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9th Apr 2006, 13:32
Radeng has taken 4 business trips to France this year. On 2 of them, he's come back with a lousy cold that came on very quickly. Mrs radeng took a business trip to France - guess what? She started with a very bad cold and cough shortly after arriving!
Are the French immune or something? I'm sure it's not something against the British.
This hasn't happened with my Dublin/Copenhagen/Stockholm/Brussels/Phoenix trips - just France!
So having come down with this cold, I'm not really looking forward to BA784 to Stockholm tonight.....
Interestingly, an internal flight on Air France to Brest. You would expect that being in France, one would be offered wine, and possibly cognac. No, beer, gin and whisky! Seems very un stereotypical.

9th Apr 2006, 13:47
I usually find I throw off any colds etc that I may already have when I go there (something to do with being relaxed, maybe ;) ) but then its normally for holiday, anyway.
The only illness I ever seem to acquire there is "une gueule de bois" after the vin rouge. :ooh: (I like the way "hangover" in French is feminine! If only)

9th Apr 2006, 15:03
No, it's just you. :}

Son of the Bottle
9th Apr 2006, 18:00
Strangely enough, I have found that shortly after a number of my recent trips to France, I too have developed a cold.

Most odd...

9th Apr 2006, 18:05
Maybe there's something froidean about it?

Krystal n chips
9th Apr 2006, 19:07
Your both just a couple of guinea pigs for the greater good of La Belle France--currently testing bird flu antidotes on unsuspecting British travellers--no point in wasting the stuff on themselves if it doesn't work now is there ?. ;) :E

9th Apr 2006, 20:10
France? Been a few times. Shan't be going again. Can't buy peanut butter or Marmite. We have to export it to our daughter and tribe, who live in Paris (Croydon with cathedrals, none of which can match ours for either atmosphere or architectural appeal).

9th Apr 2006, 20:35
I went to France with a lingering cough. I consulted a Pharmacie, and confirmed to him that I had toux seche. M le Pharmacien went out the back, and returned with a packet of suppositories. I politely declined them, in favour of some sirop.

Where else but France would you get something to stick up your bum to cure a sore throat?

9th Apr 2006, 20:40
Where else but France would you get something to stick up your bum to cure a sore throat?

Definitely Germany.

9th Apr 2006, 20:42
What do they give you if you have a sore bum?!! :hmm:

A throat sweet?

9th Apr 2006, 20:47
I dread to think but they are happy to prescribe medication to a 3 year-old via this route.

Well, maybe I am a bit of a prude but I think 3 years old is a bit young to be introduced to the delights (?) of suppositories. :uhoh:

9th Apr 2006, 20:51
For all the good suppositories do, you might just as well shove them up your 4r$e . . .

9th Apr 2006, 20:58
Actually I do appreciate that this is a good route for medicine to be absorbed into the system quickly.

When we lived in Berlin, I had a very painful sinus problem and I went to the doctor and then on to the pharmacy to collect my prescription.

In my somewhat fuddled state, I didn't notice that I had been given 'Zappfchen' instead of oral medication and I went home with suppositories.

As I was desperate for some pain relief, and not able to get back to the chemist, I used the suppositories and they worked really quickly.

Don't like them though!! :ooh: :ooh:

9th Apr 2006, 21:10
Marmite and peanut butter are not difficult to find in Paris. Most supermarkets stock peanut butter...(creme de cachuette) try Monoprix... and there are specialist English and Irish shops where getting Marmite is no problem..... at a price.....

9th Apr 2006, 22:47
To return to the original question about the French being immune to colds:

Garlic. :D

Gingerbread Man
9th Apr 2006, 22:55
Marmite and peanut butter are not difficult to find in Paris

I don't know about peanut butter, but there are plenty of other good automotive lubricants if you've run out of marmite. Bon appetit.

Ginger ;)

(wanting a smilie with a beret - it happened once but i couldn't work out how to do it)

The Invisible Cat
9th Apr 2006, 23:19
To return to the original question about the French being immune to colds:
Garlic.One thunk 'tis been mentioned here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?p=1063924&highlight=garlic#post1063924) some time ago

10th Apr 2006, 07:29
Too much supposition on this thread.

10th Apr 2006, 10:04
Yes indeed.

I swear by alcohol in general and red wine in particular (as they surely do in France), for keeping colds (and other ailments) at bay. :ok: