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Young And Hopeful
11th Apr 2006, 11:18
Hi, Im 19 years of age and have my PPL. The only thing I have ever wanted to do was to fly. My aim in life is to become an airline pilot, but to be honest, anything that gets me in the air would be amazing!

My instructors at my local airfield are all going the instructor route (obviously!) to build thier hours up and hopefully be snatched up by the airlines; which a few of them have done.

I want to do an intergrated course and was wondering if any of you had any views on certain schools? I want to get airbourne commersially asap!

Is it best to go the instructor route? Are there better ways?
I applyed to the ctc wings programme and got to stage 3, then they fobbed me off. Personally i think its a scam to get 164.50 off every poor chap that applies but still thats a different matter all together!

I'd be very grateful for any advise you can give.


11th Apr 2006, 11:48

I'm sure many people will say this to you - use the search function!

I've included a couple of helpful links below to two of the big schools, Cabair and Oxford. Flybe.com are also about to kickstart a round of their schemes at Jerez too, again link below.

Keep open minded, and look around the forum. There's ALWAYS a debate about Integrated vs Modular, which is better etc.. My advice (from someone who is in EXACTLY the same position as you) is to visit some schools, both modular and intergrated and see who you fancy. Neither route will ever GUARANTEE you a job.

http://www.flighttrainingeurope.com/ - FTE Jerez (Flybe.com)

http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=212061 - OAT Oxford

http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?t=205080 - Cabair

Happy Hunting! :ok:


Young And Hopeful
12th Apr 2006, 08:05
cheers Horgy,

Il keep on hunting!



12th Apr 2006, 11:05
Hi todd

My advice (from someone the other end of the process) would be to go for a intergrated course at the school that feels right to you, ie visit and judge for yourself.

At such a young age (18 at the time) the intergrated route was perfect for me because i was able to throw myself headfirst into getting my licence and first job.

Everyone is different- depends on your preferences and circumstances.

All the best

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