View Full Version : Thus eeed must huv bun phoned un from UnZud....(hahaha)

10th Apr 2006, 21:00
Received an email from Flight jobs advertising the following position.
Job title: Helicopter Engineers
Region: India
Company: Rushworth Aviation
Date posted: 06 April 2006.
with the banner of Rishworth next to it:}

it must have taken the poms a while to figure out where the hell Undia was!

Sorry guys I couldn't resist.:D (from a former Kiwi!)

10th Apr 2006, 21:37
Very strange acksint
As a former kiwi that over thirty years ago had the other half of his brain removed in order to become an aussie I cant even do it if I TRY.
Where the hell did all this start?
I see theres a new film out about a kiwi racing an old Indian
The Worlds Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins supposedly sounding like a kiwi.
Bloody hell , hes incomprehensible !
I cringe anytime I'm unfortunate enough to catch Hullun on the news..

henry crun
11th Apr 2006, 00:11
It must have been a source of great relief to you Tinny when you eventually learnt to talk proper like Steve Irwin. :}

11th Apr 2006, 02:08
I've seen the movie - it's excellent,and mrsr1 who is not a native English speaker, managed to follow Sir. Hopkin's brave attempt at the Southland burr ....

11th Apr 2006, 02:12
Steve Irwin cant help it Henry .
Hes a queenslander.

11th Apr 2006, 05:03
I cringe when Hullun's on the news too, and that's with the sound off.

Romeo Delta
11th Apr 2006, 05:57
Trying to figure out the title of this thread... Hard to type in Kiwi, I know...

"eeed" shud really be chainged to "idvirt," which us the treu sho't'ning of "idvirTISEment" (or so ut seems they sae).

But wat do AE no, Ae'm just an Amerikiwi... :} ;)

Oh, and Hullun's no worse than Janet Reno... Eish... <cringe>

11th Apr 2006, 06:47
What's wrong wuth Comred Hullun? Thet a high-pard rand wunt uckumplish?
It's a relief sometimes that a Pommie mother permanently modified us kuds' ucksint.
:rolleyes: :hmm:

I still cringe when I hear the Westies and Provincials talk about 'Chawdgrun', for 'children', or presenters pronounce it 'Ah-lumpics'. Or weather guessers who add several aitches, as in 'ca-hhhhold' for cold.
Fer the sake of yer own bodies, it's 'Oh-lympics' and 'cold'! :mad:

Angry of Hastings.

henry crun
11th Apr 2006, 09:05
I am disappointed.

On threads of this nature the ozzers are usually queueing up to post about fush and chups and sux, this time not a single one.

My first thought was that they have all been struck speechless, but on reflection we could not be that lucky.

11th Apr 2006, 10:46
In a friendly cross Tasman gesture perhaps we could help wuth thu spullung.


Oh dear


11th Apr 2006, 13:13
This aussie has never been remotely interested in pointing out peculiarities in accents. The whole concept bores me silly.

What I do find interesting is that NZ has an elected leader who, like that of England, rubs Ppruners so far up the wrong way that they are reduced to personal insults in their anger. Apart from proving what a conservative bunch Ppruners are in general, it conveniently ignores the fact that the woman keeps getting elected: female, leftist, ugly, lesbian, you name it, let's all have a piece of her; surely people aren't so stupid as to vote her in again? Well, bugger me, they did.

No wonder all the conservatives are so pissed off.

Capt Claret
11th Apr 2006, 14:03
Binos, we're in heated agreement. What's more, she can see through her own eyes because her heads not up some idjut's @rse! :E

12th Apr 2006, 04:56
Well, 60% of the people didn't want her/it, so I guess that counts as elected :rolleyes:

Brash nearly pulled it off, but let his guard slip at the last minute and revealed that the Nats were planning to bring back Rogernomics yet again. Thus, what we ended up with was an aglomeration of that which people disliked slightly less than the alternative. Still pretty close, though; the overall separation between "The Parties of The Left" and "The Parties of The Right" was 943 votes nationwide, but Winston and Dunne fixed that by changing sides.

You're not really from Hastings are you Rossco? :confused: ;)
John Minto was from Hastings :yuk:

12th Apr 2006, 06:29
Yeppers, wolfus, I is a Magpie! Though, due to a quirk of economics, we were transplanted to Napier, by way of Antip-sur-lac. Finally returned here . . err. . some time ago due to more economic forces.
John's my heeewoo!
:yuk: :yuk: :mad:
Frappin' tree-huggin', militant-extremist, do-gooder, burr-under-his-blanket, must-change-everything type A. Still, everybody needs a hobby. :hmm:

True, Capt. claret, Comrade PM can see through her own eyes and she hums quietly to herself,
"this land is my land, this land is my land . . "
"I am strong. . . I am invincible . . . I am PM!"

Thankee, tinpis, for that didactic assistance. :p
If you see plain, black vans with tinted windows cruising the streets in your home town do not be alarmed . . . they're simply Avon ladies trying the new corporate colour . . . :E