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13th Apr 2006, 21:09
Now I don't normally post videos like this, but this is without a doubt the dumbest thing I have seen this month (and believe me, I've seen some dumb things. Our local flying school has a new batch of students :E).

Dumb Cop video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=PfVZjbyzFGQ)

13th Apr 2006, 21:22
Many years ago in another life I had armed guards posted around my aircraft every time we landed as soon as we parked.

Early one morning I had parked one of the 727s at one of the prison jet-ways. I got off the airplane via the aft staircase and was walking toward a office we had under the gate.


One of the guards had accidental discharged a shotgun. I didn't feel anything hit me so I turned around and there is this guard looking shocked staring at the the shotgun (loaded with 00 buckshot).

I asked him which way the gun was pointing when it discharged and he couldn't remember. I got some maintenance people over and we looked all over that airplane for an hour, but couldn't find any extra holes and we went ahead and left.

Oh yes, they fired the guard.


The jet-way I was parked at is at the top of the picture on the left side of the gate.

13th Apr 2006, 21:34
Good Lord! Here in England we are not just short of prisons but we can't find anywhere to put new ones, and there you are showing us a new-looking jail with its own parking ramp for jets.

I am impressed.

13th Apr 2006, 21:40
Jerricho, that is a classic-caught it a few weeks ago. To make the story even funnier, this guy is now suing over the release of the tape, alleging that through its dissemination he has become known as a fool in much wider circles than he might otherwise have been...

13th Apr 2006, 21:54
Thanks Ro!!!!

Makes it even funnier. :}

13th Apr 2006, 22:18
Well shoot (pun intended) maybe I could sue the Government for that guard letting off the shotgun.

Took 5 years off my life it did!:eek:

Lon More
13th Apr 2006, 22:44
Looks like the dufus then let someond else pick up the gun and wander around with it.
Many years ago, we came out of the Queen Vic. pub in Brussels. There was an underground parking garage next door used by EEC officials and guarded by Belgium's finest. As one of them was climbing out of ther VW bus he tripped over the strap and discharged the entire magazine. If the five pints of Guinness I'd drunk weren't going to loosen my bowels the cabaret certainly did.

13th Apr 2006, 23:20
I love how he starts off saying it's not loaded, it goes off, then they pick up the semi automatic and say the same thing but everyone starts evacuating the room!

If I recall, the term unloaded means no ammunition in the weapon, uncocked means no ammunition in the breach. If it was unloaded it should never have gone off no matter what he did.

14th Apr 2006, 02:30
With the IQ levels expected of "security" personnel (military cops, civil cops, prison staff, parking attendants etc etc) it is not surprising that giving them weapons will eventuate in guns going off "accidentally".

Most of my RAF career seemed to have been spent dealing with these idiots.

AT RAF Benson a policeman put a round into the desk in the office through fooling around.

At RAF Honington I was working at my desk when I heard a god almighty bang behind me. A RAF cop was 'checking' the entrance to the War Operations Centre and playing with his revolver when "it went off". I checked the hole in the concrete wall later. Had it not been for the concrete wall the next point of contact would have been the back of my skull.

And let's not even start on the "Kit Kat" gang at Honington. A bunch of policemen who systematically robbed a contractors canteen of chocolate bars and other munchies. At one of the courts martial one of the 'stars' said in evidence that he had stolen Wrigleys chewing gum for his police dog "because it liked it". Struth!!!!

Solid Rust Twotter
14th Apr 2006, 05:45
The dog was obviously the mastermind behind it. They're not called brain on a chain for nothing, you know...

Spent a night walking around a camp in the Sudan in my underwear with four AK totin' "rebels" as an escort as they tried to rob the place. The worst moment was walking across to the office block after being told I'd be executed when one of the bozos let off a ND right behind me and almost shot himself in the foot. The bugger came pretty close to getting a load of organic fertiliser at waist height.:ooh:

Lon More
14th Apr 2006, 10:07
Just remembered hearing of a controller at Gatwick (?) playing inside the tower with a Very Pistol. Supervisor took it off him, saying that it was dangerous and could have been loaded; pulled the trigger; cue pyrotechnics inside the tower

14th Apr 2006, 10:23
I love how he starts off saying it's not loaded, it goes off, then they pick up the semi automatic and say the same thing but everyone starts evacuating the room!

If I recall, the term unloaded means no ammunition in the weapon, uncocked means no ammunition in the breach. If it was unloaded it should never have gone off no matter what he did.

It still looks like a bloody good lesson in gun saftey. :8

14th Apr 2006, 14:22
It still looks like a bloody good lesson in gun saftey. :8

I think it also a good lesson in the limitations of handgun ammo. Our "fine" Hollywood exports usually portray handgun impacts on humans as if they were hit by a broadside by the USS Iowa Battleship. (bodies thrown off their feet ect.)

This guy, although a big one at that, carried on his presentation after sticking a .40 CAL round into his leg. :eek:

14th Apr 2006, 15:01
No brain, no pain.

14th Apr 2006, 15:06
No brain, no pain.
With brain, pain?

Then, what does a painkiller do to your brain?


14th Apr 2006, 15:36
I'd be more worried what it would do to your stomach.......especially if it's empty.

14th Apr 2006, 21:23
A few years ago there was an armed security guard at a shopping complex on the Costa del Sol.
He shot himself in the foot trying to get his gun out of the holster!:rolleyes:

They didn't fire him, but he was not allowed to carry a gun again and put on permanent nights, away from the public!

Solid Rust Twotter
14th Apr 2006, 22:59
Know of a military bozo who managed to empty his magazine into an armoured door on full auto while on guard. Claimed it was an accident...:hmm:

They're out there in droves, they're armed and they have the vote. Be afraid, be very afraid...:ooh:

The Otter's Pocket
15th Apr 2006, 07:20
Once had a bloke in NI who wanted to go home, he had had enough of the Army.
He was alone in a sangar... one of those green armoured boxes that over look patrol bases.
He decided that he would shoot himself in the back of the calf with his personal weapon, so that he could go home.
He thought that a bullet wouldn't hurt too much and do very little damage.

...He blew most of his lower leg off.

Didn't realise that it is not just the bullet that does the damage it is the vacuum behind it that sucks the meat off the bone. The bullet just shattered the limb.

Anyway they tried to bring him down a four storey ladder, they dropped him twice.
Then the weather was too poor for an airlift, so they put him in the back of an armoured landrover and drove him through the city.
However they were ambushed by a group of stone throwing kids...(these little monkeys (sic) are so accurate it is unbelievable)...They managed to hit one of the top cover troops on the visor which was ripped off by the impact, breaking his nose. He fell into the vehicle and landed on the pulped mess of the soldier who had shot himself. Not too drugged at this stage a fight broke out in the back of the landrover.
I believe that the chap was court martialed.

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Apr 2006, 10:43

At point blank range expanding gases do more damage than a sharp round.

15th Apr 2006, 11:22
Look on the bright side, at least he only shot himself.

15th Apr 2006, 13:20
Pitty it wasn't somewhere vital......that would have been a good Darwin.

The Otter's Pocket
15th Apr 2006, 17:24
Quite right, the vacuum was between his ears.

Unfortunately this is the mentality of a Geordie.

Made a great story around camp and the mess. Even if it was at the expense of an imbecile.

Even though he didn't qualify for a Darwin award, prehaps on Pprune we could start a new catagory of "Creationism".
Well something caused these fools to be born and survive while Darwinism would have got rid of them through natural selection. Prehaps they are blessed and it is we who are cursed by their survival.

15th Apr 2006, 22:14
My mate shot me with no.7 shot from his shotgun at about 30 yards.
Well, at 5'10, 13 stone, in a barbour on the other side of a hedge I must have looked like a f**king bunny, twit.

Oh how we laughed. (several days later)

And a crap terrorist story from years back. Three protestant paramilitaries, two shooters and a driver, go to carry out a sectarian murder. The stop the car behind the victim and the gunman in the passenger seat and the gunman in the back seat jump out. The gunman in the backseat trips and empties a clip from his Sterling machine gun into the legs of his colleague from the front seat who was on the street in front of him. Next stop prison. Do not pass Go.


Krystal n chips
16th Apr 2006, 09:12
Wasn't there a case of another prime candidate for the award in NI a few years ago ? A, er, yoof member from one faction decided to rob a Post Office owned by a "very prominent" member of another and who was thus allowed to have a personal protection weapon--and who duly responded with a "career limiting gesture".----aka one defunct yoof ?.

16th Apr 2006, 12:09
Although it's not quite shooting yourself in the foot...
A terrorist is waiting to hurl a grenade at a passing parade from the opposite religious side. Being forensically aware, he's wearing gloves. But he's wearing marigolds instead of surgical gloves. (Marigolds are the thick yellow gloves used for dishwashing for non UK ppruners) Witnesses said he went to pull the pin but fumbled, and the parade was nearly passed. So he took off the glove, and pulled the pin, and let the spool/handle bit fly off. He then put his glove BACK ON and went to throw the device. As he brought it back behind his head to hurl it...
No hand, no head. One less terrorist. A true Darwin.
No one else was hurt.

Capt. Queeg
16th Apr 2006, 13:15
I saw a guy do similar. Pull pin, check. Cock arm, look at grenade, check.

Throw but lever gets caught on sleeve, grenade lands on ground (in the throwing pit).

Trainee and instructor do a little dance, trying to run around the corner of the blast wall, grenade rolls around following them.

The rest of us laugh hard from the safety of a nearby hill.

Trainee last seen doing several thousand push-ups under supervision.

The Otter's Pocket
16th Apr 2006, 14:15
I too have seen a young subbie forget to ready the pins for throwing a grenade. (The pins are splayed and prior to throwing it is best to try to get them to line up, so there is less resistance when pulling).
Once in the pit, hands across chest, 90 degrees to the target, attempts to pull the pin. It doesn't remove as easy as it should do.
Pin in left hand forward of the body, right arm should be next to the face to inspect the handle.
Instead the arm is at full stretch to the rear of the body.
There is a little clatter from the safety arm and a spinning sound as the Grenade lands ontop of the parapet at the rear.
Subbie and NCO look at each other and then around in alarm for the Grenade.
After a micro second they see it next to their faces.
Both dive to the ground and the grenade goes off much to the hilarity of the rest of us in the bunker and tower.
The subbie was never allowed to throw a real grenade for the rest of the course and was given a potato to carry at all times on exercise to throw.

16th Apr 2006, 14:47
My mate shot me with no.7 shot from his shotgun at about 30 yards.

I didn't realise you were that closely linked to the White House Foss ;)

17th Apr 2006, 10:26
By God jerricho, I actually got that, and me being a thick paddy 'n all.


17th Apr 2006, 14:28
Welcome to my world mate ;) Check your brain at the door. :p