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9th Apr 2006, 15:39
I thought about this after a question on the political compass quiz-'are there civilised and barbarians or just different cultures?'

I honestly do think that there are not only differing cultures but civilised and barbarian also,afterall-its culture that breeds civility or the obverse.Could it be argued that generations of a certain culture prevailing can lead to barbarianism?Take the headhunters of New Guinea and various cultures predominant within the depths of Africa.

My other thought is that we (in the west or..'new world) tend to shy away from discourse on this matter due to fear of that 'R' label.Up until the 1950s it was common belief in certain circles that black man is an entirely different species than white!!On the face of things and logically,that could be quite plausible but the potential outcry halted further investigations that had a potential of proving the point.(based on what Ive read in various books,Bill Bryson's for eg)

Should we accept that all races are not equal based on differing cultures,breeding and many other potential evolutionary factors?We only seem to classify humans as being all on the same level yet with other creatures we recognise primitive forms and advanced forms of the same specific.Why should we humans be any different?Are we 'bending the rules' in order to accomodate what we think are the right moralistic attitudes to harbour?

9th Apr 2006, 23:08
Depends how you define civilised or barbarian. Is it very civilised to invade another country and kill 100000 or so of their people for the profit of a few?

tony draper
9th Apr 2006, 23:31
Once read that civilization was defined by how efficiently and swiftly we are separated from our sewage, ergo if you don't have flushing toilets yer a barbarian.

9th Apr 2006, 23:35
Interesting you say that Tony,am watching QI tonight and its just been mentioned how diarhoeha(sp) was the scourge of many armies and it was only the British developing the separation of faeces from food theory in order to stop it that quelled this-thus forming the empire!

Heretic,if you want to discuss Bush-go to the hamster thread.

9th Apr 2006, 23:40
He's there ex, trust me, he's there.

9th Apr 2006, 23:45
On me way Con,time to take me spokes outta retirement:ok:

9th Apr 2006, 23:59
Ex M
Please let us know what you mean by civilised or barbarian and then we can look at it objectively. As to being differant species I was always under the impression that if it was possible to interbreed then it is the same species.

10th Apr 2006, 00:06
Heretic,go learn a little biology,genus classifications etc then we can have a chat:ok:

10th Apr 2006, 00:19
Ex M
Definition of species "groups of actually or potentially interbreeding natural populations which are reproductively isolated from other such groups". Which other species are you referring to?

10th Apr 2006, 00:27
Like I said heretic-go learn some more,if google or wikipedia is your only basis of response here I aint gonna bother wasting time arguing semantics with you:ok: