View Full Version : How can I certificate my hours in Europe?

13th Apr 2006, 21:52
I have been for 2 months in Florida and I have flown about 250 hours IR ME.

Now, I would like to certify these hours under JAA.

How can I do that?

Do I need a notary certificated paper or an endorsement in my logbook?

Happy landings


14th Apr 2006, 01:49
The way i have allways been told is if its with a insturctor even if your are PIC then get them to endorce your logbook with there certificate number and name, else keep all receipts that show flight hours ! :}

low n' slow
14th Apr 2006, 08:50
Flown hours are allways flown hours...
Be it under JAA or FAA, hours are still hours and as long as they are in your loggbook nobody can take them away (granted that you have logged them according to the current regulations and that they can be crosschecked by looking in the aircraft loggbook or a flying school register...).
I did 45 hours of ME flying in the US and I've simply used them straight out of the loogbook, no validation required. Many schools in the US have in their procedures to endorse the hours, it can never hurt, but it's not really required.
You can also have someone certify at the bottom of each page that everything is "true and correct", that may make things look a bit better perhaps.


15th Apr 2006, 14:17
The flying school or the instructor can endorse your log book with sign. and licence nunber

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