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15th Apr 2006, 08:01

......The report, produced by Nef and the Open University's geography department, uses a number of examples that it says illustrate how resources are being wasted, including:

In 2004, the UK exported 1,500 tonnes of fresh potatoes to Germany, and imported 1,500 tonnes of the same product from the same country
Imported 465 tonnes of gingerbread, but exported 460 tonnes of the same produce
Sent 10,200 tonnes of milk and cream to France, yet imported 9,900 tonnes of the dairy goods from France.......

I'm sure there must be valid reasons for the above :confused:

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Apr 2006, 11:41
Subsidies and tax breaks?:confused:

15th Apr 2006, 12:21
Could be a dozen reasons

First of course is time. At one point of time potatos might be cheaper in Germany then in England. While a couple of months later the reverse has happened. What kind of potato's, different species, different purposes. Which market procured.

Trade doesn't equal waste, but of course the CAP does screw things up a bit.

15th Apr 2006, 12:44
As far as spuds go, a bit of a storm in a teacup methinks:

GB production of potatoes is about 6 million tonnes annually, so the point that 1,500 tonnes of them go to Germany and a similar amount come back to UK is...small potatoes?! :O

Maybe a small number of Germans really like our King Edwards, und maybe expatriate Germans need a genuine home-grown potato for the Dibbelabbes?! :8

Irish Steve
15th Apr 2006, 16:35
The import and export of "designer" bottled water!!!! An energy waste tax of about 1000% would be appropriate on this particular product range.

15th Apr 2006, 17:07
Light bulbs are the worst - imagine, two container ships passing each other mid-Atlantic, both filled with partial vacuum going in opposite directions.

I remember eventually some of the companies (Thorn and Sylvania I think it was) cottoned on to the staggering futility of this arrangement, and agreed simply to stamp each others' names on the light bulbs. :=

Loose rivets
15th Apr 2006, 18:40
Mmmm, would be interesting trying to screw in a light bulb in England:}

15th Apr 2006, 18:49
Reminds me of the old joke: what's the difference between a girl and a light-bulb ?

Yeah, yeah, I'll get my coat etc...

15th Apr 2006, 18:58
These light bulbs "made in America" tend to go "pop", with a big flash, and then don't work any more - does anyone know the reason why:confused:

I've noticed when bringing back their video-tapes, they don't work either - don't self-destrct, like light-bulbs, but can't get a picture from them

Last timeI was over there, I bought a great cheap cell-phone and, guess what . . . . .


15th Apr 2006, 19:11
Its all very well saying you import X amount of goods and import the same but are they identical items. For example cheese. Stilton going out Brie coming in. Both are cheese but in no way are they the same.

Sensationalism to justify the cost of the report.