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10th Apr 2006, 00:04
My turn - easy one again this week :E :ok: Enjoy :cool:

1. Questions posted on Monday. Answers posted whenever I feel like it.
2. 2 points for each Lyrics question – 1 point for the Title and 1 point for the artist. Trivia questions normally 1 point. Some trivia questions will ask for additional information, which is worth 1 point. Bonus points may be awarded additional relevant information (at my discretion). Artist/Album/Song of the week 1 point unless advised otherwise.
3. There is no Rule 3
4. Judge's decision final.
5. During the first 24 hours from the quiz being posted
you are allowed ONLY ONE POST (containing answers to as many questions as you like).
Additional posts (within the first 24 hours) will be ignored.
Edited posts (within the first 24 hours) will be disqualified.
Complete answers will take precedence over earlier partial answers
6. After the first 24 hours there is no restriction on posts (usual free for all rules). It is better not to edit your posts. If you want to add or correct something post a new reply. The points go to the first person to get the correct answer. "First" is taken as the posting time. If you edit a post, the editing time will be used as the posting time for all answers in the post.


1. “See me ride out of the sunset”
1. TNT – AC/DC - Richo

2. “There are unsmiling faces and bright plastic chains”
2. Turn of a Friendly Card – Alan Parsons Project - PP

3. “We used to laugh”
3. I Need You – America - AOTW

4. “They get up every morning from the alarm clock warning”
4. Taking Care of Business – BTO - Richo

5. “Oh my god we’re back again”
5. Everybody – Backstreet Boys - Bombay

6. “You’ll never know how much I really love you”
6. Do You Want to Know a Secret – Beatles - PP

7. “Watching every motion”
7. Take My Breath Away – Berlin - Richo

8. “Driving home this evening”
8. Cuts Like a Knife – Bryan Adams - PP

9. “She hangs her head and cries in my shirt”
9. Sad Lisa – Cat Stevens - AOTW

10. “All alone, staring on”
10. Forgiven, Not Forgotten – Corrs – Romeo Delta

11. “High and dry in the long hot day”
11. Water of Love – Dire Straits - AOTW

12. “Smokey old bar live country music”
12. Pour Me Another Tequila – Eddie Rabbitt - PP

13. “I’ve been meaning to tell you”
13. Hungry Eyes – Bombay
Artist - Eric Carmen – Little Lady

14. “Out here nothing changes”
14. Solid Rock – Goanna - AOTW

15. “I’ve been alone with you inside my mind”
15. Hello – Lionel Ritchie - PP

SOTW – If I Could – 1927

1. How many tears are cried?
1. A single tear - PP

2. What comes with a tale of hidden treasures?
2. An IOU - PP

3. What is the cental of three words?
3. Love - LL

4. What would whispered sounds do?
4. Touch your heart - PP

5. What does the singer say his darling doesn’t know?
5. Just how far he’d go - LL

6. What is the greatest mistake?
6. Loving her - LL

7. What would he play?
7. Play up a storm - LL

8. What would be significant in the portrait?

9. What can’t she see?
9. What you mean to me (him) -LL

10. What or who doesn’t keep score?
10. Love - PP


1. Frank Ifield made a name for himself in Australia, but where was he born? (be specific)
1. Coventry, England - PP

2. What was Lesley Gore’s follow up to “It’s My Party”?
“Judy’s Turn to Cry” - Pigboat

3. Where did Daryl Hall and John Oates meet?
I was after Unicersity - point each to PP and The SSK

4. Who was the other half of UK group Wham?
4. Andrew Ridgeley - Richo

5. With which UK funk band did Lisa Stansfield sing lead vocals?
5. Blue Zone – Romeo Delta

6. Who penned Petula Clark’s hit “This is my Song”?
6. Charlie Chaplin - Pigboat

7. For what was the Petula Clark hit “This is my Song” written?
7. A movie “A Countess From Hong Kong” - Pigboat

8. What is the other claim to fame of Toni Basil (Mickey – 1982)
I'll give you a point Richo, but there is one other - it is associated with a movie....
8. Choreographer for the movie “American Graffiti” – Romeo Delta

9. What links 80’s duo Womack and Womack to soul legend Sam Cooke?
9. Linda Womack is Cooke’s daughter – Romeo Delta

10. Who wrote Gene Pitney’s “Blue Angel”? What group was he a founding member of? (Point each)

11. What year was Bob Seger’s Chevy?
11. “In the back seat of my 60’s Chevy” – Night Moves – Bob Seger - PP

12. In what wet state was Elvis late in his career?
12. Kentucky – Kentucky Rain - Pigboat

13. Which couple said you don’t have to be a star?
13. Marilyn McKoo and Billy Davis Junior – Song Title - PP

14. What time is it in the all night café? Bonus for Title and artist
14. “And in the all night café, at a quarter past 11” – Ralph McTell – Streets of London - Pigboat

15. Who is standing in Arizona? Where exactly are they?
15. The Eagles – “well I’m standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona - Richo
and a bonus point for PP - I like that answer.....

16. What American twosome were once know as Tom and Jerry?
16. Simon and Garfunkel - Pigboat

17. What major Australian band evolved from the 1975 cast of Jesus Christ Superstar?
17. Air Supply - PP

18. What were the first names of the Carpenters?
18. Karen and Richard - Richo

19. What were the names of the Mamas?
19. Cass Elliot and Michelle Phillips - Pigboat

20. What would Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young have called themselves if they had used their first names?
20. David, Stephen, Graham and Neil - Pigboat

10th Apr 2006, 00:46
Mornin Scran...

Im actually early this morning so here goes

1. AC/DC - TNT
3. Cat Stevens- Old Schoolyard?
4. BTO - TCB (Takin care of business)
7. Berlin - Take my breath away

SOTW - No idea - THANK GOD!

4. Andrew Ridgely
8. She was an actress, starred in Diner and some Nicholson film i think
15. The Eagles, standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona.
18. Richard and Karen.



10th Apr 2006, 00:54
L2 Turn of a friendly card/alan parsons
L3 the way we used to be/eric carmen
L6 do you want to know a secret/beatles
L12 pour me another tequila/ eddie rabbitt
L15 hello/ lionel richie

1 a single tear
2. iou
4. touch your heart
10 love


T1 Coventry England
T4 George Michaels "twin"
T11 60's
T15 A corner in Winslow..It's a slut my lord and she looks real bored..:E
T13 Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr.

Little Lady
10th Apr 2006, 01:13

1. a single tear
2. a book
3. love
4. touch your heart
5. just how far I'd go
6. loving you
7. a storm
8. truth
9. what she means to him
10. love

10th Apr 2006, 01:26
Well Rich and pp got the only lyrics I know... :{

T2...Judy's Turn To Cry
T6...Charlie Chaplin
T7...The Countess From Hong Kong
T10..Roy Orbison/The Westerners???
T12..Kentucky (Rain)
T16..Simon & Garfunkel
T19..Cass Elliot and Michelle MacKenzie
T20..David, Steven, Graham and Neil

Arm out the window
10th Apr 2006, 02:58
Onya Scran.


1. TNT - AC/DC
3. I need you - America
6. “You’ll never know how much I really love you”
7. “Watching every motion”
9. Sad Lisa - Cat Stevens
11. Water of love - Dire Straits
14. Solid Rock - Goanna


1. A million
6. Leaving you
10. Love


2. My boyfriend's back
4. Andy Priestley?
11. '59
16. Simon & Garfunkel
18. Karen and ?
20. David, Steven, Graham & Neil

10th Apr 2006, 05:21
In time for a couple of potshots, though they might have been already taken...


5. “Oh my god we’re back again”
A: Backstreet Boys, Backstreet's Back

6. “You’ll never know how much I really love you”
A: Elton John - Nikita?

7. “Watching every motion”
A: Berlin - Take My Breath Away

13. “I’ve been meaning to tell you”
A: Dirty Dancing OST - Hungry Eyes, dunno the singers.

15. “I’ve been alone with you inside my mind”
A: Lionel Richie - Hello


4. Who was the other half of UK group Wham?

B A Lert
10th Apr 2006, 05:38

1. Coventry, England

11th Apr 2006, 00:41
First post updated - a few still left

Progress Scores:

Psycho - 16
Richo - 11
AOTW - 8
Pigboat - 7
Little Lady -5
Bombay Duck - 3

veru open field.........:D

11th Apr 2006, 04:04
A last kick at the cat.

T14..Quarter past eleven.
Streets Of London/Ralph McTell

11th Apr 2006, 05:58
L8 cuts like a knife/ bryan adams
T3 elevator in Philadelphia....ain't that romantic?:}
T17 air supply

11th Apr 2006, 06:13
OK - correct Pigboat....:ok:

Planepsycho - I'll give you Lyric 8 and Trivia 17 :ok:

Trivia 3 - may be a little too much infor there...where was the elevator? :E

Revised Progress Scores

Psycho - 19
Richo - 11
AOTW - 8
Pigboat - 8
Little Lady -5
Bombay Duck - 3

Damn that lady is good.......;) :E :ok: :hmm:

11th Apr 2006, 07:51
T3 - they were running away from a gang fight at the venue where they were on opposite sides of a Battle of the Bands. (How romantic!)

12th Apr 2006, 01:52
Ok..point each for PP and The SSK - I just wanted at university for trivia 3.....

Revised Revised Progress Scores

Psycho - 20
Richo - 11
AOTW - 8
Pigboat - 9
Little Lady -5
Bombay Duck - 3
The SSK - 1

Still a few left.....

12th Apr 2006, 02:25
I wuz robbed!! Where's me bonus for T14? :D

12th Apr 2006, 03:31
Sorry about that - :{ :{ :{ put it in now..........:ok: :ok: :ok:

Little Lady
12th Apr 2006, 05:51
L13 Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen (from Dirty Dancing soundtrack)

but eyeopener released a techno version

Romeo Delta
12th Apr 2006, 07:44
L10 - Forgiven, Not Forgotten - The Corrs (I remember seeing them on TV during a concert somewhere in Ireland, and they were amazing.)

T5 - Blue Zone
T8 - Lotsa claims to fame for this chick. Noted choreographer, not just for videos, but for movies like American Graffiti. Directed all her videos herself, and even a movie (Word of Mouth). And I just have a hard time believing she's over 60 years old now. She'll always be like she was in my mind back in the '80s. :}
T9 - Linda Womack is Sam Cooke's daughter.

And PP, regarding T15, that's hilarious! I suppose the next line was "Slowin' down to flash her b00bs at me..." :E :ok:

The Otter's Pocket
12th Apr 2006, 13:37
Trivia Question 5
Coldcut - "People Hold On"
Not Blue Zone

Romeo Delta
12th Apr 2006, 20:16
From Wikipedia:

"Lisa Jane Stansfield (born on April 11, 1966) is a British soul singer from Rochdale, Lancashire, England, the former frontwoman for Blue Zone. She became a major international star beginning with her guest vocal stint on Coldcut's UK classic, "People Hold On." "

Frontwoman for Blue Zone, guest vocal for Coldcut.


12th Apr 2006, 23:22
ROmeo Delta - All correct sir - I was indeed after Toni being involved with American Graffiti...well done. :ok:

Final Scores:

Psycho - 20
Richo - 11
AOTW - 8
Pigboat - 9
Little Lady -6
Romeo Delta - 5
Bombay Duck - 3
The SSK - 1

I do declare Planepsycho the winner - :ok: :ok:

Now, if the pretty lady will contact me, I'll explain how she can collect her "prize"...:E :E :E :E

My turn again next week. The Quiz will be posted Tuesday morning my time (monday night Pigboat hours) due to the easter break........:uhoh: :hmm:

12th Apr 2006, 23:53
Prize? There's a prize?:confused: :confused:
Hey if enough dead president's are involved, I might even put my pic back in the photo thread;)

13th Apr 2006, 03:51
Please supply address to which said prize may be dispatched, then wait (time delay to be advised) for delivery............:E :ok: :uhoh: :hmm:

13th Apr 2006, 07:51
More links between the Womacks and Sam Cooke. According to my Fount of All Knowledge (Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll 1982):
[Bobby] Womack and his four brothers formed a gospel group, the Womack Brothers, in the late Fifties. On the gospel circuit, they met the Soul Stirrers and lead singer Sam Cooke, who later recruited Womack for his own pop band. Cooke then signed the Womack Brothers to his Star label, where, as the Valentinos, they cut two R&B classics, "It's All Over Now" and "Lookin' for a Love".
Too much information...
Happy Easter, folks

The Otter's Pocket
13th Apr 2006, 08:48
I knew that...I just wanted to see my name at the top:{
Also who the devil were Blue Zone?

When it said lead vocal - she sang lead vocal for Coldcut, so surely I should get a point on a technicality.:E