here, and his parents don't work (which I learnt from the previous manager who is now involved with the police for illegal ebay selling :ugh: What a place. I don't even think the headoffice know about this, but its time this guy is shown the real world, and treated by the law.

I'd like to add, that I'm not "using the law because I dont like him". I have always wondered how to deal with people like this, and when I disovered it about him (also confirmed from a now departed member of staff who knew of his status) I instantly wanted to know what to do, simply because a friend of mine who studied Law stated that if I reported him, I could be done for aiding a known illegal alien.. I am also sure that as there is a little friction between me and this single celled idiot, he would go and say I knew for ages and covered for him or some nonsense.

I'd like to have to do nothing, but it sickens me how he rubs it in my face that he is here and he is "manager" and there is nothing I can do. Sure, I don't need the job its just to get me out the house and a quiet time to listen to CDs etc whilst getting tips etc, but it's the most frustrating thing. And I seek advice to have this snobby crock sorted out. I don't even know if he's from Brazil or Portugal!

Hope this fills in the holes.

16th Apr 2006, 00:22
Tonic Please, I think you'll be interested in this...

From Home Office web site:

If you want to report someone you believe to be working in the UK illegally, you should contact us in writing at this address:

Immigration and Nationality Directorate,
Home Office
Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road

But on a personal note remember this could back fire and what if he has "unpleasant friends"?? You could find this is a bit of a slippery banana - be discreet about it!

I wish you luck :ok:

Tonic Please
16th Apr 2006, 00:28
ETOPS. Thank you for the link. I browsed over that page but your find of the same thing makes me think I should letter them and post it from somewhere not close to here should the postmark be of any relevance? Just being safe as an already guilty "british" citizen would be :yuk: (tounge in cheek)

I am sure doing a similar thing to the Head Office telling them of my intentions would enable me to stand back, as I think putting the fear of chr**t up them might make them do it all for me..and keep me out the way!

16th Apr 2006, 01:17
TP, if this bloke is illegal there will be more than something suspect in addition to his passport. Phone the cops and give them an anonymous tip off about his car registration. Tell them you saw the car driving carelessly on the night he's driving home, and you reckon he's a drunk driver. He may be uninsured and get the book thrown at him.


Onan the Clumsy
16th Apr 2006, 02:33
Why not just get a new job? This is the second one to go belly up for you.

Tonic Please
16th Apr 2006, 09:51
Ozzy. Good indirect idea.

Onan..Agreed. But I am very close to either moving back to France or going out to Canada. I'm talking 3-4 weeks till I find out. So I figured I may aswell stay there instead of go along somewhere else, meet everyone and leave.