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8th Apr 2006, 17:29
Hi all,

Just wondering if I hold the record for waiting the longest for ME/IR skills test? Sent application off at the beginning of March. Delay has been down to weather and examiner availability. I'm really starting to loose motivation now:{

9th Apr 2006, 21:58
No replys so looks like you have the pprune wannabes record delay!

Hope you're able to keep sharp whilst you wait. Which test centre is it?

9th Apr 2006, 23:17
Lol looks like I do hold the record! Champion! I'm testing in Ireland.

Kinda sucks that I have to pay for extra hours.

10th Apr 2006, 12:16
Your not even close mate. In fact if you are only waiting since March then you have a cheek even complaining in the first place!!

The longest I know about was last year. The student was signed off for the flight test in Aug. He applied for the test immediately and was assigned an examiner within the week. After two months of constant call without reply to the examiner, he was eventually reassigned another examiner by the IAA, who sat back and did nothing in the mean time. He eventually sat his first and only attempt the following December and passed. He wrote a polite letter of complaint to the IAA - the institute against aviation, and outlined how much extra it cost him to stay current and to the best of my knowledge, that letter wasnt even acknowledged.

CAA guy's reading this wont have a clue what we are on about as they get a skills test almost immediately. However, if you are thinking of doing your CPL MultiIR in Ireland, BE WARNED. The IAA are an absolute disgrace in how they treat students and the schools are not much better as they put up with it knowing that the student is going to have to spend more money to stay current - a lot more

To add insult to injury, the standard of the examiners goes from one end of the spectrum to the other. On one end you have day to day airline pilots who are excellent and practical and on the other you have a nutter who constantly probes a students theory knowledge for two hours before you even get into the air. I know of several people who have been given a route to plan at 9.00am in the morning and didnt get air bourn for the test till 1.00pm - a joke. Needless to say most failed.

So again, all you who think Ireland is a great place to continue your training, think again. I am sorry to say that I couldnt recommend it to anyone. The IAA simply are too amateurish for such a serious business and the schools are happy with the status quo as they know you will have to pay a fortune to stay current.

Keep checking for Ice.

10th Apr 2006, 15:57
Wow I think I'll say no more as I'm fairly sure I know everybody you just referred to! But your entirely correct about the IAA. I think they should have some full-time examiners and less of these do it in their spare time examiners.

I keep forgetting to check for ice:p

10th Apr 2006, 17:43
never forget to check for ice as it WILL kill you.

I'm not surprised that you know the examples that I used if you trained in Ireland. I really must stress to anyboby reading this that Ireland is a place to be avoided for serious commerical flight training. Please, please dont be taken in by the shite that PTC Waterford or Weston or Cork will tell you - guarenteed you will spend much much more than they tell you because you will wait for weeks for an examiner and you will need to stay current in the mean time. You will get the normal "Ah yea we have placed many guys and girls with the airlines but there is a back log and we cant get a test for three weeks. BULSHIT - if you have done the training and are ready for a test, why wait??? There is a scam going on here and I would like ppruners to expose it. Please poist if you agree.

How many of you have been approched after your already expensive MCc and offered a prep course by a well known outfit in Dublin??

How many of you have been asked to spend 4000 euro and guanteed a sim check with Ryanair. - I bet Leo Hairy Camel would love to know that people are making a small fortune off of his pilot shortage - esp. as one is a Lingus captain.

And the piece de risistance - how many have been ask to pay cash??

Answer - All

10th Apr 2006, 19:18
I know the mafia you speqk of as thats the way I got my start. I am not surprised that your thread is not being responded to as the fear factor is hugh. There are so many out there just capatialising on your training thats its unreal. I believe that the latest scam is that Parc in Ireland are selling a Ryanair prep course to as many saps as possible and the carott is that they guarentee a sim check. Question - how can you guarentee a Ryanair sim check to anyboby???
Answer - Be on the inside and take people for a ride. PARC all over.

10th Apr 2006, 21:45
Oh I'm glad someone has started this.


I could write a book on this but I havent time. Beware of the following

1 - Anything to do Parc
2 - anything to do with SIMTECH (there the same thing)
3- anything to do with PTC Waterford (the main man from above was there today saying how good it was and how you should spend money with Parc and if you do how they will look after you.....bla...bla...bla..
5-Anything to do with a man called Se!!
(who by the way was the man going bla.............bla,,,,,bla above!!!

10th Apr 2006, 22:38
Fair play to ya carbheaton for having the balls (even if your female!) to bring this to light. I'm also surprised more people have not replied to this topic as I have heard so many bad things about don Se, give it time I guess. Personally, I shall be trying to avoid this guy if possible.

11th Apr 2006, 12:09
Guys, guys guys..have you learned nothing after all that flying training? Do you still really think that any flight training organisation - school or authority - is there to impart expertise, know-how, skills, above any other self-interests?

You need to get with the program - you gotta pay to play. Pay homage to the gatekeepers, line their pockets, massage their egos, and convince them that youll be their man. Now Im off to complete that personality check...

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