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11th Apr 2006, 11:31
Hi, first time posted in this area of forum so be nice :)

I am 15 years old and live in Surrey close to Gatwick Airport. I have had an interest in aviation for years and have always wanted to get a job of some sort there as soon as I could as I am fascinated by aircraft and aviation in general. I recently had my 15th birthday about a month ago, and as I am 15 I would like to try to apply for a part time job at the airport such as in a shop. I have been onto the baa.co.uk website and had a look at shops in the airport both before security and after security and have tried to contact companies some have replied but have said they have a minimum recruitment age of 16 or 18. Therefore, I have contacted Boots and WH Smith at the airport by letter and email with no reply.

Does anyone know if Boots or WH Smith have a minimum recuritment age or does anyone know of a shop that would allow me to apply for a part time position at Gatwick Airport?

Any replies much appreciated.

11th Apr 2006, 12:09
Not all aeroplanes are big shiny jets. Why not try getting a part time job at a smaller airfield near you? (Biggin Hill, Fairoaks & Blackbushe all spring to mind). You are much more likely to get to know pilots, ATC staff & engineers than by working in Gatwick Village, and may even get a free flight for doing a few chores!

If you google the above, you should be able to find the flying clubs/companies based there and their telephone numbers.

11th Apr 2006, 12:38
Hi there,

The minimum recruitment age for WH Smith is 15 years of age but it's very rare that they do take on staff that young as they would be unable to work on the tills - you'd probably just end up stocking shelves or something.

Boots minimum age is 16, as are most retail outlets - to be honest you'd probably be better waiting until you were 16 before applying anywhere.

Also as has already been suggested to you, by working in an airport shop you're not even going to get close to the aviation. Your best bet is to get a job at a local airfield...much more exciting and satisfying.

Good luck!:)

11th Apr 2006, 13:01

You don't, by any chance, know ultimatepro63, do you? :suspect:

11th Apr 2006, 13:07
You don't, by any chance, know ultimatepro63, do you? :suspect:

No he doesnt :O

11th Apr 2006, 13:23
I think you will find that most of the main name shops will only take you over the age of 16
Under 16 and it's more a case of who you know who is willing to give you a job
As noted , try your local airfield ,Redhill / Fairoaks . Do they have outfits that wahs /clean the aircraft that need help... just an idea . Good luck

11th Apr 2006, 13:37
Thanks for all replies.

As to why I want to get job in shop at Gatwick is that it would enable me to get a security ID and if I was to get a job part time at a shop in departure lounge I would have to be issued a security ID which I could use to see areas airside such as the airside viewing area in departure lounge.

But I also want to get part time job at airport as it is closest place with shops to where I live :O . As it is only a mile away I would prefer to get job there than Redhill about 4 miles away and no public transport or my local town which is 4 miles away also.

I may try to apply for WH Smith thank you CharlieBarlie! :ok:

11th Apr 2006, 13:42
4 miles is a mere nothing! Get yourself a cycle . . .
(I know I have the time, being retired, and I CHOOSE when I go, but I regularly walk 4 miles, either to the nearby town or just 'round in a loop')
I must say, though, that when I was YOUR age, the idea of WALKING was :mad: , however I DID cycle 'reasonable' distances (10-15 miles), and after a period of half a century, I've refreshed my ability to ride a bike. Haven't done more than 10 miles yet, though.

11th Apr 2006, 13:50
You sound like Norman Tebbitt! :}

11th Apr 2006, 13:56
First time I met FIL, it was snowing heavily and I'd got the (rental) car stuck. FIL invited me in to warm-up before I 'walked home' (!) 4 miles in the snow.
WALK? WALK? ME? At THIS time of night?
Needless to say I got a bed for the night from the ladies of the house (in the spare room).
The years have 'mellowed' me, and showed me that legs were probably a good invention.

11th Apr 2006, 14:23
I live in a town immediately north of Gatwick Airport and really want to get job there for reasons I have explained and for convenience also.

I regularly cycle to local towns such as Redhill and have been to Redhill aerodrome many times but no jobs there as far as I know. I know nothing about Fairoaks or similar aerodromes. I also walk 3 miles a day Mon-Fri going to school ;)

Back to my original post, I want to contact WH Smith to ask about part time position however, I would prefer to write to them. Have been onto baa.co.uk and had a look and checked where WH Smith's branches are at Gatwick and they have 2 or 3 in each terminal so might have better chance? :confused:
Anyway, I went to WH Smith and did a 'Store locator' search and it only comes up with Gatwick Airport North Terminal branch address. I would like to know what the South Terminal address is any one know?

P.S Why are under 16s not allowed to work the till in WH Smith?!

11th Apr 2006, 14:27
I regularly cycle to local towns such as Redhill and have been to Redhill aerodrome many times but no jobs there as far as I know. I know nothing about Fairoaks or similar aerodromes. I also walk 3 miles a day Mon-Fri going to school ;)
Suitably humiliated :ok:

green granite
11th Apr 2006, 14:51
I would imagain insurance would be a prob from the employers point
of view

11th Apr 2006, 15:37
P.S Why are under 16s not allowed to work the till in WH Smith?!

If you have ever been to a WH Smith branch you would note that they tend to sell cigarettes and also lottery tickets...both of which you must be over the age of 16 to purchase and/or sell.

11th Apr 2006, 15:50
If you can get hold of an airside pass, I think Al Qaeda might recruit you. I'm not aware that they have any minimum ages etc. ;) :uhoh:

11th Apr 2006, 17:45
Thanks for all replies - am contacting some more shops so may be successful this time! :D

I'm sure BAA have got a good security system or at least I hope so for everyone's sake :cool:

11th Apr 2006, 17:49
Get a job as a cleaner. Cleaners can go ANYWHERE (usually unchallenged) as folks don't SEE cleaners as people. Get a job as an apron sweeper . . .

11th Apr 2006, 17:55
When I was 13 and engaged as the "technician in charge" of the crockery and utensils regeneration department of the Mercury Motor Inn at Seaford in the '70s, my only worries were that: 1) I finished the job before the steak the chef left in the oven for me dried out completely and 2) the "lager and limes" left at the bar in lieu of tips were more of lager than limes...?! Oh and 3) Noone pissed on me Halfords 5 speed racing bike whilst I was working... ;)

11th Apr 2006, 17:58
Anyone know where they advertise vacancies for the cleaners or 'apron sweepers'? :p :ok:

11th Apr 2006, 18:21
In my early working life, I was working in a technical drawing office. I soon discovered that, armed with a 'folder' tucked under one arm, access to sensitive and restricted areas of the establishment was possible, as nobody really knew what you were doing, and after a while one became recognised and went unchallenged. As far as the DO staff were concerned I was doing 'design research' (an admirable initiative), whereas I was making contacts which would stand me in good stead later in my career :E
I soon progressed from mundane design-work to a legitimate liaison job (as everybody thought that was what I'd been doing!) :ok:

13th Apr 2006, 07:58
All going well with being accepted by WH Smith, I would like to ask one further question which hopefully you can all help me with.

Obviously I will be working at an airport and need a security pass so, would a permenant pass be issued to me as I am under 16 or do BAA have restrictions on this?


13th Apr 2006, 10:05
I reckon you're hopes are a bit high here. I can't say for sure since i've never worked in an airport shop but to be fair, you'd only be working in WH Smith so you shouldn't really have access to anywhere else in the building and with security being what it is now...